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10 Greatest DC Heroes Doctor Strange Would Beat

In a fight versus DC’s champs, Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme has enough surprises to dominate even the best the Justice League needs to provide.

Doctor Strange has actually long been the most effective magic user in the world. As the Sorcerer Supreme, he protects the world versus arcane dangers that are too dreadful to think of. This consists of sorcerers who utilize magic for evil, ancient entities of power and malice, and interdimensional scaries seeking to feast on truth. He’s been a Protector, an Avenger, and a member of the Illuminati, doing whatever he can to protect truth; his wonderful abilities and large understanding make him an effective force in the fight versus evil.

DC’s heroes are a few of the most effective to ever exist, having actually dealt with down and beat dangers to their whole multiverse. Nevertheless, a few of the most effective and competent DC heroes would fall previously Doctor Strange’s magic.


10 Batman’s Vaunted Ability Would Fall Far Short

Batman might not be among the most effective heroes, however he’s got it where it counts. He’s the craftiest member of the Justice League, with access to fantastic innovation and his analytical mind has actually made him among the most powerful heroes ever. He’s dealt with down whatever and prepared for every possibility, and even has experience versus effective magic users. Unfortunately, none of that would assist him versus Doctor Strange.

Even if Batman had time to get ready for Doctor Strange, he would not actually have the ability to prep for the mage’s illusory magic or mind-affecting attacks. These will remove Batman of any benefits he may have and permit Strange’s offending magic to take the vigilante down.

9 Cyborg’s Technological Expertise Is No Match For Doctor Strange

Cyborg has actually been dealing with down a few of DC’s most harmful dangers for ages. He’s the best tank in the DC Universe. He can take an enormous quantity of damage and dish it out, both with his fists and his capability to improve his limbs into a range of weapons. His technological proficiency is icing on the cake, and he’s dealt with effective wonderful dangers as a Teenager Titan. Nevertheless, there are issues he could not prevail over if he dealt with Strange.

Cyborg is utilized to having aid versus wonderful opponents. While his cybernetic body would safeguard him versus most psychological controls Unusual might toss at him, the excellent physician understands all sort of offending spells that would do harm to Cyborg. In between that and his defenses, Cyborg does not stand an opportunity.

8 Doctor Strange’s Magic Power And Ability Trumps Raven’s


Raven from DC Comics using her powers

Raven was hunted by her demonic daddy Trigon for her fantastic wonderful capacity. She’s quickly the most effective member of the Teenager Titans and her wonderful understanding has actually just grown for many years. She’s a powerful force on any battleground and her large power would shock Doctor Strange. It would not win her the battle, however.

Even if Raven’s raw power is higher than Strange’s, which is arguable, his remarkable wonderful understanding would win the day. Raven has never ever actually had much official magic training compared to Strange, and he’s mastered more elements of spellcraft than she understands exists. Her soulself symptom is effective, however Strange has actually handled even worse.

7 John Constantine’s Tricks Are No Match For Strange’s Power

John Constantine is the craftiest magician in DC’s universe. While he’s effective, what actually wins him his fights is his challenging nature. Constantine is clever enough to trick even the most effective opponents, utilizing his arcane understanding to take them down. Constantine is powerful however compared to Doctor Strange, he’s a parlor magician at best.

Constantine’s entire schtick is being more creative than his opponents and benefiting from their weak points. Constantine isn’t going to have the ability to do that with somebody as clever as Unusual, so the battle ends up being a straight-up magic battle. Strange’s wonderful understanding and power go beyond Constantine’s, offering him the win.

6 Zatanna’s Not Rather A Match For Doctor Strange

Zatanna is among the most effective magic users in DC comics. The best mage of the Justice League, Zatanna inhabits a function comparable to Doctor Strange’s. Just like the Medical professional, she’s studied the magical arts for several years and is a master of numerous schools of magic beyond her backward-talking spells. She’d absolutely challenge Unusual however would fall short.

Zatanna is an effective sorcerer however Strange has her beat. If she was callous, she might beat him rapidly, however that’s not who Zatanna is. That’s why Strange is going to win; in an extended wonderful battle in between the 2, Doctor Strange’s wonderful ability and power will win.

5 Barry Allen’s Speed Would Be Trumped By Magic

Barry Allen made the Flash a big name once again, assisting discovered the Justice League and safeguarding Central City from criminal offense. He is among the fastest speedsters ever and is almost unequaled as an incredibly speed tactician. He assisted compose the book for speedsters with his Flash Realities, utilized by a number of generations of Flashes. Barry Allen has actually dealt with down all amazing opponents.

Barry has actually beat magic users prior to, however never ever of Doctor Strange’s quality on his own. Unusual definitely understands spells to decrease the Flash, which would make all the distinction in the fight. Super-speed is powerful however magic on Strange’s level is almost unsurpassable.

4 Hal Jordan’s Power Ring Isn’t Going To Conserve Him From Unusual

Hal Jordan has actually had some fantastic experiences for many years, showing he’s the best Green Lantern. His indomitable self-discipline makes his ring-slinging very powerful, with even his rather simple constructs thriving over more effective opponents. His absence of worry can be an advantage and a hinderance, as he’s constantly on the cutting edge. Jordan is excellent however Strange’s magic holds the crucial to beating him.

Doctor Strange can safeguard himself forever versus Jordan’s attacks, whereas Jordan’s ring will ultimately lack energy. Nevertheless, it would never ever concern that. Strange’s magic would offer him the edge over Jordan. It has a type of multiversal versatility that no Green Lantern is utilized to dealing with and self-discipline is no excellent versus Strange’s wonderful deceptiveness.

3 Jon Kent’s Youth And Lack of experience Would Expense Him The Battle

Jon Kent is a fantastic Superman. In some ways, he’s a lot more effective than the senior Superman, and it’s unidentified if his weak point to magic is the very same as his daddy’s, because he’s half-human. Even without that huge Achilles heel, however, Doctor Strange would still have the ability to beat him.

Jon is excellent, however he’s young and does not have his daddy’s experience. Doctor Strange, on the other hand, understands how to combat filthy when he needs to. Magic is still going to harm Jon and Strange understands a range of spells. His higher experience is going to win versus Jon.

2 Martian Manhunter’s Variety Of Powers Pales In Contrast To Strange’s

Martian Manhunter is the best jack of all trades hero in the DC Universe. He has a powerful mix of powers and has actually been running at the greatest levels of the superhero neighborhood for a very long time. He’s dealt with down almost every sort of danger there is and provides a difficulty for Strange, however not an overwhelming one.

As effective as J’onn is, he’s going to be defeated by Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme might safeguard himself from MM’s telepathy, spot him and stop him if he went unnoticeable or intangible, and guard himself from Martian Manhunter’s physical attacks. J’onn would not have the ability to do the very same to Strange’s attacks, offering the sorcerer the win.

1 Superman Is Weak To Magic

Superman’s powers have actually altered a lot for many years, however he’s still the best. The de facto leader of DC’s heroes, there’s no danger he will not toss himself at, and he thrives most of the time. He is weak to magic, however he’s won versus wizards of all stripes. Unusual, however, is on another level from what the Male of Steel is utilized to.

Unusual wins this one since he’s utilized to this sort of battle. He’s constantly dealing with down opponents who are more effective than him in some method. Superman’s weak point versus magic does not immediately offer Unusual the win, however that integrated with the sorcerer’s experience will let him accomplishment.

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