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10 TELEVISION Shows Where Whatever Went Right For The Main Character

Whether the lead character gets their gladly ever after or attains what they set out to, some shows see that whatever goes right for the lead character.

Most of the time, television lead characters are confronted with difficulty after difficulty. Audiences are frequently left questioning if anything will ever exercise for their preferred characters. Often however, whatever appears to work out for the primary characters. This does not take place frequently since if whatever went right all the time, it would not be an extremely intriguing program.

Nevertheless, when things go right for that fan-favorite character, it seems like a triumph. Whether audiences have actually been rooting for the lead character to get their gladly ever after or they are incredibly shocked by the ending, often things simply exercise in the favor of the lead character.


10 Jane Got Her Pleased Ending (Jane The Virgin)

Jane from CW’s Jane The Virgin has actually gone through plenty in her young life. After being inadvertently inseminated and getting pregnant, Jane The Virgin sees Jane handle her romantic relationships, her household, and her profession as an author.

Nevertheless, after 5 seasons and a lot of catastrophe – consisting of thinking her very first partner, Michael, was dead -Jane lastly gets the pleased ending she should have when she weds Rafael in a stunning event officiated by her grandma. Audiences discover the ending of Jane’s brand-new unique and who the strange storyteller has actually been. In general, it was an excellent ending to a juicy program.

9 Oliver Queen Saved Deep Space (Arrow)

Oliver Queen battled as the Green Arrow in Star City for several years. Prior to that, he had actually had a hard time to make it through after being shipwrecked on a deserted island in the South China Sea. Oliver has actually withstood heartbreak and in loss almost every season of Arrow.

Nevertheless, the one consistent light in his life was his household: his better half, Felicity, his child, William, and his child, Mia. When he is contacted us to conserve deep space, he provides his life to do so. In the end, Oliver is reunited with Felicity in the afterlife where they can watch their kids grow and be safe. It may not have actually been the pleased ending fans were anticipating, however it was ideal peace for Oliver.

8 Bran Stark Became King (Video Game Of Thrones)


Bran from Game of Thrones

Fans of Video Game Of Thrones saw Bran Stark as he was pressed out of a tower, dealing with his resulting paralysis. He was required to leave his household house and live North of The Wall while training to be the next Three-Eyed Raven.

Bran has actually had his reasonable share of suffering, however maybe this Greenseer saw that it would deserve it. Numerous fans and characters were shocked when Bran was crowned King of Westeros. His sis, Sansa, ended up being Queen of the North, Jon exceeded the wall with the Wildlings, and Arya took a trip the world. The Stark Household all wound up where they belonged.

7 The Eleventh Physician Was Reunited With His Best Pal (Physician Who)

Matt Smith’s Eleventh Medical professional in the BBC struck program Physician Who has actually been a preferred amongst audiences for his energy and moments of peaceful knowledge. When his time as The Medical professional concerned an end, fans hoped that his ending would do him justice. As The Medical professional started his regrowth procedure in the TARDIS in front of Clara (Jenna Coleman), his speech brings audiences to tears as he reviews his time as The Medical professional.

In a terrific minute, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) reunites with Rory and assists The Medical professional take the last action. This was the best method to send the Eleventh Medical professional – he conserved deep space and saw his best good friend once again.

6 Chuck Marries Sarah Walker (Chuck)

Throughout the 5 seasons of Chuck, Chuck had 2 objectives in mind: get rid of the Intersect from his brain and get Sarah Walker to fall for him. While there were lots of touch-and-go moments, Chuck ultimately got whatever he desired.

At the end of season 4, Chuck weds Sarah Walker in front of all of their loved ones, they choose to quit the spy life together, and they acquire a billion dollars. While Chuck still needs to handle the Intersect, he utilizes this to assist reveal the conspiracy surrounding him and his function in the CIA. In general, Chuck got whatever he might have requested for and more.

5 Emma Swan Found Her Household (When Upon A Time)

As an orphan, Emma Swan constantly figured out to discover the household who offered her up nearly thirty years earlier. Then, the child Emma quit for adoption shows up at her front door and declares that her moms and dads reside in his town, Storybrooke, which they are Snow White and Prince Charming.

Emma gets drawn into the world of Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest, finding that whatever her child stated held true. After 6 seasons of When Upon A Time, Emma has her moms and dads, her child, her sibling, friends, and her partner, Killian. Emma Swan went to discover her moms and dads and got a lot more.

4 John B Enjoyed Justice Unfold (Outer Banks)

While Netflix’s Outer Banks is presently in production for season 3, season 2 brought some fantastic moments. When it appears like John B will be eliminated while waiting for trial in prison, he gets launched with all charges dropped.

Authorities pursue Ward and Rafe Cameron, the ones actually behind the criminal offenses that John B was blamed for. Rafe is apprehended and put in prison while Ward attempts to outrun authorities on his luxury yacht prior to he chooses to admit to whatever. Although it was a stunning minute, John B got the justice he was worthy of.

3 Claire And Jamie Found Each Other (Outlander)

Jamie and Claire Fraser will most likely never ever have the peaceful life that fans so frantically desire them to have. Nevertheless, there are a couple of times when whatever exercises in their favor, regardless of the difficulties they sustain. In season 3 of Outlander, after being separated for twenty years by time and area, Claire takes a trip back to the past to discover Jamie.

When Claire discovers Jamie at his printing shop in Edinburgh, their reunion is filled with kisses and tears as they vow to never ever be apart from one another ever once again. This minute is a fan favorite in both the program and the books, and advises audiences that joy is possible – even in Outlander.

2 Diana Paved The Method For A New World (A Discovery Of Witches)

After being looked for her power for centuries and throughout continents, Diana Bishop discovers and repair work the manuscript that will expose to her the trick of how animals (witches, vampires, and daemons) can make it through. Selected to the greatest animal court by her brother-in-law, Diana reveals that animals require to intermingle to make it through.

This expose conserves her relationship with her vampire partner, Matthew, and their kids. Diana and Matthew come together more powerful than ever and assist lead the way for a brand-new world, concluding A Discovery Of Witches.

1 Flower Made Buddies That Became Household (Fate: The Winx Legend)

In Fate: The Winx Legend, Flower started her journey. She had no understanding that she was a fairy or that another world beyond the one she understood existed. Keeping the trick from her human moms and dads was harming her, and stabilizing her 2 lives left Flower in-between worlds.

At the end of season one, with Rosalind thought to have actually been beat, Flower revives her relationship with Sky and brings her best buddies to fulfill her human moms and dads. She informs her moms and dads the fact, seeming like she can lastly have both her fairy and human lives without picking one over the other.

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