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10 Spider-Man Bad Guys Fans Grew To Love

While a few of Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery have not made a place with the fans, a few of his best bad guys have actually just continued to grow in appeal,

Fans were provided an early take a look at the upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie with dripped images from the set. A few of Spider-Man’s bad guys have actually been appearing on the cinema in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Movies like Morbius and Venom highlight the appeal of the characters beyond the comics.

Spider-Man in fact has several bad guys who ended up being popular with the fans throughout the years. Some have actually ended up being anti-heroes to more increase their appeal while others have actually advanced even more into wicked. These bad guys have actually broadened beyond Spider-Man’s stories as the fanbase has actually grown to enjoy them.


Felicia Hardy initially looked like a bad guy called Black Feline when she experienced Spider-Man. They started to interact as superhero partners and fans, though the relationship ultimately fizzled. While Black Feline primarily runs as a hero, she is still a world-renowned burglar who dips her paws back into supervillainy once in awhile.

Black Feline’s current continuous series ran for 2 volumes and brought the character to the leading edge of Marvel occasions. Her appeal with fans practically saw her launching on the cinema too. Sadly, her shared movie with Silver Sable was canceled.

9 Hobie Brown’s Time As Burglar Saw Him Grow From Lawbreaker To Hero Prior To Ending Up Being The Hornet

He was at first creating brand-new tools to assist in his window cleaning position, though Hobie Brown was required to utilize his tech to end up being the burglar called the Burglar. His encounter with Spider-Man permitted Hobie to reform and Burglar ended up being a hero. He even worked as Peter Parker’s bodyguard and Spider-Man’s crime-fighting partner.

Nevertheless, the Ultimate variation of the Burglar likewise discovered his own level of appeal as a criminal. Hobie Brown chose to utilize another of his styles to handle the identity of the Hornet. He finished his development into his own hero while Aaron Davis from the Ultimate universe kept the Burglar name.

8 J. Jonah Jameson Was Among Spider-Man’s Earliest Opponents Prior to He Ended Up Being A Cherished Ally

He has actually been called the publisher of the Daily Bugle, the mayor of New york city, and the host of his own popular podcast called Threats & Menaces. Nevertheless, J. Jonah Jameson was initially among Spider-Man’s earliest bad guys. He spent for the development of a couple of various Spider-Slayers and was the one accountable for Mac Gargan’s improvement into Scorpion.

Nevertheless, Jameson was likewise a crucial figure in Peter Parker’s life who would turn into one of his closest good friends. Jameson ended up being much more enjoyed by fans after he lastly found out the reality about Spider-Man’s secret identity and rededicated his efforts to assist Parker battle criminal activity.

7 Doctor Octopus Found A New Level Of Appeal Thanks To His Time As The Superior Spider-Man

After the character reached a brand-new level of villainy due to his impending death, Doctor Octopus was provided a brand-new lease on life. He changed his mind into the body of Peter Parker and vice versa. Octavius ended up being the Superior Spider-Man and devoted himself to being a much better hero than Parker while likewise advancing his own plans.

Even after Peter Parker recovered control of his body, Doctor Octopus continued to grow in appeal. He ultimately returned in an effective brand-new cloned body that permitted him to go back to his function as the Superior Spider-Man in an underrated comic series. He has actually given that gone back to his initial body as Doctor Octopus and stays among Spider-Man’s most popular bad guys.

6 Morbius Is A Living Vampire Who Has End Up Being A Favorite Amongst Fans Of The Supernatural

The monstrous character called Morbius initially appeared in the pages of Incredible Spider-Man as part of a new age of Marvel beasts. He was a researcher who inadvertently turned himself into a living vampire after he explored on himself in order to treat an uncommon blood illness that was eliminating him.

Morbius invested a couple of years having a hard time to discover an audience up until the ’90s when the character was provided a makeover as a member of the supernatural Midnight Boys. His appeal has actually waxed and subsided throughout the years, though the character has actually reached a brand-new audience thanks to 2022’s live-action Morbius adjustment.

5 Kaine Was A Dark Bad Guy From The Clone Legend Prior To He Became His Own Hero As Scarlet Spider

The Clone Legend presented a couple of brand-new characters that consisted of the very first stopped working clone of Miles Warren/The Jackal. He had actually taken the name of Kaine and devoted his life to messing up the effective clone’s life, Ben Reilly. Kaine experienced cellular degeneration due to his origins as a clone, though things altered after his body was brought back throughout the Spider-Island occasion.

He had the ability to start a brand-new life with a fresh start as Kaine Parker. He took among Spider-Man’s customized outfits as his own and embraced the name of his late “brother” Ben Reilly. He turned into one of the most popular variations of Scarlet Spider who fans are wishing to see make his return.

4 Boomerang And Surprise Became Fan-Favorite Villains After Their Run As Superior Enemies Of Spider-Man

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man saw the forgettable bad guy Boomerang arrange his own variation of the Ominous 6 along with Surprise and a couple of other bad guys. Throughout the series, Boomerang and Surprise endeared themselves to fans as problematic however loveable characters.

The 2 bad guys’ appeal continued to increase as Surprise made brand-new regard amongst his other bad guys while Boomerang appeared all set to reform. Boomerang even started working along with Spider-Man for a time in the pages of Incredible Spider-Man to display his brand-new status as a preferred amongst fans.

3 Heart Is An Effective Anti-Hero Who Utilizes Extreme Techniques To Remove Corrupt Corporations

Dr. Elias Wertham devoted his life to reducing corrupt corporations after the needless death of his bro. He utilized his dazzling mind and resources to end up being an effective anti-hero called Heart. His body was boosted by a beta particle reactor that changed his heart and he safeguarded himself with a vibranium mesh that was weaved through his skin.

Heart rapidly made an impression on fans due to his dazzling style and complex however founded guilty morals. He has actually worked along with Spider-Man though has actually likewise combated versus him when the wall-crawler disagreed with his severe approaches. Fans have an unique area in their hearts for Heart and he stays among Spider-Man’s bad guys who have not yet appeared on screen.

2 Norman Osborn Grew Past His Competition With Spider-Man To Threaten The Status Quo In Dark Reign


Norman Osborn in his armor

The Green Goblin has actually been among Spider-Man’s most effective bad guys that he has actually dealt with time and time once again. Norman Osborn has actually even returned from the dead to continue his continuous competition with Peter Parker. Nevertheless, Osborn ultimately grew beyond his function as one of Spider-Man’s arch-enemies.

He ended up being an even larger danger who threatened other Marvel heroes like the Avengers when he attained brand-new political power throughout the Dark Reign occasion. Osborn has actually utilized a couple of other costumed identities like the Iron Patriot and the Red Goblin that have actually even more grown his fanbase as one of Marvel’s most dangerous bad guys.

1 Venom Grew Beyond His History As Spider-Man’s Black Outfit To End Up Being A Cosmic Hero

Spider-Man brought an alien match back to Earth after the Secret Wars occasion and used it as his popular black outfit. Nevertheless, he was required to desert the symbiote, leaving it to bond with the revenge-fueled Eddie Brock. They ended up being Venom and rapidly turned into one of Spider-Man’s greatest and most popular bad guys.

Venom ended up being an anti-hero and deadly protector whose appeal continued to grow throughout the years. The symbiote even bonded with other hosts like Flash Thompson and Venom has actually signed up with a couple of groups too. Nevertheless, after the symbiote went back to Eddie Brock, Venom made a brand-new place in the Marvel universe as a cosmic hero that showcased his increase to popularity.

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