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8 Missed Out On Story Opportunities In Moon Knight

While Moon Knight’s absence of MCU connections was revitalizing to some, it didn’t established much for the future, leading to lots of lost chances.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has actually currently carried on to brand-new tasks, however Moon Knight is still in the fans’ minds. Throughout 6 episodes, Marvel fans followed Steven Grant and Marc Spector as they made peace with each other and conserved humankind from annihilation. Although it’s extremely various from other tasks in the MCU, Moon Knight right away ended up being a fan favorite. Nevertheless, as it occurs with whatever, it isn’t best.

In truth, it just takes a rewatch to understand Moon Knight fizzled continuously when it becomes a correct adjustment inside a cinematic universe. For example, Disney stopped working to present lots of characters who occur to be essential in Marc Spector’s life. Besides, it didn’t provide the fans enough of the Fist of Khonshu. Numerous lost possibilities require to be remedied. Ideally, Moon Knight will get an opportunity to set things right quickly.


8 It Must’ve Teased Monster By Night’s Arrival

In August 2021, Marvel Studios revealed the advancement of a Halloween-themed unique for Disney+ fixated Monster by Night, developed by Roy and Jeanie Thomas. 4 months later on, Gael García Bernal was cast for the primary function. Moon Knight initially appeared on Monster by Night #32, so these 2 characters have actually been linked because the start, however the lycanthrope wasn’t pointed out in Moon Knight.

Approved, the very first episode consists of a QR code to download a totally free copy of Monster by Night #32. Nevertheless, it would’ve been way cooler to have Marc any which way talk about the time he satisfied a monster while Steven go nuts about it.

7 Marc’s Best Pal Never Ever Appeared

In the comics, Marc has a great deal of allies. Among his most faithful buddies is Jean-Paul Duchamp, aka Frenchie. A previous French soldier, Frenchie worked as a mercenary along with Marc. When Marc ended up being Moon Knight, Frenchie became something like a partner for him. He constantly assisted Marc leave throughout their experiences, piloting Moon Knight’s helicopter.

In the very first episode of Moon Knight, when Steven goes through Marc’s phone and contacts Layla, there’s another offered contact for him to call: “Duchamp.” This is plainly a referral to Frenchie. While fans anticipated him to appear in the future the program, he wound up being absolutely nothing however an easter egg. Frenchie is yet another character who Moon Knight need to’ve presented to the MCU.

6 It Did Not Have A Batman Joke

Considering that Moon Knight initially appeared in comics in 1975, people have actually frequently compared this character with Batman, who was initially presented in 1939. Considering that they’re both routine human beings, millionaire vigilantes, and competent investigators, this contrast isn’t unwarranted. Nevertheless, presuming they’re the very same is unjust. In truth, their inspiration, backstory, and even method to murder are extremely various.

Considered That Moon Knight has actually existed under Batman’s shadow for a while, the authors missed out on the possibility to make a joke about his similarity to the Dark Knight. This would not have actually been the very first time an MCU character points out a member of the Justice League. In Eternals, Phastos’ child compares Ikaris to Superman.

5 Randall Spector Might’ve Been A Bad guy Too

Moon Knight‘s 5th episode exposed Marc’s youth story as the factor for Steven’s presence. Considering that his mom blamed him for his sibling Randall’s death, Marc developed Steven to handle the abuse. The awful drowning of Randall in the series is the core of Marc’s injury. This is extremely various from the comics, where Randall matured to end up being Moon Knight’s foe.

Constantly resentful of his sibling, Randall betrayed Marc, eliminating his sweetheart. Marc chased him and mangled him with a grenade. Practically passing away broke Randall’s mind and turned him into a bad guy called Shadowknight. If Moon Knight had actually consisted of Randall returning from the dead as he carried out in the comics, the toll of Marc’s injury in his life would’ve stung even harder.

4 Fans Idea It Would Present Blade

After the effective Blade trilogy from twenty years back, Disney revealed strategies to present this character to the MCU quickly. Mahershala Ali has actually currently been cast, however shooting will not start till July 2022. This implies there’s no news about a release date. Nevertheless, Ali currently had a voice cameo in a post-credit scene in Eternals.

Fans believed the next natural action would be to have him appear on Moon Knight. After all, Blade is among Marc’s closest allies in the comics. Besides, when reversed, the very same QR that permits fans to download Monster by Night #32 results in a copy of Burial Place of Dracula #10, Blade’s very first look. Regrettably, it didn’t occur.

3 Moon Knight Didn’t Have Enough Gadgets

Besides his cash, a really typical reason fans compare Moon Knight and Batman is their usage of devices. Like the Caped Crusader, Moon Knight consists of advanced innovation in his battle versus evil. For example, his truncheons have a grappling hook. Besides, he owns a helicopter called the Mooncopter.

While Moon Knight utilizes all type of weapons in the comics, Moon Knight just provided him the crescent darts and a substantially nerfed variation of the truncheons for Steven’s match, plainly based upon Mr. Knight. It would’ve been a reward for fans to see Moon Knight utilize all his best weapons from the comics. Particularly thinking about fans do not understand when they’ll see Moon Knight once again.

2 Layla’s Daddy’s Murder Ought to’ve Been An Entire Flashback Consisting Of Bushman

Throughout the 4th episode of Moon Knight, Arthur Harrow informs Layla that Marc was among the mercenaries who eliminated her daddy. This, obviously, isn’t real. Marc describes to her that he existed too, however he didn’t eliminate him. It was Raoul Bushman, his partner. The series consists of a scene posterior to this occasion, where Marc will pass away, however Khonshu conserves him.

Considered That Moon Knight prioritized its TV-14 score, it’s just rational that they didn’t reveal Bushman’s massacre. Nevertheless, it was regrettable that Disney didn’t adjust this minute or consist of Bushman in the program. After all, they’re main to Marc’s improvement into Moon Knight. Ideally, Marc will get to combat him in the future.

1 The Program Never Ever Linked To The MCU At All

Unlike any other program in the MCU, Moon Knight didn’t consist of any old characters. All series prior to had actually restored characters from the movies. Moon Knight is the very first MCU television program that just utilized brand-new characters. This was an invited modification when thinking about the tonal shift of the series on the other hand with the remainder of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Regardless, it likewise makes the program seem like it does not come from the MCU, leaving the program in the air a bit. Now that Moon Knight is over, and Oscar Isaac validated that he isn’t contractually bound to stay in the MCU, Moon Knight is at threat of being quickly forgotten. This would’ve been prevented if it had actually consisted of a minimum of a little wink to the MCU.

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