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7 Video Game Vampires Even Scarier Than Castlevania’s Dracula

While Castlevania might have the most popular vampire in video gaming, there are others who can compare even Count Dracula.

Vampires are a timeless beast in fiction, undead beasts of the night that feed off of the blood of the living, frequently with a substantial set of supernatural powers in the deal. As such, they produce excellent bad guys in video games, functioning as all set villains throughout several games.

The most iconic of any computer game vampire is the version of the world-famous Count Dracula discovered in the Castlevania series, among the best-understood bad guys of all video gaming. Other games have their own citizens of the night, nevertheless, a lot of which can provide Vlad Dracul a run for his cash.


7 Dettlaff van der Eretein Is Both Human And Inhuman

Geralt of Rivia has actually dealt with all way of transcendent and scary opponents in The Witcher series, yet among the most terrifying can be found in the Blood and White Wine growth to The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. A Senior Vampire, Dettlaff van der Eretein is a tremendously disturbing enemy, deadly and aesthetically unnerving, especially in his monstrous kinds.

Nevertheless, his most terrifying elements really originate from his human side. Dettlaff reveals himself throughout the growth to be driven by his enthusiasms as much as any human, wielding his enormous powers and triggering death and suffering out of commitment to a pal.

6 Kain Can End Up Being As Scary A Bad Guy As Any

In the Tradition of Kain series, the character of Kain is really a hero in a lot of the games, an ethically unclear figure who looks for vengeance after being developed into a vampire and who ends up being an effective gamer within Nosgoth, the game’s settings.

As a hero, Kain is still a completely frightening figure in between his physical look and his more severe actions. Nevertheless, in the ending of Blood Prophecy, the gamer can pick to damn the world and have Kain ascend as a bad guy and the most effective figure in a ravaged wasteland. As seen in Soul Reaver, Kain makes a completely scary bad guy if he does so.

5 Vlad von Carstein Can Control The World

The Vampire Counts are a popular faction in the Warhammer universe, and as such, they look like among the very first 4 readily available armies in the Overall War: Warhammer series, waging a war of conquest versus the Empire. Of their leaders, Vlad von Carstein is the most qualified and the most terrifying in both tradition and gameplay, being a callous and enthusiastic leader.

The gamer can playing as Vlad or leaving him to be managed by an AI. In either case, he approaches requiring the world to send under his guideline with orders like “surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death.” Depending upon the specific game, he might well prosper in his objectives.

4 Annalise, Queen Of The Vilebloods Is An Inactive Danger

In a game like Bloodborne, where the setting is a city where everyone takes in blood, the idea of a vampire might appear redundant. However, the faction referred to as ‘Vilebloods,’ a worthy dynasty who reside in a gothic castle and are disliked by the regional church, are plainly suggested to echo the bloodsuckers carefully.

Within the game itself, there is just one Vileblood left, and she is mostly inactive and caught. However, Annalise is an upsetting figure, indicated to have a dark past and captured up in an equally atrocious war in between her faction and the Executioners. In specific, her objective of utilizing blood to conceive with the kid of a Great One is best left unsatisfied.

3 The Red Queen Is A Calmity-Causing Vampire

The game Vampyr immerses the gamer in the vampiric underbelly of 1918 London, checking out the morality of animals that survive on blood and death. A number of its vampires are remarkably human figures, with varied moralities and even a high level of compassion for some. Its villain, nevertheless, reaches back towards the monstrous.

The Red Queen is an effective vampire who has actually lived given that ancient times and who was when worshipped as a goddess of death. On her own, she is daunting enough, however her awakenings likewise trigger unknown disasters for all, spreading out plagues amongst humans and triggering vampires to come down into vicious bloodlust.

2 Girl Alcina Dimitrescu Is An Iconic Vampire Bad Guy

The very first bad guy the gamer takes on in Resident Evil: Town, and the focus of much of its marketing, is Girl Alcina Dimitrescu, the matriarch of Castle Dimitrescu. She is a stylish, advanced, and regal lady who enjoys abusing guys and draining pipes humans of their blood for her and her children to consume.

A lot of gamers concentrate on Dimitrescu’s impressing and appealing style, however there is no rejecting her more scary elements. She performs herself with a cold and casual butchery at all times, sprouts terrifying claws from her fingertips, and reveals a scary, dragon-esque type when injured enough.

1 Andrei Embodies The Horror Of The Tzimisce

Vampire: the Masquerade makes use of a large variety of vampiric motivations for its characters, therefore too does its computer game adjustment, Vampire: the Masquerade – Families. One element of vampires they check out is that of the calm and courteous mask concealing a beast, in the type of the Tzimisce clan.

In Families, Andrei is among the more popular Tzimisce. He is an invariably courteous man with a scary physical outside who utilizes rule to conceal the real depths of his sadism and ruthlessness. Figured out to lower the Camarilla and go beyond vampirism at all expenses, he is a calm, peaceful bad guy who understands complete well the fear he triggers and exploits it.

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