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10 Weirdest Seinen Anime You Will Not Think Exist

Seinen anime have a few of the weirdest, most unusual stories in the anime world.

Instead of a category, the Japanese word seinen is utilized to explain the age series of an audience for anime. Seinen is utilized to explain any anime that targets an audience of young person males from the ages of 18 to 40.

Due to the fact that seinen isn’t a particular category, any anime, from scary to funny, can be thought about a seinen as long as it is targeted towards the adult males audience. A few of the weirdest anime out there are seinen.


10 The Art Design In Ping Pong The Animation Is What Makes It So Unusual

On paper Ping Pong The Animation appears like a regular sports anime about 2 ping pong gamers, however upon more evaluation, this is anything however regular. This series follows the story of Makoto and Yukata, 2 best good friends who play ping pong.

Nevertheless, when a Chinese ping pong specialist transfers to their school and beats Yukata, he begins to question his ping pong abilities. The plot line for his series isn’t what makes it strange. The art design and animation are what makes this program weirder than it really is.

9 Mad Bull 34 Efforts The Cliché American Police Officer Trope

Mad Bull 34 is the Japanese effort at turning American police movies into an anime, however it ended up being a clichéd mess. In this anime, Daizaburo “Eddie” Restriction is an American-Japanese New york city police that stops criminal offense with his partner Sleepy.

In general this series is incredibly violent, over-sexualized, and unreliable in the representation of what New york city is truly like. However all these things are what makes Mad Bull 34 an exceptionally funny anime to watch, no matter how strange Eddie and Sleepy are.

8 The Lead Singer Of Detroit Metal City Is Really A Typical University Student

Detriot Metal City, otherwise referred to as DMC, is a death metal band that is understood for its dark and demonic design. The diva Johannes Krauser II is popular for being a devil that has actually increased from the intense pits of hell — or two he states.

In truth, nobody understands that Krauser II is simply the change ego of Souichi Negishi, a typical university student. This anime has its wild and strange moments where Nehishi needs to attempt to stabilize his life as the popular satanic force rock star Krauser II and his regular college life.

7 There Is Never Ever A Dull Day At Cromartie High School

In Coromarite High School anything and whatever is possible no matter how strange it is. In this series, Takashi Kamiyama is your regular high school trainee who is respectful and has typical grades, yet he registered in the all-boys school Coromarite High, which is understood for its overdue track record.

At this unusual school, there’s never ever a dull minute, specifically when his schoolmates are mohawk punks, robotics, gorillas, and even the Freddy Mercury who can be seen riding on a horse down the passages.

6 In FLCL, Naoto’s Life Is Altered Permanently After Being Struck By Haruko’s Guitar


FLCL Harko and Naota

In the beginning look, FLCL appears like your regular coming-of-age story about Naota Nandaba, a working-class kid who deals with his daddy and grandpa. Nevertheless, that modifications really rapidly when an extraterrestrial alien referred to as Haruko Haruhaha makes a look.

Upon her very first look, Haruko runs over Naota with her Vespa. She offers him CPR however then continues to strike him over the head with her guitar. The location where Haruko struck Naoto is now a website that huge robotics emerge from regularly.

5 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Stars A Man With A Golden Afro & Strong Nose Hair

With its strange name, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is an anime that has an even weirder story to accompany its distinct name. This anime informs the story of a futuristic world where the Maruhage Empire is out to take everybody’s hair and their flexibility.

Nevertheless, a man called Bo-bobo with a golden afro and long nose hairs of steel battles versus the Maruhage Empires’ tyranny. One day he conserves a girl called Appeal from the Maruhage Empire and together the 2 start an experience to lower the autocrat Emperor.

4 In Hey, President Trap-Kun, The United States President Transfers To A High School In Japan

There is absolutely nothing weirder than when an anime attempts to consist of western celebs in their shows and Hey, President Trap-Kun takes that to another level of weirdness. In this series, the United States President Trap-kun wishes to enhance his relationship with foreign countries, beginning with Japan.

To do this, Trap-kun enlists at a Japanese high school as a transfer trainee. Nevertheless, rather of learning more about the Japanese culture, all Trap-kun does is boast about himself and oddly raps about the battles of his task.

3 The Main Character In Canine & Scissors Is Isekai’d Into The Body Of A Dachshund Canine

Isekai is a popular category among the seinen audience and typically includes the primary character amazingly being sent out to a dream world, however that isn’t what takes place in Canine & Scissors. In this anime, Harumi Kazuhito is a big fan of the author Natsuno Kirihime and one day he conserves her from a shooter at a café by taking the shot himself and passing away.

Rather of passing away, nevertheless, Harumi is amazingly reincarnated as a dachshund pet and a vicious female who has a fascination with scissors uses to assist. Coincidentally, this female ends up being Kirihime herself.

2 Seiji’s Right-Hand Gets Transformed Into A Mini Woman In Midori Days

In Midori Days, no ladies wish to date Seiji Sawamura due to the fact that of his track record as an overdue with an effective right-hand man. After being turned down for the twentieth time, Seiji makes a joke that his right-hand man will be his sweetheart throughout of high school.

The next day when Seiji gets up he finds that his right-hand man has actually amazingly become a mini lady called Midori Kasugano. To make this circumstance even weirder, it ends up that Midori has a crush on Seiji and the 2 wind up dating hence making Seiji’s joke a truth.

1 Onara Gorou Characteristics A Neighborhood Of Sentient Farts That Provide Guidance

Onara Gorou needs to be among the strangest seinen anime out there, it follows the daily life of Gorou a huge sentient fart that likes to offer recommendations on school, work, and drama. Gorou isn’t the only fart out there, nevertheless, as there is an entire neighborhood of these sentient farts that like to assist human beings resolve all their issues.

To make matters even complete stranger, each episode is blocked with an amazing efficiency from an idol group that makes definitely no sense.

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