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15 Strongest Good-Aligned Monsters In Dungeons & Dragons

Though most opponents a D&D celebration will deal with are wicked, there are some effective good-aligned animals that work well as allies or not likely enemies.

There are numerous harmful beasts that gamers can experience in Dungeons & Dragons throughout numerous projects. Beasts are available in a range of types and frequently need various methods and methods to get rid of. While much of the beasts in D&D are either wicked, being driven by malice and self-interest, or neutral, being driven by nature, there are likewise numerous beasts that are good-aligned.

These beasts generally are more likely to assist a celebration instead of damage it, however there is constantly space for dispute or disagreement even amongst primarily great people. Good-aligned beasts can bring a unique taste to an encounter, and their existence as an assailant might be an enjoyable and interesting method for a celebration to find that something has actually failed.

Upgraded May 23, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: Dungeons & Dragons is moving far from stringent positionings for beasts, with much of the animals in Mordenkainen Provides: Beasts of the Multiverse having actually a recommended positioning instead of an appointed one. The upgraded kind of this list consists of animals not released when the initial list was composed, in addition to some more low-level animals that DMs can utilize in the earlier stages of their projects.


15 Guardian Nagas Are Beneficent Guards

Entrusted with securing spiritual places of power, guardian nagas are more humane than their undead and spirit equivalents. A guardian naga’s most effective capability is that it will generally return to life within a week of being eliminated, making it an incredibly strong guardian.

Guardian nagas have an effective suite of spells, consisting of Clam Emotions, Banishment, Geas, and Real Seeing, all of them exceptionally beneficial in enacting their guardian tasks. Gamers may be able to deal with a guardian naga securing a wonderful product they require, however combating one might likewise be an intriguing and dissentious option produced the higher good.

14 Ki-Rins Are Powerful Patrons

Among numerous animals to get a spruced-up stat block in Mordenkainen Provides: Beasts of the Multiverse, ki-rins are golden, unicorn-like animals that look for to serve great divine beings in assisting individuals of the world. They make effective allies, able to produce basic materials in their burrows, manage the weather condition of the surrounding area, and cast such spells as Banishment, Greater Remediation, and Revivify.

Doing something for a ki-rin to show their value might produce a fantastic mission chance for any D&D celebration, particularly one that does not yet have access to those spells themselves.

13 A Planetar Is A Celestial Warrior

Most frequently looking like bald, muscular, winged figures, planetars are celestial beings that exist to enact the will of their god. With an obstacle ranking of 16, these beings can dealing major damage. Assaulting two times on each of its turns, planetars deal an incredible 4d6+7 slashing damage plus 5d8 glowing damage with each hit of its greatsword.

Moreover, planetars can casting spells, consisting of Bug Plague and Control Weather Condition. While these animals are usually legal great, the wills and impulses of D&D gods can be inscrutable. Pitting gamers versus a cruel angel who thinks it is on the course of righteousness might produce an enjoyable encounter both in fight and for roleplaying.

12 A Storm Giant Quintessent Has Turn Into One With The Storm

Among the most effective giants in all of D&D, a storm huge quintessent is a storm giant that has actually transcended its physical kind to end up being a force of nature. Usually disorderly great, storm huge quintessents can be as unpredictable as storms themselves.

They wield a lightning sword that deals 9d6+9 lightning damage and can leveraging the power of wind and lightning to move their challengers around the battleground and strike them from afar. A storm huge quintessent would make an effective ally, however it is not difficult to picture a D&D celebration finding themselves on one’s bad side.

11 Trostani Guidelines The Selesnya

The leader of the Selesnya Conclave of Ravnica, Trostani is an effective three-bodied dryad that can be discovered on the aircraft of Ravnica. Appearing in Guildmaster’s Guide To Ravnica, Trostani has an obstacle ranking of 18 and can taking a trip by teleporting from tree to tree. Furthermore, Trostani has many ways of supporting her allies, consisting of spells such as Mass Treatment Injuries.

Among the greatest tools at Trostani’s disposal is her Rage of Mat’Selesnya capability, in which she triggers each animal in a 30-foot cube to possibly suffer 6d6 bludgeoning damage and an extra 6d6 slashing damage. Though Trostani is a popular character from Ravnica, her stat block might quickly be repurposed to work as an effective druidic guardian spirit in any D&D setting.

10 Ancient Brass Dragons Are Reclusive

As the name Dungeons & Dragons might recommend, much of the most effective beings in D&D are dragons. While the chromatic dragons lean towards wicked positionings, the numerous types of metal dragons are generally good-aligned.

Brass dragons are the weakest kind of metal dragon, however ancient brass dragons are still exceptionally lethal in fight. In addition to wielding a fire breath attack that deals 16d6 fire damage, these dragons likewise have a sleep breath that has the possibly to right away make a whole celebration unconscious.

9 Ancient Copper Dragons Are Playful Jokesters

Like ancient brass dragons, ancient copper dragons are good-aligned beings. Copper dragons are amongst the most social of dragons, understood to enjoy jokes and to have a soft area for bards. In fight, they have access to both a destructive acid breath attack that deals 14d8 acid damage and a slowing breath that can cut in half the speed of its targets and avoid them from making more than one action each turn. A capricious animal like a copper dragon might quickly discover itself opposed to a D&D celebration, even if it is not strictly wicked.

8 There Are Just Twenty-Four Solars In Deep Space

Comparable to planetars, a solar is a powerful celestial angel. Nevertheless, solars are substantially more effective than than planetars, with just 24 solars being stated to exist. While they wield a flying sword that can assault by itself, among the most harmful tools at a solar’s disposal is its bow.

This effective weapon deals a huge quantity of glowing damage, and if fired at an animal with less than 100 staying HP, that animal needs to make a Constitution conserving toss. If this conserving toss is stopped working, the animal right away passes away. Like planetars, solar are a fantastic prospective for a conflicted and complex enemy.

7 Ancient Bronze Dragons Aspire To Sign Up With Fight

Yet another kind of metal dragon, ancient bronze dragons can be discovered living in remote seaside caverns. Like all other metal dragons, this animal has access to 2 harmful breath attacks. To start with, ancient bronze dragons can releasing their lightning breath to deal 16d10 lightning damage.

Furthermore, bronze dragons can utilize their repulsion breath to press its targets 60 feet away, an effective weapon for an animal that resides in seaside cliffs. Though they are frequently kind animals, bronze dragons will excitedly take part wars they discover simply, possibly pitting them versus a celebration in a dispute where numerous celebrations have legitimate claims or complaints.

6 Ancient Silver Dragons Are Accountable To Shapeshift


silver dragon d&d

The 2nd-most effective kind of metal dragons, ancient silver dragons resemble copper dragons because they are rather social, frequently utilizing their capability to shape-shift to take a trip with travelers who are uninformed of their buddy’s real kind.

These monstrous powerhouses have almost 500 hit points, an Armor Class of 22, and a breath weapon that can deal 15d8 cold damage. Moreover, this dragon can likewise make use of a disabling breath that can incapacitate entire groups of opponents simultaneously.

5 Aurelia Commands Legions

Like Trostani, Aurelia is a crucial figure of the aircraft of Ravnica who ended up being a part of D&D in the Guildmaster’s Guide To Ravnica. The leader of the Boros Legion, Aurelia is a militant angel and among the most effective celestials in all of D&D. With an a/c of 22 and resistance to many types of damage, dealing considerable damage to Aurelia can be an undertaking in itself. When it concerns offense, Aurelia can assault 3 times a turn with her radiantly charged longsword.

More significantly, Aurelia’s Warleader’s Helix can deal 12d8 glowing damage to one target, all at once recovery another by 6d8. Like all the animals in the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica supplement, Aurelia can be quickly repurposed to work as an angelic warleader in any D&D setting.

4 Ancient Gold Dragons Are The Greatest Of Their Kind

If a D&D celebration is going to deal with an ancient gold dragon in fight, they best be prepared. Boasting an a/c of 22 and 546 hit points, these dragons can eliminate enemies with fire breath or considerably impede them with a unique weakening breath that requires its targets to roll Strength-based rolls at drawback for one minute. Thankfully, gamers likely do not require to stress over dealing with among these animals in fight.

Ancient gold dragons are amongst the most kindhearted and reclusive dragons worldwide of D&D, frequently residing in privacy and coming out of concealing just when shape-shifted to assist those in requirement.

3 Beledros Witherbloom Established A College

The creator of the Witherbloom College in Magic: The Collecting’s Strixhaven setting, Beledros Witherbloom was presented to D&D in Strixhaven: Curriculum of Turmoil. Like the trainees of her college, Beledros is an effective druid concentrated on utilizing the cycle of life and death discovered in nature.

Beledros can utilize her breath weapon to cause enormous quantities of toxin and lethal damage and avoid enemies from restoring hit points, however she can likewise cast spells like Greater Remediation, Mass Treatment Wounds, and Revivify. Beledros might quickly be utilized to represent a D&D dragon who has actually welcomed the ways of nature.

2 Metalic Greatwyrms Transcend Ancients

While D&D dragons generally end their long lives as ancient dragons, an uncommon couple of go through a magnificent transformation to end up being even more powerful. These greatwyrms can be any sort of metal dragon, and they tread the line in between animal and god. In addition to a very boosted breath weapon efficient in striking enemies in a 300-foot cone, these animals likewise get a sapping breath that can quickly render animals unconscious. Combating a metal greatwyrm is a huge job and one that will challenge even the greatest level D&D celebration.

1 The Element Of Bahamut Is A Magnificent Dragon

Likewise called the Platinum Dragon, the dragon god Bahamut is the client of all good-aligned dragons. His element, presented in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, is a titanic obstacle ranking 30. Its breath weapon can burn enemies with 12d10 glowing damage, however it can likewise utilize its breath to recover animals and even restore them from the dead. A

DM would need to go to some severe lengths to determine why a celebration would require to eliminate off an element of a very great god, however it would produce an exceptionally engaging and remarkable last battle.

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