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13 *Essential* Facts About Choi Byung Chan, The Cute Bodyguard In ‘The King’s Affection’

Don’t deny it: You’re seriously crushing on Choi Byung Chan (also known by his stage name Byungchan) right now. As of this writing, he’s starring in Netflix K-drama The King’s Affection as the *hot* and mysterious bodyguard Kim Ga On! You’re probably looking for his birthday, hobbies, and ~relationship status~ right now. Don’t worry, we got you. 


Here’s everything we know about Choi Byung Chan (so far): 

1. His birthday is on November 12, 1997, and he’s a Scorpio!

Take a look at these ~*squishy*~ pics of him as a baby: 



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Here’s how he celebrated his 24th birthday: 


2. His hometown is Samcheondeong, Jeonju.

He lived there for 18 years!

3. He’s a member of K-pop group Victon. 

The group debuted in November 2016 and has seven members! In 2019, when asked what kind of idol he would like to be, Byung Chan shared: “Someone with a good personality who is polite. Skill is important too, but I think attitude is also important. I want to be an upright person. I also like people who are polite, and I think fans would be the same way.” 

4. His blood type is B! 

Byungchan revealed this during an interview with his fellow Victon members.

5. In 2019, he shared that he’s NEVER tried cooking.

He’d rather order delivery than cook! When it comes to food, Byung Chan loves Korean cuisine, he has never tried Thai food (as of December 2019), and he doesn’t really like greasy or cheesy food. He would choose pasta over ramen, undercooked noodles instead of overcooked noodles, fried red bean pastry over streamed red bean pastry, white rice over brown rice, and rice cake soup over dumpling soup. 

He also admitted that he has eaten snacks in secret, without sharing them with his fellow members in Victon. So sneaky! 

6. If he could go back in time, he would buy a lottery ticket. 

If Byung Chan suddenly got a large sum of money, he would spend it on land and a building (loving this practicality). He also wouldn’t split it evenly with his fellow Victon members. Aaaand when asked to choose between money or honor, Byung Chan chose…money. 


7. If he could insure one part of his body, it would be…his dimples! 

He also revealed that he Googles his own name, looks at the mirror twice a day, and is more confident with the right side of his face.

8. Now for the big question: Does Choi Byung Chan have a girlfriend? 

Not that we know of, but he once said that if he had to choose between love or friendship he would definitely choose love! GOOD. TO. KNOW. 


9. His K-dramas include Sassy Go Go, Live On, and The King’s Affection

Byung Chan had a cameo in Sassy,Go Go (2015) as a basketball player! He officially made his acting debut by playing Kim Yoo Shin in the K-drama Live On (2020), the only friend of leading lady Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin). Watch some of his cute moments below: 

In 2021, he starred in The King’s Affection, a drama about a princess who takes her brother’s place as the crown prince. Byung Chan plays a character named Kim Ga On, the prince’s handsome and mysterious bodyguard.  


He has also been cast in the 2022 drama The Office Blind Date!

10. He joined the reality show Produce X 101 but had to leave the show due to health reasons. 

Here’s his 2019 intro video where he dressed up as an adorbs dinosaur: 

Byung Chan wrote a letter to fans in July 2019, saying that he had to leave the show “in order to greet you in a more healthy condition [in the future].” He said he would be focusing on taking care of his physical and mental health. (via Soompi)

In later interviews, Byung Chan revealed that it was a really difficult decision for him, and that Produce X 101 host Lee Dong Wook comforted him: “He told me, ‘Byung Chan, you’re not running away.’ I was having such a hard time and felt uneasy. But he said that a person can’t do anything if their health isn’t good. When I heard that, I felt better.” Byung Chan was able to recover and resumed activities in August 2019! 

11. You can follow Choi Byung Chan on Instagram @b__yccn.

He joined Instagram on his birthday in 2019! He currently has 1.4 million followers and you can follow him here. 


12. He once dressed up as a Joseon crown prince for Halloween. 

On October 31, 2020, he greeted everyone a Happy Halloween! SO CUTE:  


13. His favorite song is “Hug Me” by Jung Joonil. 

He revealed this in March 2020.  Listen to the song here: 


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