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10 Anime Characters Who Would Be Fantastic Idols

Some anime characters from non-idol series have the charm, skill, and visuals to end up being terrific idols.

Idols are a basic element of otaku culture. Whether they’re real people or anime characters, idol groups have actually ended up being well-known for their members’ adorable characters and musical skills. Anime focused around idols has actually escalated in appeal due to the fact that they do not simply concentrate on the music or an attractive life of popularity and fortune. Rather, these idols exist in a more humanized, relatable light.

Some anime characters from non-idol series have the charm, skill, and visuals to end up being terrific idols. If any of them were to end up being real-life idols or star in an idol series of their own, they’d undoubtedly prosper.


10 Marin Kitagawa Has An Adorable Character That Would Be Interesting Fans (My Dress-Up Beloved)


Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling Anime

Marin Kitagawa is currently popular in school due to the fact that of her authentically kind and adorable character. If she were to enter into the idol world, she’d definitely amass a big fanbase in no time.

Aside from her character, Marin likewise has a fantastic sense of style, and she’d make the ideal visual addition to any group. On top of that, fans would most likely value her understanding of anime and have the ability to get in touch with her over that throughout fan conferences. Her character and sense of design would be attracting fans. Plus, she’d make certain to score a lots of brand name offers.

9 Mafuyu Is A Musical Prodigy (Offered)

An idol requires musical skill. Thankfully, Mafuyu is a musical prodigy. Despite the fact that he’s shy and rather shy, he’d still undoubtedly amass great deals of appreciation for his singing, guitar, and songwriting abilities.

Comparable to his habits within the band, Mafuyu would be every bit as hard-working if he were to enter into the idol world. Offered his adorable character, it’s no concern that fans would offer him great deals of presents at satisfy and welcome occasions.

8 Seung-gil Lee Knows How To Attract An Audience Without Fanservice (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Fanservice can be among the best or most unpleasant elements of idol culture. Nevertheless, Seung-gil Lee understands how to mesmerize fans without utilizing it. When he ice skates, fans end up being fascinated by the steady focus in his eyes.

He does not play to the judges or the audience throughout his programs. He concentrates on the regular at hand, which becomes part of why he’s such a unique character amongst the other skaters. Seung-gil’s cool, made up personality makes him stand apart to the audience. If he were to end up being an idol, he’d most likely use the exact same state of mind to it and have an enigmatic air that would make fans regard and appreciate his existence in a group.

7 Dazai Knows How To Charm A Crowd (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Dazai is among the most complex characters in Bungo Stray Dogs. Aside from all of his contradictions, Dazai has actually constantly been an extremely charming person. In spite of his more doubtful qualities, Dazai understands how to beauty a crowd.

His habits is typically overdramatized, however it’s however unforgettable- no matter how much it gets under everybody else’s skin. If he were to sign up with the idol world, Dazai would undoubtedly amass an enormous fanbase due to the fact that of his innately magnetic character.

6 Chika Fujiwara’s Dance Has actually Gone Viral (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War)

Among the most essential elements of idol culture today is comprehending how social networks works. Particularly because the intro of TikTok, it appears going viral is ending up being significantly essential for artists in basic- not simply idols.

Thankfully, Chika Fujiwara’s dance has actually currently gone viral. It’s a simple dance that anybody can do, even without previous experience. If Chika were to sign up with the idol world, fans would gravitate towards her enjoyable, bubbly character. She speaks 5 languages, so she might get in touch with fans from around the world on another level. Even much better, she might utilize her label, “love detective,” as her brand name.

5 Kise Ryota Would Be A Visual Possession To Any Idol Group (Kuroko’s Basketball)

Kise has the ideal character for prospering in the idol world. Plus, he’s currently got an enormous fanbase from his modeling profession. It looks like any place Kise goes, a fangirl makes certain to observe him. Then, an entire stampede of adoring fans will follow him around, requesting selfies or his signature.

Not just does he have the ideal character for a profession as an idol, however he’d likewise be a visual property to any group. Visuals and looks are a crucial element of any idol’s profession- whether physical looks or style, these people constantly need to provide themselves well. Thankfully, it appears this comes easily for Kise.

4 Nejire Hado Is A Social Butterfly With A Capitivating Character (My Hero Academic Community)

In the idol world, character is whatever. An impressive character is similarly important as refining every information of a clothing. Thankfully, Nejire Hado has both in the bag. As quickly as people satisfy Nejire, they rapidly understand a couple of aspects of her. To start with, she’s a curious individual. She’s not scared to be familiar with people or ask individual concerns right off the bat.

Second Of All, she’s a natural social butterfly who’s passionate about whatever. Nevertheless, she’s extremely thorough and accountable about her hero work. These are very important qualities for an idol to have. Furthermore, she won U.A High’s charm pageant versus Bibimi, the long-reigning winner. This shows that she has the visual qualities and inherent charm to flourish as an idol.

3 Oikawa Has Lots Of Fangirls (Haikyuu!)

Oikawa isn’t among Haikyuu!’s most pleasant characters, however he’s still got a quite substantial following of fangirls- both in the imaginary world and in the real-life fandom. Despite the fact that he’s an antagonistic force on the volley ball court, his fans appear bewitched by his charm and looks.

He’s not the only character in the series with a cult following of fangirls, either. Atsumu has a following of his own also. His fans are so passionate that others would error him for an idol. Nevertheless, Oikawa would be much better as an idol just due to the fact that he never ever loses his mood when his fangirls begin shouting and fawning over him. Atsumu, on the other hand, called his fangirls “screaming pigs” and informed them to stop talking due to the fact that they screwed up his serve with their cheering.

2 It’s Difficult To Do Not Like Mitsuri (Devil Slayer)

In Devil Slayer, Mitsuri is the Love Hashira. Her character is reflective of her title. She never ever has a mean thing to state relating to anybody. She constantly psychologically compliments everybody she satisfies. It’s practically difficult to do not like Mitsuri. Even the coldest characters in the series, like Obanai, discovered Mitsuri charming. She had the ability to melt their chillier outsides.

This generosity is a crucial quality to have in any occupation. Nevertheless, it’d be specifically essential in the idol world. On top of that, she has a unique sense of design that fans would fall for. It’s quite typical for fans to attempt reproducing their preferred idols’ attire, so they’d undoubtedly do the exact same for Mitsuri.

1 Satoru Gojo Would Turn The Idol World Advantage Down (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Similar To how he looks for to reform jujutsu society, Satoru Gojo would change the idol world. He currently has all of the standard qualities every terrific idol requirements. He’s got the charm, originality, nerve, and skill to take the idol world by storm. As soon as he’s taken control of the market, he’d set the requirement for top-notch idols.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru is the greatest sorcerer. He’s similarly feared and appreciated, and people can’t assist however value his numerous adorable qualities and terrific funny bone. Plus, he’s currently got at least one recognized fangirl in the series because Miwa leapt at the chance to get a selfie with him.

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