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10 Weirdest Mecha Anime You Will Not Think Exist

When an anime category has actually been around as long as mecha has, some developers are ensured to develop series that function outside what’s anticipated.

What lots of more youthful anime fans may not understand is that mecha anime kept the anime world going up until fight shonen occurred. Fans got purchased both Genuine Robotic and Super Robotic anime throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. When a category is around that long, people believe they understand what to anticipate from it.

Most people believe all mecha are simply variations of Gundam beyond exceptions like Neon Genesis Evangelion. However when a category has actually been around as long as mecha has, some developers are ensured to develop series that function outside what’s anticipated. Not all of these efforts are going to be successful, however that does not indicate they aren’t worth a shot simply to experience the novelty of something brand-new.


10 Granbelm Integrates Mecha With A Fight Royale

Granbelm is what occurs when somebody sees excessive My-HiMe. The series occurs in a world where magic has actually been all however removed other than for a competition in between girls who get to choose the sole magic winner.

While this looks like a series including wonderful women in battle up until there’s an ultimate winner, Granbelm has a twist. Much of the fights are battled utilizing huge fits of armor referred to as Armanox. Though they’re formed like chibi robotics, they’re still efficient in dealing huge damage.

9 5 Star Stories Includes Gods & Person Computers

5 Star Stories is a movie adjustment of among the most impressive manga of perpetuity. The manga has actually been opting for thirty-five years and does not appear to have an end in sight, so the movie certainly can’t cover all of it.

The 5 Star Stories occur within the Joker Star Cluster, where the huge robotics need 2 pilots: a typical pilot and a human computer system referred to as Fatima. The lead character is Ladios Sopp, who recuperates a set of Fatima in Lachesis and Clotho at the wish of a good friend. However while Ladios pretends to be a mecha designer, he’s covertly the god Amaterasu.

8 Tenchi Muyo: War On Geminar Places Mecha In A Dream Universe

Very few people would anticipate Tenchi Muyo to enter into the world of mecha. Less still would anticipate that mecha series to occur in a dream universe. After being sent out to another world, the protagonist Kenshi is sent out to an academy to discover how to pilot a spiritual mechanoid.

Especially, piloting mechanoids is something just a choose couple of people are ever asked to discover in their world. His training comes none prematurely though, as the brand-new world he’s been sent out to is on the brink of particular war.

7 Cross Ange Is A String Of Ridiculous Plot Twists

Cross Ange is an anime so bad it loops back around to being excellent once again. There’s absolutely nothing especially outrageous about its property. The lead character is a princess who gets tossed out of her kingdom since she can’t control magic. From there, she’s asked to end up being a mecha pilot to safeguard the world versus huge beasts referred to as DRAGONs.

The issue with Cross Ange isn’t its property, however the plot itself. The story regularly selects the most outrageous alternative instead of anything sensible. If the risky choice-making does not work, the program sidetracks its audiences with more yuri.

6 Pal Complex Integrates Huge Robotics With Time Travel


Buddy Complex

Pal Complex appears like a relatively basic huge robotic series. Aoba Watase is the common regular high school trainee up until he discovers himself hunted by a huge robotic. Nevertheless, things get strange when it’s exposed that the robotic is from the long run.

Prior to Aoba can be eliminated however, his schoolmate sends them both into the future. From there, Aoba is plunged into the fires of war without any method of understanding whether he’ll ever have the ability to return house once again. While lots of huge robotic series have fun with supernatural capabilities, couple of have actually ever welcomed the sci-fi concept of taking a trip through time.

5 Plastic Design Fumbling Sanshiro Focuses On Battling With Tiny Mecha Toys

Long prior to there was a Gundam Build Fighters anime to buzz up Gunpla structure, there was Sanshiro. In this universe, the characters all play a video game referred to as Plawres, a fumbling video game done through small twelve-inch designs that fight it out in the ring.

The lead character is Sugata Sanshirou, who takes his partner Juohmaru into fight versus his competitors. This program is the precursor to a lot of toyetic anime with a bad guy of the week formula. That’s something most fans would believe originated from ’90s anime however rather has its origins in the early ’80s.

4 Magic Knight Rayearth Includes Wonderful Ladies Piloting Huge Robotics

Magic Knight Rayearth was among the much better ’90s anime and among the years’s breakout successes. However taking a look at it, couple of people would’ve thought any mecha were included. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are 3 junior high women who are teleported to the world of Cephiro while they’re going to Tokyo Tower.

Asked to recuperate the princess, who acts as the being that keeps Cephiro together, the women change into Magic Knights to eliminate back versus the High Priest Zagato. However each woman likewise has access to huge robotics referred to as Rune Gods to assist them in their mission.

3 Caught In A Dating Sim Is A Mishmash Of Various Categories Consisting Of Isekai, Dream, & Giant Robots

Caught In A Dating Sim has a setting even the lead character teases whenever he gets a chance. The lead character is indicated to be on the planet of a reverse-harem otome video game. It’s expected to be a dream school setting where the video game’s lead character can fulfill all her suitors.

And while Caught in a Dating Sim has its titular plot going on, there’s likewise a continuous war drama and fights battled with huge robotics. After all, who does not enjoy huge robotics?

2 Godnnar Focuses On A Couple Piloting Huge Robotics

Godannar acquired appeal in the 2000s nearly completely due to the novelty of its concept. The story centers around a couple who cohabit while likewise piloting huge robotics to safeguard mankind. Goh Saruwatari and his better half Anna Aoi invest as much time attempting to make their married life work as they do fighting the alien race assaulting mankind.

Regardless of being wed, they have whatever from member of the family to previous fans to handle. This is the huge robotic series for people who like a pinch of slice-of-life and a great deal of fanservice.

1 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Gets More Over The Top With Every Fight

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is among a handful of mecha anime people really keep in mind from the 2000s. The series begins with mankind living underground, eking out a presence as miners. However when the duo finds a mecha referred to as Lagann, they discover themselves in dispute with an unsafe opponent to mankind referred to as the Beastmen.

Gurren Lagann is the response to the concern, “What if we just kept getting more and more epic?” While the program begins affordable, the dispute develops to the heroes battling with actual galaxies and fighting versus hazards to the whole universe.

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