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10 Severe Truths Of Being A Magic: The Event Fan

Playing Magic: The Event is fantastic, however this game can likewise be a hard pastime to pursue sometimes.

Magic: The Event has actually been going strong given that its release in August 1993 as the world’s very first trading card game, later on signed up with by its rivals such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Pokémon TCG, and more. MTG definitely had some growing discomforts, such as eliminating the gambling-style ante guidelines and finding out the guidelines for famous animals, however the game is larger and much better than ever now.

For the most part, Magic: The Event is an exceptional game and a fantastic pastime to have; countless gamers around the world feel the very same method. That stated, playing MTG can likewise be a genuine concern, and the game has some unpleasant elements that will not disappear anytime quickly. MTG gamers often need to endure a lot.


10 The Reserved List Upsets Skilled Players & Collectors

The Reserved List is generally an issue for more enfranchised Magic: The Event gamers who have actually an invested interest in old, important cards and formats such as Tradition and Vintage. More recent gamers can play the game without even understanding what the Reserved List is, however older gamers will definitely care.

The Reserved List prohibits Wizards of the Coast from reprinting cards from the game’s very first couple of years to protect their worth, and lots of gamers do not like that. This keeps the rarity and rate of those cards high, to the point lands like Underground Sea expense practically a grand. That’s an extreme truth for any veteran gamer.

9 Products May Be Coming Out Too Rapidly

For some Magic: The Event gamers, the rate of items being launched isn’t truly a concern — it depends upon who is being asked. Nevertheless, other gamers have actually voiced issues that Wizards of the Coast is merely printing excessive item too rapidly, and gamers seem like they’re being buried under extreme cards, items, and pre-con decks.

The increase of items striking racks makes it difficult to monitor what is coming out and when, and it might seem like things are altering frequently in Magic: The Event. Growth sets, Secret Lairs, pre-con decks, and Masters sets are all flooding the marketplace, and some gamers can’t psychologically or economically stay up to date with everything.

8 Magic Can Be Pricey

Even novice Magic: The Event gamers understand that popular cards like Black Lotus and Time Stroll will cost countless dollars for collectors, however lots of other cards or decks cost a quite cent, too. It’s possible to prevent this concern with casual, “kitchen table” MTG or playing the commons-just Pauper format and only utilize low-cost cards, however not everybody wishes to do that.

Magic: The Event gamers all understand that this sort of cardboard is expensive, and developing any competitive Modern deck will cost practically a grand. A beneficial Tradition or Classic deck may cost more than an utilized cars and truck. This puts specific formats or cards out of reach for lots of gamers, which may feel unreasonable.

7 Card Stock Quality Has End Up Being Undecided


An image of Magic: The Gathering cards spread out.

Numerous gamers concur that physically, the quality of Magic: The Event cards is on the decrease. They utilized to be printed on thicker, harder cardboard where holofoil cards just curled somewhat, however that has actually altered. Now, cards are printed on thinner cardboard and feel downright low-cost, even costly mythic rares for the Leader format.

The dip in quality can’t be a good idea. Even worse yet, holofoil rares end up being extremely curled, to the point that MTG gamers call them Pringles after the notoriously curled potato crisps. Playing booster draft Minimal with low-cost, unsleeved cards may not be such a fantastic sensation for gamers who keep in mind the excellent old days.

6 Old Collections Use Up Area

A brand-new Magic: The Event gamer may run out than a shoebox’s worth of extra cards, however a veteran of 10 or twenty years of MTG may have countless cards left over from Minimal occasions, purchasing songs, fat packs, booster boxes, and more. All those cards need to go someplace, and it builds up quickly.

A skilled Magic: The Event gamer may discover themselves lacking space in their boxes and binders for all these cards, which can be a trouble. The bright side is these gamers can discover innovative ways to utilize or eliminate those cards, such as distributing tailor-made introduction decks or offering them wholesale someplace.

5 Cool New Settings Are Just Quickly Checked Out

Over the last few years, Wizards of the Coast got rid of the block-based system completely and changed to single sets. On the plus side, this suggests checking out more settings and gameplay styles in a given year, however in exchange, most settings are just quickly checked out, which can be a genuine embarassment.

Settings such as Strixhaven, Ikoria, Kaldheim, and now Brand-new Capenna are checked out in simply one big set each, and those sets are anticipated to do the work of a whole block. In most cases, that makes sets feel hurried and uncomfortable, and the airplanes of Kaldheim and Strixhaven are deserted prematurely.

4 Magic Arena & MTGO Each Have Issues

Since the early 2000s or two, Magic: The Event gamers have actually had the ability to play their preferred card game online, and the PC title Magic The Event Online was the best method to play digitally for many years. Now, it’s signed up with by Arena, a more elegant and modern-day rival. They tend to offset each other’s defects, however those defects can be a genuine headache all the very same.

MTGO has much more cards and formats, however it likewise has a plain, cumbersome UI that has actually been honestly slammed by gamers for many years. On the other hand, Arena has a fantastic UI and cool visuals, however a more restricted card swimming pool and less formats. Arena likewise makes it a genuine grind to get wanted songs, to name a few concerns.

3 Complex Rules Issues Can Hinder Gameplay

Both MTGO and Arena can evade the concern of complicated guidelines simply great, however when playing paper Magic: The Event, finding out complicated guidelines cases can be a trouble, specifically if there isn’t a rules-savvy buddy on hand to assist. MTG has lots of countless cards with varied impacts, and cards may engage in completely unforeseen ways.

Newer Magic: The Event gamers may be hopelessly lost when cards appear to oppose one another, or if a lot of impacts wind up on the stack. At best, gamers will need to call a time-out and search for the guidelines and settle on how to analyze them and put them into impact. At worst, gamers may need to comprise their own guidelines to get away a sticky scenario.

2 More Competitive Formats Might Be Too Extreme

As a Magic: The Event gamer acquires experience and ability, they may feel all set to enter a more competitive format such as Modern or Tradition, just to be overwhelmed by what they discover. These formats are based upon extremely competitive — and costly — decks that strongly wish to win at all expenses. Not everybody is all set for that.

Some Magic: The Event gamers may get depressed and feel prevented by their very first experiences in those formats, which can be an extreme truth for anybody who isn’t extremely competitive by nature currently. These formats may practically seem like gated neighborhoods of a sort, an elite club that not everybody is welcomed to.

1 Card Costs Can Be Difficult To Handle

Magic: The Event may be merely too costly for some potential gamers, however there is more to it than that. Even if MTG is normally budget friendly for a gamer, they need to handle complicated concerns concerning card costs, such as the rate of cards surging or dropping based upon competition efficiency, restrictions, supply, reprints, and more.

Magic: The Event gamers may purchase a card right before its rate drops or trade it away right before its worth increases, which will constantly feel bad. Likewise, it might be annoying to open boosters and get a dollar uncommon when the gamer had equivalent chances of getting a $25 uncommon. MTG even has scrap mythics, and opening one can seem like a disappointment when the gamer might have gotten a $40 card rather.

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