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10 Anime Characters Who Are Much Like Moon Knight

Moon Knight enabled Marc Spector to exist as both a street-level hero and a multiversal tourist who shares qualities with some anime characters.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity tossed a multiversal wrench in the middle of the MCU. Oscar Isaac and the Moon Knight Disney+ series were prepared to provide fans a place to land with its fairly down-to-earth superhero origin story, however it might be difficult to think that the avatar for the Egyptian god of the Moon Khonshu is a down-to-earth superhero.

Thankfully, the instructions of Moon Knight enabled Marc Spector to exist as both a street-level hero and a fantastical, anime-type, multiversal tourist. With this in mind, fans can discover resemblances in between Moon Knight and significantly various characters like Goku from Dragon Ball and Reiner from Attack on Titan.


10 Goku Has Actually Gotten Away Death Nearly As Much As Marc Spector (Dragon Ball)

Goku has actually been eliminated a handful of times while functioning as the lead character of the Dragon Ball franchise. Thankfully, the spiky-haired Saiyan has actually been recharged by the dragon balls practically as sometimes as he’s been eliminated.

Couple of other imaginary characters have actually dominated death as typically as Goku. Among the couple of that have is Khonshu’s avatar. The most recent Moon Knight series revealed Marc Spector being shot in the chest and returning to life with the assistance of Khonshu, however this is more than most likely the very first of numerous death-defying moments for this character.

9 Ling Yao Has 2 Voices In His Head & An Unbreakable Fit Of Armor (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The twelfth crown prince of the eastern country of Xing starts Complete Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood as bit more than a taking a trip swordsman thinking about discovering more about Alchemy from the country of Amestris.

By the end of the series, Ling was a super-powered homunculus with 2 minds sharing a likewise unbreakable body. This character description need to advise readers of Marc Spector, who brought split personalities in a body that is supernaturally boosted by the Egyptian god of the Moon, Khonshu.

8 Spike Spiegel Functions Hard To Offset His Struggling Past (Cowboy Bebop)

In between Marc Spector’s history as a mercenary and Jake Lockley’s violent past, the Moon Knight is the sort of character who is continuously offseting his previous errors. The very same can be stated of Spike Spiegel, the lead character of Cowboy Bebop.

Throughout Cowboy Bebop, Spike worked as a fugitive hunter, securing violent crooks throughout the galaxy as a method of putting food on the table and offseting his violent past. Marc Spector does the very same, serving the world as a vigilante with fists of justice to offset his past as a worked with weapon.

7 Zenitsu’s Character Moves In between Timid & Deadly Effective (Devil Slayer)

The Thunder Breathing member of Tanjiro Kamado’s team is a master of weapons battle, however just after he drops off to sleep. Fans can envision a scene in Devil Slayer that is shot in the very same method the very first episode of Moon Knight is shot, with Zenitsu awakening to a stack of decapitated devils after passing out.

Naturally, Zenitsu’s success in battle is routed in the very same martial arts training that Marc Spector is privy to. Both characters are masters of their weapon of option and have the ability to remove their opponents with fatal effectiveness.

6 Sasuke’s Susanoo Resembles The Power Given To Moon Knight By Khonshu (Naruto Shippuden)

After opening the Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes, Sasuke released the power of his Susanoo. This chakra-powered avatar can be condensed into a fit of armor comparable to how Moon Knight has the ability to condense Khonshu’s power into a super-suit that approves him boosted speed, strength, and toughness.

The last enduring member of the Uchiha clan might have a longer list of capabilities than Mark Spector, however their characters and boosted matches of armor are quite alike.

5 Sailor Moon Pulls From The Holy Power Of The Moon Grail (Sailor Moon)

As far as moon-themed superheroes go, couple of match the power of Sailor Moon. While pulling from the power of the Moon Grail, Sailor Moon can letting loose effective wonderful attacks upon her opponents. When even more boosted by Helios, Sailor Moon turns into one of the most effective characters in the anime category.

Mark Spector might not have the ability to stake his claim on the title of most effective however he does utilize Khonshu’s connection to the moon and a long list of moon-inspired weapons. After taking out his Crescent Darts, couple of fans would be shocked if Moon Knight took out something comparable to Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick.

4 Korra Serves The Spirit World As An Avatar Much Like Moon Knight (The Legend Of Korra)

The Avatar that followed in Avatar Aang’s steps and acted as the lead character of The Legend of Korra has a fair bit in typical with Marc Spector. Like Spector, Korra is a persistent lead character that serves her world as a medium in between the world of god-like spirits and the world inhabited by humankind.

Korra even handled to release her power in the type of a huge spirit avatar like Mark Spector does at the end of the Disney+ Moon Knight series. The combined may of a spirit avatar and individual strength is something these 2 characters share.

3 Alluka’s Generosity Contrasts With Nanika’s Terrifying Power (Hunter X Hunter)


Alluka Zoldyck

The duality in between Alluka and Nanika is what acted as the structure of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc’s primary dispute. While Killua worked to conserve Gon from his nen-induced coma, the remainder of the Zoldyck household attempted to stop Nanika from releasing her dark powers on the world.

This dynamic resembles the method Marc Spector and Steven Grant had a hard time to consist of Khonshu’s dark power from spreading out into the world through them. By the end of the Moon Knight Disney+ series, both Mark and Steven stopped working to consist of Khonshu, revealing fans simply how frightening his power can be when put in the incorrect hands.

2 May Person Relies On His Abilities As A Martial Artist To Stop Evil (Naruto)

The green-clad master of taijutsu from the town concealed in the leaves has a fair bit in typical with Moon Knight. Both heroes serve their particular cities with a proficiency of martial arts and supernatural capabilities that they just pull from when they are being pressed to their limitation.

On top of this, both characters bring their characters with an exceptional degree of self-confidence. In Moon Knight’s case, Marc Spector has the self-confidence to deal with down gods with a funny bone while May Person imitates a goof 100% of the time and never ever stops working to bring a smile on his face.

1 The Armored Titan And Moon Knight Both Operate Overseas (Attack On Titan)

Reiner’s capability to frame his body in a fit of armor goes beyond Khonshu’s Moon Knight Fit, however it does not look almost as cool. Naturally, Reiner would likely disagree with this take, however he would initially need to move into deep space prior to entering into contact with Moon Knight.

Naturally, Reiner and Moon Knight both have experience checking out the world outside their house country. Reiner invests most of his time on the Island of Paradis while Mark Spector took a trip to Egypt from America to end up being the Moon Knight.

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