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10 Anime Heroes Better Than Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker fell from grace in the follow up Star Wars trilogy, which showed that there are some anime characters out there who can do a much better task.

Luke Skywalker has actually experienced every side of the Star Wars fandom that exists. Initially, the boy of Anakin Skywalker was cast as an innocent farm kid with a dream and an objective that would check his capability to succumb to the circulation of the Force. When Luke returned for the follow up trilogy, fans were dissatisfied with the brand-new function he was asked to play.

By letting his ego obstruct of his relationship with Kylo Ren, Luke saw the vitriolic side of the Star Wars fandom. Luke is fortunate to be contributed to a list of other fantastic imaginary heroes however makes the right since of his heroism in the initial trilogy. In spite of this, some anime characters have actually done a far better task than Luke in general.


10 Goku Offers Every Bad Guy An Opportunity At Redemption (Dragon Ball)

Goku is among the couple of anime heroes who’s thought about as regularly troublesome as Luke Skywalker by his particular fandom. After investing years serving the galaxy as heroes, Luke and Goku both continue to fight with their inner kid.

In the follow up trilogy of Star Wars movies Luke stopped working to produce a safe area for his nephew to face his inner satanic forces. Likewise, Goku stopped working when it pertained to keeping his childish mouth shut in front of Zeno. Luckily, Goku had the youth and strength to offset his own failings, however Luke was required to pass his objective to the next generation prior to quiting his life attempting to offset previous errors.

9 Naruto Never Let His Success Cloud His Sense Of Self (Naruto)

The titular lead character from the Naruto franchise has actually constantly been real to himself. In doing so, Naruto gained from his errors and turned into a man that his more youthful self would be extremely pleased with.

The primary factor Naruto handled to remain real to himself is that he set a clear objective for his life when he was a kid. Then, he worked relentlessly to meet that objective. Luke’s objective was far more delicate that Naruto’s, which left him meandering through functions and titles that he didn’t completely comprehend.

8 All May Began A Mentor Position Without Letting His Ego Obstruct (My Hero Academic Community)

Toshinori Yaga, likewise called All May, is among the best brave characters of perpetuity. To seal his location in the history books, Yaga chose to put down his cape and go into the world of education after his days as a hero were over.

Fans of Star Wars will acknowledge this character arc since it is precisely what Luke did after conserving the galaxy from Emperor Palpatine. The only distinction in between Yaga and Luke’s character is the method the latter managed his brand-new position. Luke’s arc led him to think that power warranted murder while All Might continued to risk his life to keep all of his trainees safe.

7 Saitama’s Plot-Defying Power Is Excessive For Any Hero Or Bad Guy To Get Rid Of (One-Punch Man)


Saitama Jumping

The greatest hero on the planet of anime is understood by numerous names, however most fans will acknowledge him best by the name Saitama. This name may not bring the exact same weight as the famous Luke Skywalker, however it does bring a degree of physical strength that Luke might never ever match.

Saitama is so effective that he is seen by some as the personification of plot armor. While Luke has actually achieved some outstanding accomplishments of strength throughout his time in the spotlight, the follow up trilogy showed that whatever plot armor he as soon as had stopped working to make it out of the ’80s.

6 Luke Might Take A Lesson In Humbleness From Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Luke’s biggest weak point has actually constantly been his failure to accept the Force as it is and circulation along with it — or, as Spike Spiegel would put it, Luke stops working to be like water.

The lead character of Cowboy Bebop is not the hero that Luke Skywalker is, however he streams through his world and welcomes every part of his life in such a way that Luke would certainly appreciate. Thanks to Luke’s failure to stream in rhythm with the Force, he almost reversed whatever that he had actually done to make him the title of a hero in the very first location.

5 Edward Elric’s Youth Offers Him The Possibility To Go Beyond Luke (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The Complete Metal Alchemist and rescuer of Amestris may not can using the power of the Force, however his alchemical expertise should not be neglected. Ed’s capabilities enable him to change the physical state of matter as long as he comprehends its alchemical makeup and follows the guidelines of comparable exchange.

This power is what made it possible for Ed to beat a handful of homunculi and end a decades-old federal government conspiracy prior to he turned 18. With this in mind, there’s no informing what he might achieve by the time he grew as old as Luke Skywalker.

4 Asta Challenges His Inner Satanic Forces Instead Of Concealing From Them (Black Clover)

The lead character of Black Clover is among the couple of imaginary characters who honestly pulls from the power of a satanic force and still certifies as a hero. This might be unprecedented in the black-and-white world of Star Wars, however Asta makes it work thanks to his positive character and determination.

In spite of the truth that Luke has actually invested years looking into the fall of the Jedi Order, he still stops working to comprehend that facing individual satanic forces is not the like being a satanic force. Asta has the ability to acknowledge this without losing himself, making him a hero inside and out.

3 Tanjiro’s Compassionate Heart Makes Luke Seem Uncaring (Satanic Force Slayer)

Tanjiro Kamado is among the most understanding characters ever presented to the anime world. His heart is so loaded with peace and love that he discovers it as simple to forgive the satanic forces who terrify the world of Satanic Force Slayer as it is to breathe.

It does not matter how evil a character is; Tanjro handles to see the excellent in them. On the contrary, Luke handled to see the tiniest degree of wicked damaging Kylo Ren’s soul and almost took his life since of it.

2 The Roaming Complete Stranger Streams Along With The Force (Star Wars Visions)

Star Wars Visions obtained from the anime category to inform 9 standalone stories that checked out a various part of the Star Wars universe. The very first of these episodes is entitled “The Duel” and casts a brave tourist with a stoic character and no name.

The roaming complete stranger is an effective duelist who roams the land following the natural ups and downs of the fForce. Luke might have a greater midichlorian count than the complete stranger thanks to his Skywalker blood, however often privacy makes it much easier to go with the circulation.

1 Satoru Gojo Proved That Jujutsu Is More Effective Than The Force (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Every excellent anime requires a subdued sensei to lead the lead character to success. This is among the numerous things that Star Wars shares with the anime category. Sadly, Luke is a much weaker sensei than Obi-Wan, and even weaker still than Satoru Gojo.

There are couple of power systems that can compare with the power of the Force. Even Star Wars fans have a tough time thinking in their power system’s plot defying power. Thankfully, Satoru Gojo’s heroics in the very first season of Jujutsu Kaisen showed that jujutsu is among the couple of power systems that can match Luke Skywalker’s source of power.

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