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10 Worst Things Scarlet Witch Performed In Multiverse Of Insanity

When a hero, the Scarlet Witch’s improvement into a bad guy in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity provides Odd with a real difficulty.

There’s no end in sight for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Stage 4 of their extensive strategy has actually completely entered focus with the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity. The Doctor Strange follow up pits the remarkable sorcerer up with fresh good friends, enemies, and numerous faces that look familiar, however are brand name brand-new. Revered MCU magic-user, Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff, plays a vital function in Multiverse of Insanity and provides Odd with a real difficulty when it concerns the magical arts.

A great deal of the time a Marvel movie’s reception rests on the success of its big bad guy, which has actually left audiences surprised when it concerns the wicked surprise at the center of Multiverse. Horrible catastrophe presses the Scarlet Witch to extraordinary darkness, and she reveals this discomfort in dreadful ways throughout Multiverse of Insanity.


10 She Wages War On The Kamar-Taj


The team prepares for battle at Kamar-Taj in Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

The Kamar-Taj is the spiritual training school for the Masters of the Mystic Arts. The secret center of sorcerers in the MCU is an important sanctuary for Dr. Strange and Wong, that makes it entirely ravaging when the Scarlet Witch introduces an aggressive wonderful attack on the land. The Scarlet Witch takes the lives of lots, if not numerous essential sorcerers, however she likewise shatters the heroes’ faith in this spiritual ground. It’s a disconcerting discovery and the Kamar-Taj is still reconstructing its numbers at the end of Multiverse of Insanity.

9 She Abuses The Darkhold

There are lots of special sources of power in the MCU, and magic is certainly an unstable component that has the possible to leave control. The Darkhold is a well-known ancient text with demonic roots, which has the power to bring excellent benefits to its user, albeit at a rate. Wanda’s fascination with the Darkhold starts at the end of WandaVision, however it’s a full-blown dependency in Multiverse of Insanity. Undoubtedly, most people who utilize the Darkhold undergo corruption, however the Scarlet Witch doesn’t heed these consequences or view them to be an obstacle for her.

8 She Threatens Wong And Forces His Hand

Doctor Strange has his share of allies, but Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-616, has made his mark as Strange’s standout friend. A large influx of Wong is on the way in future Marvel projects, which is a testament to Benedict Wong’s engaging performance. Support for Wong has never been higher and so the Scarlet Witch taking him hostage is a crime of the greatest nature.

Scarlet Witch captures Wong and forces him to take her to the temple at Mount Wundagore so that she can begin her plan to dream-walk into other versions of himself. Wong makes it out alive, but for a while, his fate is left in doubt.

7 She Scares And Attempts To Kidnap Alternate Versions Of Her Children

There’s a deeply human motivation that drives the Scarlet Witch. Wanda’s aggressive actions are complete overkill, but the desire to find family and loved ones is something that everyone understands. Wanda is caught in a problematic feedback loop since the children that she longs for, Billy and Tommy, are magical manifestations. However, she learns that there are real versions of Billy and Tommy elsewhere in the multiverse, and Scarlet Witch is so committed to getting them back that she ignores how their alternate versions are terrified of her and what she represents. Her wish to steal them turns Wanda into her own worst enemy.

6 She Taps Into And Manipulates America Chavez’s Powers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has only started to explore the multiverse in the past few years, but it’s already led to some compelling variants of classic characters. America Chavez, is the Captain America equivalent from her universe, the Utopian Parallel. She has the unique ability to jump through the multiverse, which becomes vital to the Scarlet Witch’s mission to find Billy and Tommy.

America is just a young teenager who barely understands her powers, but the Scarlet Witch does not hesitate to abuse America and co-opt her powers to do her bidding. Fortunately, America survives the experience, largely thanks to Strange, but it still appears to be a traumatic experience for the young hero.

5 She’s Responsible For The Death Of The Illuminati

In the MCU there are so many cosmic threats that pose a risk to everything in existence that it’s only logical that there are prestigious safeguards that police time and space. The Multiverse of Madness takes Doctor Strange to Earth-838 where he encounters the Illuminati, a supergroup that consists of variants of Captain Marvel, Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, Black Bolt, Captain Carter, and more.

This group makes the Avengers look like amateurs, yet their collective powers still pale in comparison to a rage-filled Scarlet Witch. Wanda doesn’t just eliminate the Illuminati; each of these executions is especially morbid.

4 She Possesses Alternate Versions Of Herself

The Darkhold is essential for Wanda’s plan since it’s this text that facilitates a process known as dream-walking, where the individual can possess versions of themselves from elsewhere in the multiverse. Wanda hops between different versions of herself to get closer to Billy and Tommy, but she completely ignores the fact that she’s ruining the life of an alternate Wanda in the process. In doing so, she’s putting these other versions of Wanda through exactly the same tragedy that pushed her over the edge in the first place.

3 She Tries To Kill Her Former Ally

The interconnected nature of the MCU has turned many solo superhero features into team efforts. There’s a lot of crossover between Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff, who both rely on magic. There’s important history between these two, and Strange tries to protect Wanda from succumbing to dark urges and turning to powerful magic that’s beyond her control. It’s tragic to discover that the Scarlet Witch is the real villain of Multiverse of Madness and that Strange’s life means nothing to her if his destruction results in her success. These two Avengers are forced to fight to the death.

2 She Destroys The Book Of Vishanti And All Copies Of The Darkhold

Magic is all about balance, and the Darkhold is a dangerous text of dark magic that risks the corruption of the user. Alternatively, the Book of Vishanti functions as the antithesis of the Darkhold, and it becomes a coveted relic for Strange and America. The Scarlet Witch doesn’t just destroy the Book of Vishanti to keep the heroes from stopping her, but her final act at Mount Wundagore wipes out every version of the Darkhold across the multiverse. In some ways, it’s helpful that these dangerous tomes no longer exist, but their destruction is born out of vengeance.

1 She Threatens Several Incursions And The Dismantling Of The Multiverse

The introduction of a multiverse opens up infinite possibilities, but all of this freedom comes with a serious price and responsibility. The abuse of the multiverse and the fabric of space and time results in Incursions, which threaten to dismantle existence as a whole. The Scarlet Witch spends the entire movie recklessly moving between realities and has zero regard for the effects that her selfish actions will trigger. The post-credits scene in Multiverse of Insanity starts to tease the Incursion-level issues that the occasions of the movie have actually taken into movement and now needs to be managed.

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