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10 Greatest DC Heroes Mr. Fantastic Might Beat

A few of DC’s greatest heroes could not exceed the battling abilities of Marvel’s Reed Richards/Mr. Wonderful.

Reed Richards is the best researcher superhero in the world. An error in his estimation permitted the cosmic radiation mishap that developed the Wonderful 4, something that was beneficial for the whole universe. Ever since, Reed’s deft management and incredible intelligence has actually seen the group through some challenging disputes.

Reed Richards’ extending powers might not look like the best, however he’s a much better fighter than he gets credit for. DC’s heroes are a few of the most powerful out there. A number of them would not have much issue beating Reed Richards, however a few of the greatest and most knowledgeable would fall prior to his elastic may.


10 Elongated Guy Can’t Match Reed’s Flexibility

Elongated Guy isn’t DC’s most powerful elastic hero (that’s Plastic Guy), however he’s got it where it counts. Thanks to Gingold Soda pop, he can extend his body and has actually utilized this power to assist the Flash and the Justice League. Extended Guy is a terrific investigator and a hard hero, however Reed is the remarkable stretcher.

These 2 are going to get quite tangled up with each other. It would be a quite legendary battle in a great deal of ways, as both of them are exceptionally difficult to harm. Reed’s extending powers and capability to alter the shape of his body is much better than Ralph’s, so Reed’s going to have the ability to get the win.

9 Aquaman Would Not Have The Ability To Do Much To Reed Richards

Aquaman is among the fiercest warriors on the Justice League. He’s uncannily strong and long lasting, a master contender on land or sea, and has the capability to manage sea life. These capabilities offer him a great deal of weapons to utilize versus his opponents, and he’s more than shown he deserves his location at the top of the superhero load. Sadly for him, he simply would not have the ability to harm Reed.

Reed Richards is generally unbreakable, so even somebody with Aquaman’s strength and weapons isn’t going to have the ability to do much versus him. Reed’s physical attacks aren’t going to impact him, however he can twist around Aquaman and produce an air and water tight seal that would choke the king out.

8 Nightwing’s Acrobatic Ability Would not Conserve Him From Reed’s Attacks

Nightwing is the linchpin of the DC Universe. He’s the leader of his generation of heroes and moved beyond his partner roots to end up being a fantastic hero who matches his coach. He’s a highflying fighter, eager investigator, and shrewd leader who punches method above his weight class. Nightwing can find out a method to beat most, however Richards is going to be excessive for him.

Reed Richards can tank hits from opponents like the Hulk, so Nightwing’s momentum-based attacks aren’t going to make much of a distinction. Reed’s anaconda-like offense and capability to strike from long variety would permit him to secure Nightwing.

7 Starfire’s Starbolts Would not Have Much Impact On Reed

The alums of the Teenager Titans are a few of the most powerful heroes ever. Chief amongst them is Starfire, Tamaran’s warrior princess. She’s just gotten harder throughout the years, and her experience with the Titans and beyond benefited her considerably. Her starbolts defeat Reed’s elastic attacks, however they aren’t going to harm him much.

Starfire isn’t going to have the ability to avoid of variety and rain energy blasts down on Reed since they aren’t going to have much of an impact. She’s going to need to get in close, which likewise will not assist much. When she gets close, Reed is will have the ability to pound her.

6 Booster Gold Would Be At Reed Richards’ Grace

Booster Gold might look like a fool, however he’s conserved the space-time continuum more times than is quickly counted. He does not precisely like to eliminate however he’ll toss down when he needs to, utilizing his armor made up of future innovation to even the chances. Booster Gold’s powers being tech-based are what’s going to offer Reed a huge benefit in this fight.

Booster Gold’s tech might be from the future, however that’s not going to intimidate Reed. He can hold up against Booster’s attacks and find out a method to user interface with his tech. Even worse concerns worst, he can capture Skeets, reprogram him, and utilize him to disable Booster’s tech. A number of punches later on, and it’s all done.

5 Hawkman’s Low-Tech, High-Impact Offense Would Not Make A Distinction


Hawkman flying on a blank background

Hawkman is among the Justice League’s more unlikable members, however there’s no rejecting he finishes the job. His Nth metal harness permits him to fly, along with providing him very strength and an effective recovery aspect. His centuries of reincarnating throughout area and time have actually made him a devastatingly knowledgeable contender, however that’s not going to assist him versus Reed Richards.

Hawkman is going to discover it difficult to harm Reed. His flight can keep him out of Richards’ variety, considering that there is a limitation to his extending, however Hawkman does not have long variety offense. He’ll need to get in close, which would offer Reed a possibility to overwhelm him with his pliant attacks.

4 Green Arrow’s Archery Abilities Aren’t Going To Make A Damage In Reed

Green Arrow is a fantastic vigilante, his archery abilities enabling him to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Justice League. Even without his bow, his hand-to-hand abilities are fantastic, and he’s a smart contender and leader. He’s done a great deal of fantastic things, however beating Reed Richards isn’t in the cards for him.

Green Arrow is among the best, however it’s generally difficult for him to harm Reed with any of his weapons. Even a few of the more effective technique arrows would not scratch Reed. He may have a possibility with sufficient glue arrows, however he does not bring that lots of. Reed’s near impenetrable skin and flexible offense would win.

3 Cyborg And Reed Would Have A Fascinating Face-off That Would End In A Richards’ Triumph

Cyborg has actually gotten a lot more effective throughout the years, getting a Mom Box that made him into a lot more than simply the best tank in the DC Universe. He might hack anything, control tech, and discover any piece of info. This is what’s going to make a fight in between him and Reed so fascinating; most of it would not be physical.

Reed is going to wish to attempt to comprehend Cyborg’s tech and make the most of its weak points, so he’ll attempt to hack Cyborg. Cyborg would resist and would likely have the ability to drive Reed out. Richards is wise, though; he’ll discover something that assists him in the real battle, enabling him to win.

2 Batman’s Preparation Abilities Would Fail Versus Reed

Batman is understood for preparing for the difficult, which is how he’s had the ability to beat many opponents a lot more effective than him. He definitely has a strategy to handle somebody like Elongated Guy, a strategy that isn’t going to work versus the remarkable stretchiness of Reed Richards. That turns this into an animosity match that Batman can’t win.

Although Batman is more powerful, more knowledgeable, and much better equipped, it will not matter. Reed Richards has actually taken attacks from opponents a lot more effective than Batman. Batman’s dexterity isn’t going to permit him to prevent Reed’s attacks permanently, with Richards ultimately landing the winning blow.

1 Reed Would Surprise Marvel Female

Wonder Female is the best warrior in comics. She’s wise, strong, quick, and knowledgeable, and has the capability to take a pounding like couple of others. She has actually shown an obstacle for the most dangerous opponents in fight and constantly come out on top. Sadly for her, Reed is going to be to take this battle conveniently.

Once Again, all of it boils down to Reed’s flexible invulnerability. Wonder Female is going to have the ability to knock him around, however she will not have the ability to knock him out. She would not even have the ability to hold him with the Lasso of Fact since he can extend himself through it. He, nevertheless, can twist around her and choke her out, ending the battle.

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