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10 Most Awful Cowboy Bebop Episodes, Ranked

Whether they’re side characters or part of the core group, everybody is up for some catastrophe in Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop is an anime understood for its range. Often the anime is silly, often it is very cool, and other times are extremely unfortunate. Cowboy Bebop does not avoid melancholy subjects. Characters go through low and high, and those lows can be quite powerful.

Whether they’re side characters or part of the core group, everybody is up for some catastrophe in Cowboy Bebop. Life does not work out for the anime’s residents. They’re typically captured up in unpleasant circumstances and required to do ethically suspicious things. The program does not evaluate them, however it declines to provide a simple escape.


10 Faye’s Fickle Nature Is Offered A Factor In “My Funny Valentine”

Prior to this episode, Faye Valentine was the most wishy-washy member of the Bebop. She would leave the ship whenever she desired and would take the team’s money if she seemed like it. This element of her character was an homage to similar anime femme fatales like Fujiko Mine.

Nevertheless, “My Funny Valentine” deepened the thinking behind her actions. Faye was the only survivor of a spaceship mishap. Her body was cryogenically protected up until innovation advanced far adequate to restore her. After getting up, the a single person she relied on wound up betraying her. Faye’s actions were items of her injury and care towards people.

9 The Bitter Unhappiness Of “Pierrot Le Fou”‘s Ending

“Pierrot le Fou” is among the couple of circumstances when Cowboy Bebop tries scary. The Mad Pierrot is a threatening and violent character who breaks the accepted standards in the program. He can fly and deflect bullets, providing supernatural aspects the anime hardly ever uses.

The episode reveals that all those capabilities were done through lab experimentation. Rather of being a scary magical figure, the reality is that Mad Pierrot is a tortured man. He utilizes his capabilities to specific his vengeance while likewise removing those who get in his method. Spike was simply in the incorrect place at the incorrect time. When the Made Pierrot passes away, a wave of pity floods the program. There is no catharsis in his death, simply a peaceful unhappiness.

8 “Sympathy For The Devil” Pits Comrades Versus Each Other

For most of the episode, “Sympathy for the Devil” has audiences thinking the story has to do with the fallout in between 2 previous associates, Zebra and Giraffe. The story frames Zebra as a traitor to the cause. Nevertheless, the twist reveals that Zebra is entirely paralyzed and cannot move. The genuine villain is Wen, the harmonica-playing kid who serves as Zebra’s caretaker.

He ends up being never-ceasing after the Celestial Gate mishap. To remain unnoticeable, he utilizes guys like Zebra as alibis. Giraffe learns about this however is eliminated by Wen prior to he can do anything to stop it. Zebra enjoys Giraffe pass away and is really injured by it.

7 “Asteroid Blues” Starts The Anime With Regretful Melancholy

As the very first episode of Cowboy Bebop, Asteroid Blues sets the speed, tone, and expectations for the series and does it completely. In a single episode, audiences see fluid action, comprehensive world-building, tight pacing, strong characters, and funny wit. It likewise has a strong psychological throughline that ends in heartbreak.

Asimov and Katerina are managing drugs that hazardous people desire. They’re pressed versus a wall and do anything to endure. Spike understands that this life has actually spiraled far from what Katerina desires, however she cannot let go of Asimov. At the end of the episode, she shoots him in a twisted act of love however passes away with him.

6 Jet’s Stopped working Love Displayed In “Ganymede Elegy”

This episode shows the impact Jet’s hard-boiled mindset has on his individual life. The team of the Bebop visit Ganymede to capitalize a bounty they captured. As this is Jet’s house satellite, he visits his ex-girlfriend, Alisa. He questions her on why she left, however she does not offer him a response. He discovers she has a brand-new sweetheart, Rhint, who occurs to have a bounty on his head.

Jet is required to actually challenge his past by capturing Rhint, distressing Alisa at the same time. As soon as he does, she informs him their relationship stopped working since Jet constantly made every choice for them. His relentless and commanding mindset takes a toll on others, even if it’s done out of love.

5 The Haunting Images Of “Speak Like A Child”

For most of the anime, Faye Valentine is a lady without a previous given that her mishap rejects her the capability to bear in mind her youth. When a strange plan including a Beta cassette shows up for Faye, she’s scared by it and leaves. The remainder of the team try to find a method to play the cassette, however the innovation in Cowboy Bebop has actually advanced a lot that it makes discovering the gamer very tough.

A 2nd plan ultimately shows up including the Beta gamer. The team, consisting of Faye, watch the movie. It’s a video pill directed by Faye’s more youthful self, loaded with optimism and delight. Seeing a more youthful variation of Faye unblemished by cynicism and wonder about hurts. It’s evidence of a life robbed from her.

4 “Waltz For Venus” Shows A Hero Trapped In A Bad Circumstance

Rocco was a painfully real person. When he got a possibility to speak with Spike, he wished to discover Jeet Kune Do. There was an earnestness to his demand that reached Spike, so he taught Rocco the approach behind Jeet Kune Do. Prior to Spike might inform him more, he was repelled by some hooligans.

The Bebop team discovered he was being chased after for taking a valuable flower that treatments a blinding illness. His efforts were to assist his sibling. While the episode ended with his sibling going through treatment to assist her condition, Rocco passed away at the same time. It was among the couple of unusual moments when Spike was endeared to a side character just to see them pass away.

3 “Jupiter Jazz Part 2” Ends With An Effective Send-Off

The very first part of “Jupiter Jazz” presented the audience to Gren while the 2nd part eliminated him off. He was a saxophonist on Callisto who had a previous with Vicious and a rare connection to Julia. This put him on the trajectory of catastrophe, as he desired vengeance for Vicious’ betrayal. As associates on Titan, Gren believed his bond with Vicious was necessary, however it was not a shared belief.

Together with Spike, Gren challenged Vicious and lost his life at the same time. He pleaded with Spike to set his ship’s course to Titan, although he would not make it. Gren simply wished to pass away understanding he was on his method back there.

2 “Hard Luck Woman” Ruins Expectations & The Team


Ed leaves Cowboy Bebop

This is the last episode of the anime with every member of the Bebop present. Throughout this episode, both Ed and Faye understand that their pasts provide absolutely nothing to them. Ed fulfills her daddy however sees that his life as a cartographer leaves no space for her. On the other hand, Faye go back to Singapore however discovers her familial house has actually been minimized to ruins. Nobody is awaiting either of them to return.

Ed takes it upon herself to create her own course forward and leaves the Bebop to find out life on her own terms. Ein, the resident pet dog of the Bebop, chases her and leaves from the program also. Faye is left sensation empty and alone.

1 “The Real Folk Blues Part 2” Deals With Oblivion Without Any Intend On Returning

In every sense of the word, this is completion of Cowboy Bebop. Julia, Vicious, Annie, Shin, and Spike all pass away, and Jet and Faye are entrusted absolutely nothing however damaged bonds. Whatever about this episode bleeds heartbreak.

As soon as Julia passes away, there is absolutely nothing holding Spike back. No matter how tough Jet or Faye attempted to tether Spike, he is currently bound to the end. He needs to battle Vicious. Ball game needs to be settled. Audiences can just watch as whatever breaks down.

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