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10 Doctor Who Stories That Would Make Excellent D&D Experiences

Doctor Who has actually informed great tales throughout its run, so it makes good sense that D&D tables may obtain from the program when homebrewing a brand-new project.

Dungeons and Dragons projects are constantly chock-full of enjoyable experiences. Dungeon Masters pull from tried and true modules and often even homebrew their own stories to enact with their gamers at the table. Establishing a story can be hard, though. Due to this truth, some Dungeon Masters pick to obtain from media they take pleasure in.

Doctor Who is both a timeless and a modern-day classic in regards to tv. It has actually informed hundreds upon numerous great tales to generations of audiences. There’s substantial overlap in between fans of the program and passionate tabletop role-playing game enthusiasts, so it makes good sense that some D&D tables may obtain from Doctor Who’s storytelling masterwork.


10 Silence In The Library: A Beautiful Setting & A Complex Danger

No Doctor Who fan might forget when they — and Donna — very first saw the eponymous Library. Likewise, neither of them understood what scaries waited for there. The Vashta Nerada, tiny predators that hunt from shadows, genuinely made the worry of the characters and audiences alike.

To translate the Library story into a Dungeons and Dragons game, the Dungeon Master might have a huge library for the celebration to check out, however upon their arrival, they would discover the popular place ominously empty. They would then need to find out what actually prowled in the shadows, threatening their every relocation.

9 The God Complex: Custom-made & Plot Appropriate

If a Dungeon Master is searching for a Doctor Who experience to obtain while still advancing their gamers’ characters and the total plot of their project, they do not require to look any even more than “The God Complex.” In this episode, the Doctor and a group of human beings were caught in an interdimensional hotel where every space included someone’s worst worries.

A D&D game might change the hotel with a deserted estate or cursed temple. This experience would work particularly well with a spiritual celebration, as the fear-inducing powers of the spaces are suggested to affect their victims into positioning their faith in the animal that caught them there, which eats belief.

8 The Rebel Flesh/The Practically People: Trust Nobody

Shapechangers and other doppelgangers exist in Dungeons and Dragons tradition, however the Doctor Who two-parter “The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People” details a brand-new circumstance in which to utilize them. In these episodes, employees at an extremely harmful chemical plant instill their minds and selves into faux-bodies.

With time, however, the phony bodies end up being sentient in their own right and pick to eliminate back instead of continue craving their human equivalents. They can look and believe like anybody, which would put any adventuring D&D celebration on edge.

7 Midnight: Worry Of The Unidentified


The Tenth Doctor tries to help a woman in the dark with others holding flashlights in the background in Doctor Who.

“Midnight” is among the scariest episodes that Doctor Who has actually aired to date. In between the restricted area, the danger of violence from scared civilians, and the absence of resolution on what actually took place, “Midnight” conjured up real fear. These exact same components might be used to agitate any table.

Among the enjoyable parts of dealing with D&D beasts is discovering what they are and figuring out a technique to take them down. It would be simply as frightening to a video gaming group as it was to Doctor Who audiences to never ever discover what sought their heroes.

6 Amy’s Option: A Concern Of Truth

Utilizing the facility from “Amy’s Choice” would make it possible for a Dungeon Master to genuinely make their gamers question the game’s truth. The characters would awaken in what appeared like their typical world, however simply a little off. Then, whenever they went to sleep they would get up in another world, one where a few of them are living their dream lives.

A character who lost liked ones might be with them once again or dreadful errors might be repaired or forgotten. The D&D celebration would need to choose which truth held true and find how they entered into the dilemma in the very first place.

5 Turn Left: What If?

Little options impact the world in countless ways. Doctor Who fans discovered this in the episode “Turn Left,” which explored what would have taken place if Donna Noble never ever fulfilled the Doctor. Her turning one method rather of the other wound up initiating a reality-bending armageddon due to the fact that she wasn’t there to attract the Doctor’s mankind.

Dungeon Masters might obtain from this story by considering what choices their celebration has actually made that, if altered, would change the world around them totally. The gamers would then need to find out how to return to their typical timeline by requiring themselves to make the ideal option.

4 The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances: A Little Frightening, However Everyone Lives

“The Empty Child” is popular amongst Doctor Who audiences for the haunting refrain of a completely gas-masked kid asking “Are you my mummy?” In spite of this, nevertheless, the kid’s story ends gladly as the existence of his mom reprograms the malfunctioning nanobots and conserves everybody.

This two-parter would be a particularly beneficial story to obtain for a group that has actually been going through some dark things. For an adventuring celebration that has actually seen a great deal of loss in current sessions, it would benefit them to be able to resolve a minimum of one experience where, as the Doctor states, “Everybody lives!”

3 Night Fears: Less Battling, More Assisting

In “Night Terrors,” the Doctor needs to assist a kid face his worries, as his consistent fear appears itself into real-life dangers. In Doctor Who, this is due to the fact that the kid is privately an alien. In Dungeons and Dragons, the kid might be from the Feywild or otherwise amazingly inclined.

The D&D celebration would react to the moms and dads’ demand for aid to discover that the kid’s fears were coming to life around them. Considering that the monstrous phantoms aren’t genuine they would be tough to eliminate. Rather, the heroes would need to assist the kid gain self-confidence while preventing being harmed or caught by the symptoms of their fear.

2 Love & Monsters: The Outdoors World Is Calling

D&D travelers tend to get captured up in the bubble of their own stories. It’s simple for gamers to provide little — if any — factor to consider to what the lives of typical people resemble in their game’s world.

Simply as “Love and Monsters” revealed what a typical individual may experience in deep space of Doctor Who, a quick one-shot might reveal the exact same thing for a D&D table. Gamers might take a spin in various personalities — possibly play their own celebration’s fan club similar to the Doctor’s fans were the lead characters of “Love and Monsters.”

1 The Pandorica Opens: Lost History & A Legendary Jail

Though it led into an impressive Doctor Who timescape, “The Pandorica Opens” consists of components that might discover their method into a D&D game with relative ease: the lost Roman legion and the Pandorica. The celebration might take a trip to a remote station with legendary origins to discover it protected by an army that went missing out on a long time earlier.

The soldiers exist to safeguard a famous wonderful jail, one that a few of the D&D celebration members had actually become aware of however believed was simply a story. Their interest would lure them to learn what’s caught within, how it arrived, and who brought the battalion to stand guard over it.

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