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10 Anime Bad Guys Much Better Than Thanos

Thanos is much better than a number of the bad guys illustrated in anime, however there are particular bad guys who quickly outperform the Mad Titan.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is as popular as ever, however it might never ever have the ability to replicate the success of the Infinity Legend. Lots of bad guys appeared throughout those 23 movies, however Thanos was the supreme bad guy. His civilization passed away due to the fact that of overpopulation, and he didn’t desire other civilizations to suffer the exact same fate, so he looked for the Infinity Stones and utilized them to eliminate half of all life

This variation of Thanos is a well-written bad guy due to the fact that he has great intents. The anime world is filled with bad guys, and although a couple of are inadequately composed, there are plenty who stick out. In general, Thanos is much better than a number of the bad guys illustrated in anime, however there are particular bad guys who quickly outperform the Mad Titan.


10 Aizen Might’ve Gathered The Infinity Stones & Defeated The Avengers With Ease (Bleach)

Numerous Bleach fans think Aizen ought to have been the series’ last bad guy. This is easy to understand considering his intelligence and frustrating power. Thanos had a little bit of problem gathering the Infinity Stones, and the Avengers showed to be more than he might manage.

Aizen’s power is total hypnosis. He can producing near perfect impressions by managing all 5 of an individual’s senses. With this power, Aizen might have quickly built a series of occasions to have the Stones gave him “willingly”, and if the Avengers attempted to stop him, he’d make them ruin each other with no of them recognizing.

9 Doflamingo’s Backstory Is Much better Than Thanos’ (One Piece)

Donquixote Doflamingo utilized worry to rule over the Kingdom of Dressrosa for several years, and he utilized his capability to produce and control string to ruin most of the kingdom throughout his battle with Luffy. Thanos’ backstory in Infinity War was engaging, however Doflamingo’s showed much better.

Doflamingo was born a World Noble, however his daddy renounced their titles to deal with the typical people who disliked their extremely presence. They were maltreated, and tortured. Doflamingo eliminated his own daddy to restore his status, however was eventually declined, and he was required to eliminate his more youthful sibling for being a Marine spy. This is why Doflamingo wants to ruin the world the Nobles have actually constructed.

8 Meruem Grew More As A Character (Hunter X Hunter)

Meruem is the most effective Chimera Ant, and his battling strategy makes him essentially unsurpassable. Some consider him to be the best anime bad guy due to the fact that of his character and apparently endless power, however it’s his character arc that really stands apart.

Thanos wished to do great, however his character in fact fell back in Endgame, ending up being a minor bad guy who wished to be deemed a hero. Meruem wished to turn humankind into animals due to the fact that he saw no other worth in them, however that altered when he fulfilled a girl. Meruem established a thoughtful side, and saw that parts of humankind was worthy of to live.

7 Zaheer Wanted To Bring Balance In His Own Method (The Legend Of Korra)

The argument can be made that Zaheer is the Avatar franchise’s best bad guy. He started as a common human, however he ended up being an Airbender after the Harmonic Merging. Zaheer mastered the ancient art rapidly, to the point that he might handle the Avatar.

Thanos wanted to bring balance to deep space by halving its population, however Zaheer had a various concept of balance. He and his company were anarchists who wanted to ruin the Avatar and the world’s countries. The objective was to bring balance to the world by having human beings and spirits cohabiting when again.

6 Frieza Is A Harsh & Callous Bad Guy (Dragon Ball)

Some Dragon Ball fans might have grown to do not like Frieza, however even they can’t reject the reality that he’s the franchise’s most iconic bad guy. He leads his extremely own army, his objective is to ultimately rule the whole universe, and he’s now obtained god-like power.

Frieza is the best meaning of villainy due to the fact that he’s callous, and enjoys in both magnificence and damage. Thanos stopped at absolutely nothing to get the Infinity Stones, however he still had a mindful. Frieza would’ve eliminated anybody who stood in his method without doubt.

5 Johan Liebert Is A Genius & Master Manipulator (Beast)

Beast is a well-known anime which follows a serial killer and the doctor attempting to stop him. Johan Liebert is the killer, and he eventually ends up being a bad guy due to the fact that of undergoing a selection of awful experiments when he was a kid.

Johan does not have any superpowers, however he does have a genius-level intelligence and an amazing quantity of charm — which he utilizes to perfectly control others in harsh ways. Johan gets a kick out of the discomfort he triggers, and his initial objective was to be the last individual standing at the end of the world.

4 Johan Becomes An Actual God In Order To Be Free (FMA: Brotherhood)

Thanos ended up being a god when he collected all the Infinity Stones, however unlike other bad guys, he damaged them when he finished his objective due to the fact that he didn’t appreciate the power. Daddy is the primary bad guy of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and he looked for to be the most effective living in order to live a life without laws and constraints.

When Daddy took in an entity called God, he turned into one himself, and can controling matter nevertheless he desired — while totally overlooking the laws of physics. Unlike Thanos, Daddy appreciated power and wanted to compromise millions in order to obtain it.

3 Lelouch Made The Ultimate Sacrifice To Bring Peace (Code Geass)

Thanos wanted to bring stability to deep space, however he wound up triggering absolutely nothing however discomfort and destabilization rather. Lelouch Lamperouge was a banished Britannian Prince who pledged to remove his wicked daddy and complimentary Japan. He acquired the power of Geass, an ocular capability which required people to follow his commands.

Lelouch ended up being a hero while utilizing an incorrect identity, however he recognized there was just one method to bring peace to the world. He chose to end up being a dictatorial emperor in order to end up being the world’s typical opponent, and he established his own death. Unlike Thanos, Lelouch’s actions in fact brought stability.

2 Light Wanted To Produce A Utopia (Death Note)


Light Yagami Holding The Death Note

Light Yagami was a high school trainee leading a common life, however that all altered when he discovered a Death Note. This note pad came from a Shinigami, and it permitted Light to eliminate anybody as long as he understood their name. Light wanted to produce a world that was without oppression, which is why he concentrated on crooks in the beginning.

Regrettably, Light Yagami established a god complex, and he started eliminating innocent people who wished to stop him. Light wished to produce a utopia filled with people who he considered to be kind and sincere, however in doing so, he ended up being the kind of criminal he abhored.

1 Madara Had Much Better Inspiration & Strategy (Naruto)

Madara Uchiha is among the greatest ninja to have actually ever lived, and he delighted in boasting about his supremacy. Madara matured throughout the Warring States Duration, a time when lots of kids were required to eliminate and pass away on the battleground. It was throughout this time that he lost all of his brother or sisters.

Madara wished to produce a serene world where kids didn’t need to experience war, and he developed a strategy that would trap the whole world in a continuous dream world. Thanos’ strategy triggered a lot of discomfort, and although Madara’s actions eliminated many individuals, Madara’s strategy was developed to offer closure to those he harmed.

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