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10 DC Heroes With The Worst Moms And Dads

Numerous DC heroes do not precisely have the best youths, however some have actually almost had their lives messed up by the actions of their horrible moms and dads.

DC’s heroes are understood for their nearly mythological features. They’re frequently depicted as brave prototypes, their pureness and heroism beyond reproach. Generally, some quite tough obstacles offset this excellence, including their moms and dads. Having bad moms and dads is a quite typical trope within fiction, and DC has actually discovered a method to take it to the next level.

Numerous excellent DC heroes have moms and dads who leave something to be preferred, consisting of the kids of superheroes themselves. Parenting is never ever simple in basic, however a few of DC’s moms and dads never ever even attempted to be excellent ones, while the superhero moms and dads frequently have excessive on their plate to be excellent moms and dads.


10 Jor-El’s Return Showed That Perhaps It’s Best Superman Wasn’t Raised By Him

For many years, everybody idea of Jor-El as the ideal moms and dad, compromising his own life to conserve his kid and the tradition of Krypton. Alternate universe takes in some cases depicted him as an ethically suspicious researcher, however he was revered in the primary DC Universe. His return as Mr. Oz showed that possibly he wasn’t the saint everybody believed he was.

The injury of the damage of Krypton had something to do with it, however there was constantly something off with Jor-El in the past, with his production of the Phantom Zone projector being a fine example. More discoveries showed that Jor-El was likewise quite bad even prior to the damage of Krypton, and it’s most likely an advantage the Kents raised Superman.

9 Jade And Obsidian Would Have Been Better Off With Non-Superpowered Moms And Dads

Jade and Obsidian are the kids of Alan Scott, the very first Green Lantern, and Thorn, a reformed bad guy with DID. Hero and bad guy relationships never ever work, specifically given that Scott had actually not yet come out as gay, while Thorn returned to being a bad guy. Jade and Obsidian were taken into foster care, which had serious effects for Obsidian.

Scott would ultimately discover his kids and do his best, however the damage was currently done. Jade and Obsidian’s lives after being brought into the brave neighborhood by their daddy were the worst thing that occurred to them, and they’d have been much better off with moms and dads who were simply people and not heroes and bad guys.

8 Hawkman And Hawkgirl Weren’t The Best Moms And Dads For Hector Hall

Hector Hall was the kid of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Signing Up With Infinity Inc. as Silver Scarab and later on the JAS as Dr. Fate, he’s yet another example of the truth that the Justice Society are excellent heroes however poor moms and dads. Hector’s life was made a lot harder by being the kid of the Hawks, and it was worsened when their cycle of death and resurrection took them far from him.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s story has actually been more about them, their love, and their journey through time, and there’s not a great deal of space for kids. This was an issue Hector had. He was constantly 2nd to their lives as heroes and each other, and it had a destructive impact on his later life.

7 Cassandra Cain’s Moms and dads Were Assassins

Batman has frequently had a difficult time staying up to date with his partners. Cassandra Cain is the ideal example of this; she’s a better martial artist than he is and might quickly beat him in a battle. The factor for this is due to the fact that of her rather horrible childhood by her daddy, David Cain. Cain raised her without words, so she never ever discovered to talk till much later on in life, teaching her to check out body movement rather and making her concentrate on martial arts.

Cassandra was crafted into a weapon by her daddy, and her relationship with her mom, Girl Shiva, wasn’t any much better. She and her moms and dads have actually attempted to eliminate each other numerous times, and her childhood was generally kid abuse.

6 Orion Is The Kid Of Darkseid


DC Comics Orion fighting Darkseid

Orion was traded to Highfather in a peace offer in between New Genesis and Apokolips. He was raised in the light of New Genesis, far from the hand of his daddy Darkseid, the God of Evil. Among the most troubling bad guys ever, Darkseid’s finger prints are still all over his kid’s life. Orion was created by the war in between the 2 worlds and his daddy’s monstrousness.

Darkseid is the most horrible bad guy in the DC Multiverse. Even without raising Orion, Darkseid has actually exceptionally impacted his kid’s life. Orion has actually been haunted by being the God of Evil’s kid, and the 2 have actually fought it out for many years.

5 Highfather Utilized Mister Wonder As A Bargaining Chip In His War

Mister Wonder is among the bravest gods in the DC Universe. He was the other half of the peace offer that specified Orion’s life, traded to Apokolips, and left in the Armaghetto under the care of Granny Goodness. His young life had plenty of fear, and ultimately, he got away with his enthusiast Big Barda to the world that need to have been his house, New Genesis.

Highfather saw Mister Wonder as a method to end his war rather of as an individual. He utilized him like a bargaining chip, which is horrible, and even as soon as Mister Wonder returned to New Genesis, Highfather utilized him as a weapon. Highfather is much better than Darkseid, however the 2 are more comparable than either would picture.

4 Batman And Talia al Ghul Have actually Been Dreadful Moms And Dads To Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne is the kid of Batman and Talia al Ghul, something that is simply as bad as it sounds. Talia invested her time with Damian molding him into a weapon to utilize, preparing him for life as the successor to the al Ghul tradition, which affected Damian’s life and his usage of violence. Batman isn’t better as a moms and dad than Talia, either.

Batman is an excellent coach, however he’s not the most caring daddy. Damian was fortunate to have Cock Grayson, who assisted him have as typical a life as possible, due to the fact that Batman nearly right away prepared Damian into his war. He’s a remote daddy at best and is generally a drill trainer at worst.

3 Red Hood’s Mom Sold Him Out To The Joker

Jason Todd was constantly the black sheep Robin, a mouthy orphan taken in by Batman. He was totally various from Cock Grayson as Robin and butted heads with Batman, something that would presage his post-resurrection future. His spontaneous way saw him attempting to conserve his mom, Sheila Haywood, from the Joker, resulting in a stunning discovery.

Todd’s mom had actually dealt with the Joker to tempt Todd to the Clown Prince of Criminal Offense. He was blackmailing her, however she was no angel, having actually been embezzling from the help company she had actually been working for. Todd’s mom not just deserted him as a kid however took from starving kids.

2 Ravager Is The Child Of Deathstroke, Something Which Ruined The Life Of All The Wilson Kid

It’s sort of tough to state which of Deathstroke’s kids had it the worst, however Ravager absolutely had it extremely bad. Rose Wilson was persuaded by her daddy to the degree that she would do anything for his love, consisting of putting her own eye out to show her dedication to his cause. That’s horrible abuse, and it had an extensive impact on Ravager’s life.

Deathstroke has a great deal of benefits over his brave opponents, however being a moms and dad isn’t among them. All of his kids have scary stories, from Grant passing away by following his daddy’s steps, to Joseph losing his capability to speak due to the fact that of him, to Rose’s psychological abuse at her daddy’s hands. A minimum of Rose discovered a brand-new household with the Teenager Titans.

1 Raven’s Dad Trigon Spent Years Hunting Her Down

Raven’s time with the Teenager Titans permitted her to lastly accept her humankind and discover a real household. The group’s most effective member, her life with them was much better than the option, a servant of her daddy Trigon in his hellish measurement. Trigon’s mission to take her power made him among the Teenager Titans’ most unsafe opponents.

Trigon didn’t see Raven as an individual, however as a method to an end. There was no love in between the 2, simply Raven’s worry of him and Trigon’s desire for her power. The war in between him and the group due to the fact that of this is famous.

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