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10 Clues Yamato Will Join The Straw Hats

Eiichiro Oda enjoys to foreshadow crucial occasions in One Piece, and these tips point towards Yamato signing up with the Straw Hats.

One Piece has a storied history of amazing world-building and foreshadowing future occasions. The mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, has actually planned the story far beforehand and completely thought about how every character, area, and occasion interconnects. There are no throwaway moments or lines in One Piece, and fans who comprehend that might have had the ability to forecast later on story occasions far prior to they took place.

In the present arc of One Piece, the Straw Hat team discover themselves taking on an emperor of the sea, Kaido. What fans might not have actually recognized is that the anime has actually currently left numerous tips that Kaido’s kid, Yamato, might be the next member to sign up with the famous Straw Hat team.


10 Monkey D. Luffy Has Always Desired A Team Of 10 Pirates

Oda has actually shown that he can masterfully utilize foreshadowing to craft a long-lasting story that recalls to earlier moments and satisfyingly links the dots. One example of this is when Monkey D. Luffy exclaims that he wishes to have an artist on his Straw Hat team.

A couple of hundred episodes later on, Brook joins the group. In similar method, Luffy likewise as soon as stated that he wishes to have 10 members to finish his pirate team, and the addition of Yamato would be the last piece of the puzzle to meet that desire.

9 Yamato Wants To Be Devoid Of Onigashima

A big style of One Piece is the desire to live a life loaded with flexibility. It was a core component of the Enies Lobby arc when the team conserved Nico Robin from the clutches of Cipher Pol, which style may quickly come back in Onigashima.

Yamato has actually been a detainee on Onigashima because youth, and Kaido has no strategies to alter that. Yamato longs for absolutely nothing more than to be devoid of Kaido in order to check out the stunning seas that Portgas D. Ace had actually strongly explained.

8 Yamato Might Be The Journal Keeper Of The Straw Hats And Mirror Oden’s Journey

One Piece anime fans just recently found that Yamato had actually kept Kozuki Oden’s journal to learn more about his pirate experiences. Oden utilized this journal to log and tell his experiences on Pirate King Gol. D Roger’s ship, and it showed to be a beneficial undertaking.

Living a life comparable to Oden’s is Yamato’s objective, which would likewise include keeping a journal to chronicle any future pirate experiences. Yamato might play the function of a journal keeper for the Straw Hats aboard the Thousand Sunny and parallel the actions of the male that they desire be.

7 Luffy Recruiting Yamato Would Mirror The Past When Roger Hired Oden

There are smart resemblances in between story beats that repeat in various period in One Piece. For instance, Roger took an extremely particular path on his mission to discover the One Piece, and a lot of those areas matched the locations checked out by the Straw Hats on their experience.

Throughout Roger’s experience, he likewise took Oden onboard his team as a fledging pirate who wished to leave the Kingdom of Wano. They later on discovered the One Piece together, and this course of occasions would be mirrored if Luffy chooses to let Yamato sign up with the Straw Hats.

6 Yamato Wants To Make Wano A More Open Nation, And Taking A Trip Will Assist

Throughout his life, Oden was consumed with checking out the outdoors world beyond Wano. He desired Wano to end up being a nation that was more open up to interaction with the remainder of the world, however his dream was left eventually unsatisfied.

Fast-forward to today day, and Yamato brings a lot of the very same aspirations as the late Oden. If Luffy was to take Yamato on as a brand-new member of the team, they might take a trip the world and bridge the space in between Wano and the exterior.

5 Yamato Wants To Go To Sea More Than Anything

Among the greatest requirements for a potential pirate is the desire to check out the secrets of the ocean. Luffy and his siblings had this desire from youth, and it ultimately resulted in them signing up with or producing the numerous teams they wound up with.

In current flashback series, the audience has actually seen that Yamato has that very same burning desire to set sail. Which might be the most apparent red herring that recommends that Luffy will make great on Yamato’s desire.

4 Yamato Has Actually Shown Enough Strength To Be Deserving Of Signing Up With The Team


Image features Yamato from One Piece

The Straw Hats are constantly at a downside versus the frustrating strength of their challengers in the New World. Luffy is now able to eliminate Kaido head-on, however just after being beaten by him in the past and needing to find out brand-new strategies to compensate.

On the other hand, audiences have actually seen Yamato being strong enough to eliminate the powerful Kaido in their youth. Luffy is going to require all the strength he can get for the last journey to getting the One Piece, and Yamato would be a worthwhile addition.

3 Yamato Was Close With Ace And For That Reason Currently Had A Connection To Luffy

The vibrant members of the Straw Hat team were typically hired after constructing a bond with Luffy or satisfying a particular requirement he was looking for. With Yamato, there is currently a strong connection to Luffy that would make their addition to the Straw Hats feel natural.

Yamato had a close relationship with Luffy’s departed bro. Ace would typically adoringly discuss his pride in having Luffy as a more youthful bro and his belief in the capacity of what Luffy might accomplish in the future.

2 Yamato Has Gain access to To Kadio’s Understanding, Which Might Assist Discover The One Piece

As most One Piece fans understand, discovering the famous treasure isn’t just a matter of cruising to the proper area. The seas of the New World are dealt with pirates and ecological risks, and discovering the area of the One Piece depends upon figuring out the 4 Roadway Poneglyphs.

These are ancient stone pillars of unidentified origin that point towards the last objective. Kaido and his team currently understand where the staying Roadway Poneglyphs might be discovered, and Yamato might pass that understanding on to Luffy upon signing up with the Straw Hats.

1 Yamato Has actually Acknowledged Luffy’s Strength And Thinks In His Objective

Every member of the Straw Hats shares an unwavering belief that their captain will end up being the King of Pirates. They will support him through thick and thin to accomplish this objective, and the very same might use to Yamato. They were currently knowledgeable about him thanks to previous discussions with Ace, and now Yamato has actually acknowledged how strong Luffy remains in individual.

There’s little doubt that Yamato now thinks Luffy can accomplish his supreme aspiration. As the icing on the cake, Luffy even repeats Roger’s statement about ending up being the Pirate King, which brings a great deal of suggesting for Yamato.

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