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8 Naruto Characters Genos Would Lose To

In spite of the excellent strength and speed Genos gives every fight, there are some Naruto characters he would lose to.

Genos, a cyborg and the deuteragonist of One-Punch Male, has excellent capabilities that permitted him to rise to the status of an S-Class hero. He’s shown he can go toe-to-toe with a few of the greatest characters in the program such as Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, never ever revealing any worry no matter what risk he’s up versus.

Nonetheless, Naruto has a wide range of characters who can challenge and even overwhelm Genos with their broad selection of jutsus. Although Genos is as hard as nails, a couple of Naruto characters have some techniques up their sleeve that would knock out the cyborg.


8 Minato Is Method Too Quick For Genos

Genos could not stay up to date with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic’s speed, so it’s extremely not likely that he can stay up to date with somebody who can teleport around the battleground like Minato. Minato likewise has sufficient firepower to one-shot Genos. Furthermore, he has numerous Ninjutsu strategies in his toolbox. For example, he can utilize the Rasengan — a strategy Minato developed himself — which can one-shot numerous characters in Naruto. Furthermore, Minato can get in Sage Mode, which amps his physical abilities to a level that can be excessive for Genos to manage.

7 The 4th Raikage Has An Outstanding Mix Of Speed And Strength

Genos does not have the sturdiness to eliminate versus somebody like the 4th Raikage. As revealed by a few of Genos’ battles, his challengers can disintegrate Genos’ cyborg body without laborious effort. Considering That the 4th Raikage has sufficient power to send out challengers flying with his punches, Genos would have a hard time combating him. Additionally, the 4th Raikage has a track record for being among the fastest characters in Naruto, so his attacks aren’t just strong however quick. All in all, Genos has just a little opportunity of winning.

6 Shisui Has The Tools To Beat Genos

Shisui’s Mangekyo Sharingan grants him access to some extremely effective capabilities that can counter anything Genos can toss at him. For instance, the Susano’o can supply him with both protective and offending alternatives. It can safeguard Shisui from Genos’s incineration blast because it’s a substantial body of chakra that surrounds him.

The Susano’o can likewise fire lots of projectiles at Genos. In addition, Shisui can utilize the Body Flicker Strategy much better than most characters in Naruto, allowing him to move so quick that it’d be challenging for Genos to land a struck versus him.

5 The Power Of The 8 Tails Provides Killer Bee The Benefit

When Killer Bee changes into the 8 Tails, Genos does not have numerous alternatives to handle him. Killer Bee can introduce a Tailed Monster Ball, which has the power to quickly ruin mountains. On the contrary, Genos’s incineration blast does not have devastating abilities to the very same level. Even if Killer Bee does not change into the 8 Tails, he can still beat Genos. Killer Bee can utilize Lightning Release: Lariat to strike Genos with such force and speed that Genos would not have the ability to recuperate from it.

4 Nagato Would Ruin Genos

This theoretical match with the guy who calls himself Discomfort would not even be close. Nagato’s Almighty Push can ruin a whole town and has the power to fend off attacks, so Genos’s incineration blast would be useless. Furthermore, Nagato can utilize Universal Pull to pull Genos towards him and utilize among his weapons to stab Genos when he gets close. Genos can attempt to leave by flying, however Nagato can utilize Catastrophic Planetary Destruction, which can pull Genos into a huge sphere of debris. Nagato has numerous other alternatives, consisting of taking Genos’s soul, shooting rockets and laser cannons, and summoning animals.

3 Onoki’s Particle Design Is Overpowered

Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, is adept when it concerns combating. His Particle Design can turn anything into dust in a blink of an eye. If Onoki strikes Genos with Particle Design, it’s video game over. Nevertheless, Onoki has a lot more in shop in addition to his Particle Design.

As one of the best Earth Release users, Onoki stands out at utilizing Earth Release to either considerably boost or reduce the weight of what he touches. For example, he might considerably increase the weight of Genos to avoid him from moving.

2 Naruto Has A Myriad Of Choices To Assault Genos

Naruto can produce countless Shadow Clones, so Genos would discover himself surpassed right from the start of the battle. Each of Naruto’s Shadow Clones has comparable levels of strength as Naruto, and subsequently, Genos cannot undervalue their power. Furthermore, if Genos fires his incineration blast, Naruto has numerous ways of safeguarding himself. For example, he can summon a Kurama avatar, fire an attack that has higher power like his Rasenshuriken, or avert the attack by running because he has the speed to do so.

1 May Man Can Open The 8 Gates

May Man shows extraordinary power and speed after he opens the Eighth Gate of Death. May Man is among the couple of characters who might harm 10 Tails Jinchuriki Madara throughout the 4th Fantastic Ninja War. Although May Man can’t fly like Genos, he can utilize his kicks to move himself into the air and send out shock waves with his punches, striking Genos in midair. May Man’s punches and kicks are so effective he can break through Madara’s Fact Looking for Orbs. Genos does not stand a possibility when attempting to safeguard himself.

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