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10 Anime Heroes Better Than Doctor Strange

Physician Stephen Strange is an incredible wizard Avenger, however even he can’t compare to these exceptional anime lead characters.

The MCU has actually been gradually broadening its lineup of superheroes since 2008’s Iron Male, and in 2016, early in Stage 3, the MCU included Medical professional Stephen Strange, the cosmetic surgeon turned master of the mystic arts. Doctor Strange can lots of mind-bending spells in battle, and he likewise has the sharp mind of a researcher and arcane scholar.

Doctor Strange is an effective and interesting Avenger, however even he has his limitations, and his character leaves something to be preferred. He’s not extremely inspiring and has little remarkable discussion, indicating he may not compare well to the best wonderful or supernatural lead characters in DC comics or, for that matter, Japanese animation.


10 Kisuke Urahara Is A Swordsman Wizard (Bleach)

Doctor Strange can best be compared to other wizards and mystic characters in anime, which consists of the rogue Soul Reaper Kisuke Urahara. Kisuke can utilize sophisticated kido spells, Bleach‘s variation of Doctor Strange’s mystic arts, however that’s not all he can do.

Kisuke is likewise a professional swordsman, something Doctor Strange cannot declare. On top of that, Kisuke is a knowledgeable innovator and a remarkably efficient stealth professional, nearly like Black Widow. He is likewise funnier and more lovely than Doctor Strange.

9 Avatar Aang Saved The Entire World (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar Aang might be simply a 12-year-old young boy, however he is currently on par with most of the Avengers, which consists of Doctor Strange himself. Like Doctor Strange, Aang is a wonderful sort of hero who utilizes flexing arts instead of weapons to combat, and he has the power of the Avatar State on his side.

Aang can flex all 4 aspects, and in the Avatar State, he ends up being nigh-undefeatable, even by MCU requirements. He likewise has an adorable character as a diplomatic peacemaker and fun-loving kid, that makes him more engaging than even Doctor Strange.

8 Satoru Gojo Is Yuji’s Sorcerer Coach (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo is currently among anime’s greatest characters of perpetuity, counting both heroes and bad guys, however he hardly ever imitates it. Satoru is popular as a wacky and wise coach who constantly understands what to do, and he shares lead character Yuji Itadori’s fondness for jokes and tricks.

Satoru can utilize sorcery to produce his own domain growth and wield the power of infinity, which currently makes him Sorcerer Supreme product and after that some. And like Kisuke Urahara, Satoru has a clever however wacky character that makes him more personally pleasant than Doctor Strange is.

7 Edward Elric Is A Fullmetal Sorcerer Supreme (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Edward Elric isn’t a follower in magic or the supernatural. He is everything about science and research study, however however, he is a lot like a wizard with those alchemy abilities of his. Edward is the youngest state alchemist in Amestris history, and he is figured out to restore his and Alphonse’s bodies nevertheless he can.

Edward would like Doctor Strange if they fulfilled. Both of them are innovative, versatile fighters who value the power of both science and creativity. They likewise both have a red cape. Nevertheless, Ed is more pleasant with his lovely tsundere shenanigans and his cool automail limbs.

6 Jotaro Kujo Is Strong & Quiet (JoJo’s Strange Experience)

The antihero of the Stardust Crusaders story arc is Jotaro Kujo himself, who is emblematic of the whole JoJo’s franchise all on his own. Like Doctor Strange, Jotaro is a grumbling and severe fellow who wields supernatural capabilities in fight – in this case, his melee-based Stand, Star Platinum.

Jotaro can’t quickly go to the multiverse or utilize the Time Stone, however he does have much better discussion than Doctor Strange and more special scenes, such as beating DIO versus all chances and bluffing the bettor Daniel J. D’Arby into submission without even taking a look at his poker cards initially. Doctor Strange would not have actually considered that.

5 Rimuru Tempest Is The Isekai Sorcerer Supreme (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)


rimuru tempest

The subdued isekai hero Rimuru Tempest is cherished since he is subdued, not in spite of it. Rimuru is quickly on par with Doctor Strange in battle, being packed with lots of varied spells, capabilities, and characteristics varying from water blades to black fire, steel spider threads, and more.

Rimuru is a slime who can restore his flesh with ease, unlike Doctor Strange, and he can likewise utilize telepathy. He when brought the dead back to life by ending up being a Real Devil Lord, none of which Doctor Strange might ever do.

4 Killua Zoldyck Is Gon’s Electric Good friend (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon Freecss’ best buddy, the electrical punk Killa Zoldyck, is among the best anime supporting characters of all. Like Doctor Strange, Killua can utilize supernatural capabilities in battle while likewise having a sharp tongue, however he is certainly a hero, in spite of his assassin background.

Killua’s Nen is his own variation of the mystic arts, and he typically manifests his Nen in the type of fatal electrical energy. Killua is almost as effective as Doctor Strange and a lot more enjoyable to watch, in spite of being simply 12 years of ages or two.

3 Merlin Has Endless Power (The 7 Fatal Sins)

The wizard Merlin is among the 7 Fatal Sins, a holy knight who tricked both the gods and the devils to get near-limitless wonderful power with her intelligence. Not even Doctor Strange did that – it took him lots of attempts simply to beat Dormammu with his words.

Merlin can utilize an amazing range of spells in battle that would impress even Doctor Strange and Wong, and she’ll require them all. Merlin and her allies are taking on the 10 Rules and the Devil King himself, a risk that not even the Avengers might quickly deal with.

2 Naruto Uzumaki Resembles A Ninja-Wizard (Naruto)

The world of Naruto does not actually have wizards, however with all those fancy ninjutsu and genjutsu methods flying around, specific characters actually resemble wizards, which consists of Naruto Uzumaki himself. He is the Leaf Town’s #1 ninja, with amazing power and special jutsu to his name.

Naruto’s “sorcery” consists of the shadow clone jutsu, effective Rasengan methods, his inner Fox chakra, and more. On top of that, Naruto has more brave charm than the discontented Doctor Strange does, and fans can’t assist however cheer for him on his experiences.

1 Mavis Vermillion Researches Magic & Established A Guild (Fairy Tail)

The world of Fairy Tail is occupied with numerous wizards, which consists of the Fairy Tail guild’s initial creator, Mavis Vermillion herself. She would welcome Doctor Strange to sign up with the Fairy Tail guild, provided Doctor Strange’s impressive wonderful power and his strong sense of team effort and cooperation. He is an Avenger, after all.

Even Doctor Strange would fear if he fulfilled Mavis. She has actually studied numerous complicated books to learn more about how the world works, and she can cast massive impression spells that can trick anybody. On top of that, she can cast the 3 Great Magics, consisting of Fairy Law and Fairy Shine, which would wipe out even Thanos himself.

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