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10 Harry Potter Characters Who Were Better In The Books

Although the movie series adjusted J.K Rowling’s books well, some Harry Potter characters were much better in the books.

Adjusting a book series into a movie franchise is no simple accomplishment, however the Harry Potter series is a prime example of how to do it well. While the eight-film legend handled to catch the magic and marvel of the Wizarding World, lots of fans have actually grumbled that a few of their preferred – or least preferred – characters weren’t done justice.

From petty and bothersome Slytherin imply women to grouchy house-elves and dynamic witches breaking with character, there’s no rejecting that these characters’ movie equivalents was worthy of far much better.


10 Pansy Parkinson Was A Mean Woman Who Constantly Attempted Taking Hermione Down

Referred To As the ‘anti-Hermione,’ Pansy Parkinson was the only lady in Draco Malfoy’s gang of Slytherins. She hardly had any screen time in the movies, primarily looking like a background character with very little lines. In the books, she was frequently bullying and annoying Hermione.

At some point after accompanying Draco to the Yule Ball as his date, Pansy became his sweetheart. The 2 were likewise picked as Slytherin’s prefects throughout their 5th year, and regularly abused their power to torture trainees from other homes. Throughout the Fight of Hogwarts, she recommended providing Harry as much as Voldemort, which got her and the rest of Slytherin sent out to the dungeons.

9 Firenze Later On Ended Up Being Hogwarts’ Prophecy Teacher Along With Trelawney


Firenze in Harry Potter

Firenze initially appeared in Theorist’s Stone as one of the less aggressive centaurs residing in the Forbidden Forest. Mindful that there was something hazardous hiding in the forest, he assisted a lost Harry reunite with Hagrid despite the fact that his actions would get him in difficulty with the rest of his herd.

When Umbridge fired Trelawney in Order Of The Phoenix, Firenz had actually been tossed out by the other centaurs for having compassion with Dumbledore and ended up being Hogwarts’ brand-new Prophecy teacher. His class was transfigured to look like the forest, total with trees, bushes, and a stellar night sky. Upon Trelawney’s return, the 2 started sharing the course.

8 Angelina Johnson Was An Identified And Strong Witch With Several Skills

Among the best Quidditch gamers in Gryffindor, Angelina was Harry’s colleague for 5 years prior to finishing in 1996. Her drive and exceptional Quidditch abilities led her to end up being Captain throughout her in 2015 at Hogwarts where she had the uphill struggle of directing her group in spite of Umbridge’s continuous disturbance.

When the Triwizard Competition was revealed, Angelina used by putting her name into the Goblet of Fire and got all of Gryffindor’s assistance while doing so. She was likewise a member of Dumbledore’s Army and went back to Hogwarts to assist reduce Voldemort in Deathly Hallows. She ultimately wed George and had 2 kids, Fred and Roxanne.

7 Dudley Ultimately Understood The Damage His Household Had Actually Caused On Harry

Unlike Harry, Dudley was a ruined, self-indulgent kid who would frequently bully those he thought about weaker than himself. While the movies did a precise task of depicting the worst of his character, they stopped working to reveal his development, particularly as it’s explained in the last number of books.

After Harry conserved him from the Dementors, Dudley appeared to have a change of mind with regard to his cousin. He stopped teasing him, both physically and verbally, and even tried to ask forgiveness with a cup of tea that Harry misinterpreted for a booby trap. In the future, the 2 ended up being friendly enough that they’d exchange Christmas cards every year.

6 Kreacher Lastly Altered For The Better After Being Cured With Compassion

Regardless of his dedication to your house of Black, Kreacher’s hatred for Sirius led him to look for masters who he believed even more worthwhile. While serving Bellatrix and Narcissa, he even offered them with info that would show important in deceiving Harry and leading him to the Ministry of Magic.

With Sirius’ death, Kreacher passed to remain in Harry’s service, however it wasn’t up until Deathly Hallows that Kreacher lastly accepted him as his brand-new master. After Harry talented him Regulus Black’s phony Slytherin’s Locket, Kreacher altered for the much better and even looked after the Golden Trio while they concealed at Grimmauld Location.

5 Expense Was The Most Achieved Of The Weasley Siblings

An extremely talented Curse-Breaker, Expense initially satisfied Harry when he returned from working abroad in the nick of time for the Quidditch World Cup. He was quickly the most academically achieved of the Weasley brother or sisters, being a prefect and Head Kid throughout his Hogwarts years and later on acquiring a task at the Wizarding bank, Gringotts.

After picking to stay in Britain to sign up with the Order of the Phoenix, Expense satisfied Fleur and the 2 started dating in spite of his household’s demonstrations. An encounter with the monster Fenrir Greyback in Half-Blood Prince would leave him extremely scarred just months prior to his wedding event, however he would continue doing his part in the war up until the very end.

4 Fleur Proved That She Was As Solid As She Was Lovely

In 1994, Fleur represented Beauxbatons Academy in the Triwizard Competition, showing that she was among her school’s most excellent trainees. While interning at Gringotts to enhance her English, she started a relationship with Expense Weasley and the 2 were engaged not long after.

As a quarter-Veela, Fleur was as lovely as she was unstable. After annoying half of the Weasley household for a whole summer, she lastly got their regard when she supported Expense after Fenrir Greyback’s attack. After that, Fleur was an active individual in the war, doing her best to assist the Order of the Phoenix.

3 Percy Managed To Redeem Himself After Disowning His Household

Among the most done not like characters in the series, Percy was understood for his aspiration, his pompous mindset, and his hatred of any rule-breaking or easy going celebration. After protecting a task under Barty Crouch at the Ministry of Magic, Percy ended up being much more unbearable and later turned versus his household when they supported Harry’s claims that Voldemort had actually returned.

Persuaded that relating to Harry would even more destroy his household, he attempted to persuade Ron to end their relationship, however to no obtain. Regardless of knowing of Voldemort’s return, Percy continued to prevent his household for 2 years, just redeeming himself throughout the Fight of Hogwarts.

2 Tonks Was Among The Strongest Witches In Harry Potter

A fan preferred, Tonks was among the greatest and most competent witches in Harry Potter, regularly utilizing her unusual, natural Metamorphmagus powers and top-notch Auror training to assist the Order in the continuous battle versus Voldemort. As one of the youngest members in the Order, she rapidly bonded with Harry, Hermione, and the teenage Weasleys, who considered her a kooky yet trustworthy ally.

Throughout most of Half-Blood Prince, Tonks craved Lupin, who believed himself less than appropriate to reciprocate her sensations. After openly stating his love for him, the 2 started a relationship, wed not long after, and had actually a boy called Teddy prior to their deaths in the Fight of Hogwarts.

1 Ginny Was A Dynamic Individual Who Never Ever Thought Twice To Speak Her Mind

Ginny is the character that suffered the most when she was equated from the pages to the cinema. Frequently referred to as fiery, Ginny was an independent individual who never ever stopped working to speak her mind and hold others responsible, even if they were her own good friends.

She was a strong witch and a gifted Quidditch gamer, that made her stick out beyond her own home. Though she was at first shy around Harry, she gradually started revealing her real self and got his relationship and love. While the Golden Trio were searching Horcruxes, Ginny, Neville, and Luna took control of Dumbledore’s Army and led an effective teenage disobedience from inside Hogwarts.

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