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10 Anime Series Better Than MCU Movies

For anime fans, there are a lot of choices when it concerns picking an anime exceptional to the MCU’s substantial movie brochure.

The MCU just recently introduced Stage 4 of its cinematic universe and there is no questioning the franchise is as popular as it’s ever been. There is no lack of superhero movies for fans to dive into with as much as 3 MCU offerings a year, nor exists an absence of superhero television series to delight in following the intro of Disney Plus in 2020.

That stated, in spite of having a large brochure of source product at its disposal, the MCU has actually produced its reasonable share of frustrating movies throughout the years. The bright side is that there’s constantly an option. And for anime fans, there’s sufficient choice when it concerns picking an anime exceptional to the MCU’s substantial movie brochure.


10 Dorohedoro’s World Is Inexplicably Hypnotizing & Immersive

Dorohedoro is among the most special anime series presently readily available to stream on Netflix. It informs the story of the reptilian-headed Caiman and his buddy Nikaido as they try to recuperate his memories in a weird and hazardous world. The series is typically fascinatingly entertaining, however likewise exceptionally unusual.

Dorohedoro incorporates some outstanding world-building and a number of strange yet spellbinding characters. Contrarily to some MCU movies, Dorohedoro includes a world that is as immersive as it is engaging and keeps the audience thinking by increasing the level of secret from one episode to the next.

9 Mob Psycho 100 Is Hilarious & Highly Entertaining

The MCU sometimes experiences the incorporation of lost or inadequately composed funny, which can show destructive to a scene or the general story. This was especially evident with Avengers: Endgame, as the relentless funny removed from the stakes. Mob Psycho 100, nevertheless, is a fantastic example of how to use funny in a style that in fact works.

Mob Psycho is exceptionally amusing and includes an exceptionally amusing vibrant in between lead character Mob and his coach, Reigen Arataka. It can be tough to get utilized to the series’ animation design, however there is a lot to enjoy in Mob Psycho that the absence of top quality animation does not show crippling to the general story.

8 Jujutsu Kaisen Incorporates A Gripping Story & Interesting Characters

Jujutsu Kaisen has actually quickly turned into one of the most popular anime to be launched recently, and it’s simple to see why. The series, which debuted in late 2020, includes a few of the most outstanding battles of any anime in the medium. It likewise incorporates a wickedly amusing set of characters and a gripping story.

Comparable to MCU movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, at its core, Jujutsu Kaisen is a story of sorcery and its application in the battle versus evil. Unlike the MCU, nevertheless, there are clear stakes in play in Jujutsu Kaisen that assist to raise the general story and raise intrigue.

7 Satanic Force Slayer Includes A Few Of The Best Battle Scenes In All Of Anime

Satanic Force Slayer is a fascinating series with vibrant characters and a genuine story. It follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado as he looks for vengeance on the devil accountable for the death of his household and turning his more youthful sis into a satanic force. Contrary to the MCU, which often experiences bad CGI, Satanic Force Slayer includes a few of the really best animation in the medium.

It likewise has a few of the really best battle scenes in current memory with the Devil Slayer Corps’ clashes with the Upper Rank 6 Satanic forces being definitely awesome to watch. Satanic Force Slayer is the best anime replacement for fans keen on MCU’s thrilling, CGI-heavy hero-versus-villain face-offs.

6 Odd Taxi Is Immensely Investing With An Outstanding Twist At Its Conclusion


Odokawa drives around a customer

Odd Taxi is enormously amusing and filled with one sound twist after another. In addition to the story being exceptionally engaging, Odd Taxi includes a large range of vibrant and remarkable characters — particularly its protagoniast, Odokawa. Unlike lots of MCU movies, Odd Taxi includes a twist as its conclusion that is as unanticipated as it is outstanding.

The series has lots of suspenseful storytelling and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats right to the very end. For fans looking for an anime with a lead character whose journey is really worth starting, they need not look any even more than Odd Taxi.

5 Made In Void Consists Of Terrific World Structure & A Fantastic Story

Made in Void follows Riko and her robotic buddy Reg as they come down into the gigantic gorge situated on the edge of Riko’s home town of Orth searching for her missing mom. The series includes outstanding world-building, a splendidly layered story, and 2 remarkable primary characters. Furthermore, the vibrant surroundings remarkably juxtaposes the series’ typically dark tone to excellent remarkable impact.

The series takes audiences on a journey that’s engaging, sometimes painful, and supplies sufficient factor for audiences to root for the lead characters as they pass through the Void’ lots of layers. Fans looking for something more than the stereotypical MCU flick will discover a lot to be impressed by with Made in Void.

4 One-Punch Guy Prospers Where Other Superhero Stories Have Actually Stopped Working

One-Punch Guy is uproariously amusing, extremely amusing, and remarkably animated. It likewise includes among the most adorable lead characters in all of anime: Saitama, who has the capability to beat his opponents with a single punch. The series likewise boasts a great range of brave characters and varied bad guys.

What makes One-Punch Guy so excellent is that it truly has no right to be as investing as it is. On paper, the idea is anything however attracting yet, in spite of Saitama being blatantly subdued, the series in some way shows that an OP character can undoubtedly be fascinating. Fans will discover a level of comical appeal in One-Punch Guy that far exceeds the MCU’s.

3 My Hero Academic community’s Heroes Are Relatable & For That Reason More Investing

My Hero Academic Community is the best option to the MCU. The series, which informs the story of lead character Deku’s journey to ending up being the best superhero, is wonderfully amusing and exceptionally gripping. In addition to the appealing story and adorable lead character, My Hero Academic Community likewise boasts an exceptional cast of vibrant auxiliary characters.

The superhero category has actually ended up being exceptionally oversaturated, however My Hero Academic Community puts a fascinating spin on the idea and, by bearing its heroes’ internal battles and vulnerabilities, makes them much more relatable than most superheroes in the category.

2 Vinland Legend Rises By Fantastic Character Depth & An Engrossing Story

Vinland Legend stands out where lots of MCU trips stop working by making its primary characters with a high level of character depth. This depth help in raising the story and general discussion of the lead character and villain’s specific character arcs. Disallowing Moon Knight, Winter Season Soldier, and Wandavision, the MCU is typically prevented by an absence of soaking up characters.

Thorfinn’s journey is both splendidly intricate and considerably engaging. Askeladd, Thorfinn’s foe, is likewise much more than the typical bad guy with a terrible background that forms his present actions. Vinland Legend is a must-watch for anybody looking for to start a journey worth buying from the really first episode to the really last.

1 Attack On Titan Characteristics A Scintillating, Multi-layered Story & Shrewd Character Advancement

The MCU sorely experiences an absence of stakes and slightly specified guidelines for the world (or worlds) its character live in. Attack on Titan, on the other hand, skillfully increases the stakes each season in a world where the guidelines are clear and accurate. While intricate CGI and sky-bound run-ins take precedence in the MCU, Attack on Titan focuses on story and characterization.

The series has actually typically been admired for its scintillating storytelling, wise character advancement, and remarkable world-building. It is likewise internationally acknowledged as one of the most layered anime in the whole medium. MCU fans looking for something with more depth and an intricate story ought to have a look at Attack on Titan.

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