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10 Greatest Characters Spider-Man Beat In The Comics

Spider-Man appears like an easy-going, friendly community hero, however he’s handled Marvel’s nastiest risks and come through in the end.

The friendly community Spider-Man might appear like an easy-going superhero with a wise mouth, however anybody who has actually seen him in a brawl understands much better than that. In his experiences from the streets of New york city to the ends of deep space, Peter Parker has actually tossed down with all sorts of allies and ne’er-do-wells.

The scrawny kid from Queens has actually battled whatever, from lowly carjackers to extraterrestrial despots. He’s even gone toe to toe with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The pairing of his brains and huge selection of spider-powers has actually assisted him come out on top versus a number of Marvel’s most difficult characters.


10 Of All The Spider-Powered Bad Guys, Venom Is Among The Most Difficult

Prior To he was a vigilante or an area knight, Eddie Brock was Peter’s problem. Eddie, in addition to the symbiote called Venom, might not be as smart as Peter however what he does not have in wit he offsets with raw power and ruthlessness. He has all of Spider-Man’s powers however none of his grace.

In Some Way Spider-Man constantly discovers a method to eke out a success anyhow. Whether that implies using Venom’s hostility to high-pitched noise and severe heat or making him use himself out by utilizing excessive of the symbiote’s webbing. He strives, however Peter nearly makes it look simple.

9 Spider-Man Stopped The Juggernaut Dead In His Tracks

Generally discovered in Westchester bugging Xavier and his X-Men, Juggernaut in some cases makes his method to Manhattan to trigger issues for Spider-Man. Pound for pound, Juggernaut quickly tops Spider-Man, so when the 2 fulfill up Spider-Man determines imaginative ways to remove Cain Marko all while securing innocent civilians.

The very first time they came across one another, Juggernaut tore the city apart while Spider-Man had a hard time to slow him down. Spider-Man never ever quit, however, and beat Juggernaut by briefly blinding him and leading him into a deep swimming pool of damp cement. Being stable eliminated the essential to the Juggernaut’s power, momentum.

8 Spider-Man Has Actually Found out A Couple Of Ways To Insulate Electro

A routine working-class man became a strolling power plant, Electro is among Peter’s more effective standard enemies. Electro has actually been battling Spider-Man considering that the ’60s and it’s never ever a simple fight for either one. Maxwell Dillon is basically a man with the power of a god, however fortunately Peter has experience versus genuine gods.

A direct hit from a totally powered Electro can take Spider-Man out, so Spider-Man regularly determines ways to nullify or a minimum of minimize Electro’s power. Spider-Man has actually gotten Electro to unintentionally take a swim, and he has actually likewise caught Electro inside a specifically made containment cell.

7 Much Like David Vs Goliath, Spider-Man Brought Colossus To The Ground

Colossus and Spider-Man tend to be on the very same side, however they have actually concerned blows a couple of various times thanks to misconceptions and cosmic beings. Generally, Colossus is the meaning of a mild giant however in Avengers Vs. X-Men he ended up being a real hazard thanks to a fragment of the Phoenix Force.

In Avenger vs X-Men #9 by Jason Aaron, Adam Kubert, and John Dell, Spider-Man discovers himself gazing down Colossus and Magik in an effort to purchase the Avengers a long time. The brother or sisters entirely control Spider-Man, nearly mashing him into a bloody pulp however with a couple of option words Spider-Man techniques Magik and Colossus into switching on each other.

6 He’s Even Calmed The Hulk

In the Ultimate Universe, The Extraordinary Hulk is in some way much more monstrous than his 616 equivalent. In Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #3 by Brian Michael Bendis and Phil Hester, young Peter Parker discovers himself up versus an unsurprisingly mad Hulk.

Spider-Man can’t discover a method to factor with Hulk, so he determines another method to relax him down, through his stomach. Peter reserves a scrumptious stack of ideally fresh fish to prevent Hulk from ruining excessive of New york city. The strategy works, avoiding Spider-Man from being smashed by Hulk.

5 A Technique Or More Assists Spider-Man Get The Upper Hand Over Morlun


Marvel's Morlun standing in front of a burning building with his eyes glowing.

Peter is a bit afraid of Morlun considering that this bad guy has actually taken a trip the multiverse and made more than a couple of Spider-Men his victims. Morlun can’t get enough of that spider-powered blood. In their fights, Morlun has actually quickly gotten the upper hand versus Spider-Man. He’s even broken a few of his bones with ease. Nevertheless, Peter Parker has actually beaten Morlun with the aid of Miles Morales.

Regretfully, in a couple of other encounters, the initial Spider-Man wasn’t fortunate sufficient to have that sort of aid. In the climax of Remarkable Spider-Man Vol 2 #35 by J. Michael Straczynski, John Romita Jr., and Scott Hanna, Peter purposefully polluted his blood with radiation. An unknowing Morlun delighted in the blood, poisoning himself. Spider-Man is constantly happy to go to fantastic lengths to stop his enemies.

4 Spider-Man Was More Than A Match For The Wonderful 4

Separately, each member of The Wonderful 4 is rather effective, however together they are nearly unsurpassable. They have actually battled Galactus, Doctor Doom, and lots of other top-level risks which’s what makes Spider-Man’s success versus them so magnificent.

Marvel’s First Household faced Spider-Man in the inaugural problem of The Remarkable Spider-Man. One by one, Peter humiliated each member of the group reasonably rapidly. The Wonderful 4 is susceptible to ignoring opponents, which is precisely what occurred with Spider-Man. Thankfully, now they’re pals and regular colleagues.

3 Spider-Man Close Down Red Goblin

Spider-Man dealt with a long string of symbiotes and goblins, however when Norman Osborn gets ahold of the symbiote, Carnage, he provided a brand-new sort of hazard. Individually these 2 opponents have actually offered Spider-Man a couple of headaches however together they produced among his biggest obstacles in current memory.

Red Goblin had a huge selection of symbiotes and super-soldier powers along with Norman’s fantastic gizmos. Spider-Man stood no opportunity, not even when he re-bonded with Venom. He used Norman’s ego, however, which permitted him to fool the Red Goblin into eliminating Carnage in exchange for a traditional beat down.

2 Through Sheer Force Of Will, Spider-Man Extinguished Firelord

The Heralds of Galactus are incredibly effective cosmic pawns for the planet-devouring entity. They browse deep space for worlds to satisfy Galactus and ultimately they all appear drawn to Earth. This time the previous Herald Firelord was unfortunate sufficient to encounter Spider-Man while checking the world in The Remarkable Spider-Man #270 by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Bob Mcleod.

On paper, Spider-Man does not stand a possibility versus a cosmic hazard like Firelord however Spider-Man does not like being undervalued. After a fight through the city and a flurry of numerous blows versus Fire Lord, Spider-Man in some way knocked the hot go out cold.

1 Spider-Man Put Superboy In Time Out

Throughout the notorious Marvel Vs. DC occasion, fans had the ability to elect the result of fights in between well-known characters from each comic universe. Some fights appeared reasonably reasonable, like Batman versus Captain America. In Marvel vs DC #3 by Ron Marz, Dan Jurgens, Claudio Castellini, Joel Rubenstein, and Paul Neary, Superboy was sadly compared versus Spider-Man, among the most popular superheroes ever.

Their rather comparable mindsets and clever mouths made them an enjoyable pairing, however Spider-Man won the votes which suggested he smoothly won the fight. A couple of well-placed webs and some elegant balancings made certain Superboy never ever had a possibility.

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