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10 Times Fans Felt Bad For Zeke In Attack On Titan

Though Zeke Yeager triggered a great deal of discomfort and damage to service his own beliefs, fans often feel sorry for his distressing past.

Zeke Yeager is among the most questionable figures in Attack On Titan. He went into the series as the terrible Monster Titan with a spine-chilling voice, shrouded in fatal secret. He devoted a number of atrocities consisting of turning Connie’s whole town into titans and massacring the Scout Program – treating it like a video game. This occasion caused fan-favorite Erwin’s death.

He even attempted to decontaminate the Eldian people since he believed that was the best method to end the cycle of violence. At every turn, Zeke made the incorrect option and made himself less pleasant to audiences. Still, each time fans were advised of Zeke’s previous it was difficult not to pity him.

Manga Spoilers Ahead!


10 Grisha Declined To Play Catch With Zeke

When Zeke’s past was exposed, Grisha’s failure as a dad appeared in every scene. In one heartbreaking minute, a young Zeke attempted to play catch with his father. He hurried house after completing his warrior training early, wishing to have one typical father-son minute with Grisha.

Nevertheless, when Grisha heard that Zeke had some additional time on his hands, he instantly recommended they do additional studying for Zeke’s location with the Eldian Restorationists, leaving his child and audiences crestfallen.

9 Zeke Sacrificed Himself To Conserve Humankind

Fans have actually been rooting for Levi to eliminate Zeke since he testified Erwin that he would. When his death lastly came, the triumph was bittersweet. Not just did he call out for it, however he appeared to have a minute of clearness in his last moments.

While assessing the appeal of the day, he said that he didn’t should have to observe it since of all the atrocities he’d devoted. His last words advised audiences that in spite of all the dreadful things he’d done, he was still a human and a victim in his own right.

8 When Mr. Ksaver Told Him To Offer Out His Moms And Dads

When audiences initially discovered that Zeke offered his moms and dads out to the Marleyan armed force, they had no concept why. After discovering the Marleyan authorities were surrounding the Restorationists, Zeke asked his moms and dads to stop their disobedience if not for their sake, then his.

They didn’t listen, therefore Zeke relied on his surrogate daddy, Mr. Ksaver rather. Fans viewed on in heart-shattering scary as Mr. Ksaver advised Zeke to turn his moms and dads in. Mr. Ksaver informed Zeke that his moms and dads never ever liked him and required him into a life he never ever desired.

7 Zeke’s Moms and dads Questioned Him

Grisha and Dina put unlimited pressure on Zeke to pass warrior training so that he might finish their objective to retake the Establishing Titan for Eldia. To rub salt in the wound, Zeke heard his moms and dads questioning his abilities.

When they recognized he’d been listening, Grisha insisted he thought in him since he needed to be successful as their child. Regretfully, Zeke fell deeper into anguish over the objective he’d been appointed.

6 Zeke And His Moms And Dads Were Begun The Tower

Comparable to Grisha, Zeke withstood hatred for his Eldian blood throughout his youth. When Zeke was extremely young, his moms and dads took him to the top of a tower to reveal him the whole of the Internment Zone in which they were restricted.

They were disrupted by a Marleyan janitor, who tossed mop water at them for “dirtying” the area he was charged to clean up. This embarrassment was tough to watch, and it fans to see Zeke remember this minute when wanting he’d never ever been born.

5 Grisha Stormed Away After He Stopped Working A Warrior Test

After questioning Zeke, Grisha chose to see for himself how his child was fairing with the warrior trials. After seeing Zeke’s failure, Grisha stormed away while his young child viewed, grieving.

Later on that night, Zeke listened to his moms and dads arguing over his possibility to be successful as a warrior, with Dina safeguarding him and Grisha furious over things not going according to his thoroughly built strategy. Fans were surprised to see Grisha stop working once again and once again with his treatment of his oldest child, seeing Zeke’s fate seal itself on the screen.

4 Zeke Saw That Grisha Was An Excellent Dad To Eren

It’s tough to forget Attack on Titan’s “Memories of the Future” episode. Audiences and Zeke’s character were surprised to see Eren control the past, though maybe what was a lot more stunning for Zeke was Grisha’s kind treatment of his more youthful child.

Zeke not just saw that Eren was never ever persuaded, however that he likewise had the daddy he constantly desired. Eren had whatever Zeke desired – caring and supporting moms and dads and a safe house complimentary from racist injustice. Audiences felt discomfort for Zeke and his lost youth.

3 Zeke Needed To Consume Mr. Ksaver

Though Grisha wasn’t a great daddy to his oldest child, Zeke a minimum of discovered a household in his surrogate daddy, Tom Ksaver. Mr. Ksaver conserved Zeke’s life and offered him moments of pleasure through playing baseball and easy going discussion. He even confessed he saw Zeke as his child after he’d lost his own kid to Marleyan hatred years prior.

Due to the fact that of their close relationship, Zeke was selected to acquire Ksaver’s titan. The truth that Zeke needed to eliminate and consume the someone who looked after him was challenging for fans to watch.

2 Grisha Said Sorry After Eren Controlled The Past

Zeke wasn’t the only character hated by Eren’s actions in “Memories of the Future.” Grisha broke down after Eren controlled him into eliminating the Reisses. When he saw Zeke standing prior to him, he hurried to accept him, asking forgiveness a lot and stating he constantly liked him.

He asked Zeke to stop his more youthful bro, siding in the end with his Marleyan persuaded child over Eren and his Eldian Restorationist ideology. It was an awful reunion, understanding Grisha and Zeke would never ever have the ability to have a mended relationship.

1 The Yeagers Made Him End Up Being A Warrior


Zeke Attack On Titan

Zeke was born to pass away, born to be a warrior and acquire a titan so that he might conserve Eldia. Even if he had actually accompanied Grisha’s strategy, he would have wound up a pure titan on Paradis or had actually a reduced, violent life expectancy working for the Restorationists.

Understanding that the occasions that followed in Attack on Titan might have been prevented if Grisha had actually been a great daddy is the most heartbreaking truth about Zeke’s story. Zeke might have been a pleased kid, however his moms and dads chose his fate prior to he was born.

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