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10 Times Fans Felt Bad For Reiner In Attack On Titan

Reiner Braun, the inheritor of the Armored Titan, is among Attack on Titan’s most complex characters. Fans have actually felt compassion for him lot of times.

Just a remarkably composed character might get audiences from enjoying them to disliking them to back to enjoying them more than in the past. Hajime Isayama accomplishes precisely that with his character Reiner Braun in Attack On Titan. Fans have actually enjoyed him go from cherished associate to sorrowful traitor to terrible victim, survivor, and hero.

Audiences have actually felt sorry for him throughout the series, particularly after the discovery of his backstory in Season 4 of the anime. His story has many uncomfortable moments, however some moments hold a lot more weight than others.

This post includes manga spoilers and discusses of suicide.


10 When Bertholdt Passed Away Yelling For Reiner


Bertholdt Dying

Reiner and Bertholdt were inseparable for the very first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan. Fans enjoyed their relationship when they believed they were distressed refugees from a remote town who left after Wall Maria was breached. Audiences were ravaged to discover that the 2 had actually triggered the breach as the Armored and Colossal Titans.

Still, it’s difficult not to grieve Bertholdt’s death after the Fight of Shiganshina. His weeps out to his previous buddies as he was feasted on were haunting, particularly his last cry for Reiner to assist him. Fans understood Reiner’s heart need to be breaking when he heard that as his beaten body was brought away from the battleground.

9 When Reiner Split His Awareness To Total His Objective

Though Reiner started his objective on Paradis with absolutely nothing however hate for the “Island Devils,” as soon as he trained along with them, he recognized that they were the very same. Not able to process both his objective to eliminate everybody on Paradis and pretend to be their buddies, his character separated into 2: Study Corps Reiner and Titan Shifter Reiner.

Ymir was the very first to point this out after Reiner exposed his treachery to the 104th, however its most heart-wrenching effect sought he killed fellow soldier Marco Bodt. He could not keep in mind feeding him to a Titan and audiences might just watch on with him in discomfort as his pal passed away by his hand.

8 When Reiner Was Pressured Into Ending Up Being A Warrior

Becoming a Warrior was never ever Reiner’s option. Due to the fact that his mom wished for them to be able to live outside the Internment Zone with his Marleyan dad, she pushed her boy into ending up being a Warrior Prospect. All he desired was to offer his household a great life and make his moms and dads happy.

Reiner didn’t comprehend the repercussions of ending up being a Warrior up until he was sent out to Paradis at the young age of 12. Understanding that Reiner was controlled into his fate from the start was a gut-wrenching discovery for audiences.

7 When Porco Called Reiner Out For Mimicing Marcel

On Paradis, amongst the soldiers he was watching, Reiner was referred to as everybody’s big bro. After seeing this in Ymir’s memories, Porco Galliard buffooned Reiner, stating he was simply attempting to mimic his own older bro, Marcel, after his death.

Though he wasn’t incorrect, it was difficult to watch Reiner be embarrassed for attempting to be a trustworthy individual. After understanding whatever he went through on that island, it was disturbing for audiences to see Reiner’s coping systems for his injury deteriorated by a fellow Warrior.

6 When Reiner Hallucinated His Lost Pals

Reiner never ever totally proceeded from his Warrior Prospect days, when he was formed, together with his buddies, into a kid weapon to eliminate his own people. The only ones who comprehended what he went through were Annie, Bertholdt, and Marcel, who likewise chose him to Paradis. He needed to leave all of them behind when he went back to Marley.

Without any one to sympathize with, when supervising the brand-new Warrior Candidates, Reiner could not assist however imagine his old buddies and how they were prior to they ended up being Warriors. Fans enjoyed on in destruction to see lost favorites grieved through Reiner’s eyes.

5 When Reiner’s Daddy Rejected Him

Reiner’s only factor for ending up being a Warrior was to end up being an honorary Marleyan and deal with his dad outside the Internment Zone. Nevertheless, when he fulfilled his dad, the guy had absolutely nothing however vitriol and blame to toss at his boy.

When Reiner’s dad declined him, the young kid recognized that he would never ever be a real Marleyan, not even by compromising his life in their wars. Audiences’ hearts shattered as they saw a young Reiner, desperate for his dad’s recognition, squashed by the guy he combated so difficult to fulfill.

4 When Marcel Revealed Reiner Wasn’t Expected to Be the Armored Titan

After learning that his dad disliked him, Reiner holds on to his status as the Armored Titan. A minimum of he was a selected among Marley, even if he wasn’t picked by his household. This identity was shattered when Marcel exposed that he spoke extremely of Reiner over his little bro Porco, to safeguard Porco from acquiring a Titan.

Reiner might have lived a delighted life far from war if Marcel had not stepped in and guaranteed he’d end up being the Armored Titan. It was the last straw for young Reiner’s self-regard, and audiences could not assist however feel compassionate as they saw him be embarrassed in front of his associates.

3 When Reiner Idea His Mom Was Dead In Marley

After the Rumbling reached Marley, Annie and Reiner questioned their households lived. While Annie lost her factor for battling and chose to run away, Reiner never ever wandered off from wishing to conserve humankind. He left Gabi and Falco under Annie’s defense and continued his perpetual war.

Reiner had actually been through a lot that it would have been reasonable for him to wish to leave like Annie. The truth that he didn’t after learning the individual he enjoyed most was gone made fans enjoy and feel for him a lot more.

2 When Eren Destroyed Reiner’s House

The loss of Eren’s house and mom due to the fact that of Reiner’s actions was stunning, however fans never ever anticipated Eren to turn the tables on his ex-friend. Initially, it was simple for audiences to cheer on Eren’s vengeance strategy as inescapable and should have.

As the civilian casualties ended up being clear, nevertheless, his actions ended up being harder to protect. Dead innocents, consisting of kids Reiner was close to, lay throughout a ruined Liberio. Simply as they had with Eren, audiences could not assist however feel compassion as Reiner’s world came crashing down around him.

1 When Reiner Attempted To Take His Own Life

Reiner had a hard time to deal with the regret for those he’d injure and the lives he’d taken as a Warrior. After learning he’d be returned to Paradis as soon as again to eliminate the Eldians on the island, the concept of returning to the source of his injury and triggering more damage was excessive for him.

Reiner prepared to devote suicide, however at the last 2nd, he heard Falco outside his window and was advised of those he enjoyed and still wished to safeguard. Fans saw this scene frightened and were alleviated when he didn’t end his life.

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