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Amber Heard tries to explain injury-free photos after alleged Johnny Depp assaults

In the weeks-long defamation trial, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard try to convince the jury who is telling the truth. The actor is suing his ex-wife after she published an article in 2018 referring to herself as a victim of domestic abuse, which would have ruined Depp’s career. Amber, in turn, sued him back, claiming she was defamed when a former lawyer for Johnny Depp claimed that the actress’ statements were a hoax.

Despite reports of aggression that Amber Heard says she suffered from Johnny Depp, the star of Aquaman made several public appearances recorded in photos and videos shortly after her ex-husband allegedly abused her. And this was a topic explored in detail by Camille Vasquez, one of the actor’s lawyers. Pirates of the Caribbean this Monday (16).

At the trial, which is being streamed live on YouTube on the Law & Crime Network, Depp’s attorney did an interrogation that left Amber in a pretty tight spot, starting with the “big thick rings” Johnny wears, and rescuing Amber’s earlier testimony where she claimed that in March 2013 she was hit multiple times in the face while Johnny wore the rings. When questioned, Amber confirmed that he almost always wore the rings.

Camille then presented some photos of Amber in Russia during the film’s promotion. The lonely knight. Heard confirmed the photos were taken after she was allegedly hit multiple times in the face by Depp while he was wearing rings to the point where blood came out of her nose.

After confirming that she did not seek medical attention, the lawyer asked if she noticed any visible signs of injury in the photos, and Amber replied “none that you can see”.

Amber-Heard-in-Russia-2 Amber Heard tries to explain injury-free photos after alleged Johnny Depp assaults

The lawyer then presented photos taken in May 2014, the night after Amber said she was hit so hard by Johnny Depp that she thought her nose had broken. Amber Heard confirmed the date of the photos, that she did not seek medical attention and said that she used makeup to disguise and ice to reduce the swelling:

Amber-Heard-in-the-night-after-the-broken-nose Amber Heard tries to explain injury-free photos after alleged Johnny Depp assaults

Camille Vasquez then showed off another photo taken the day after Amber was allegedly kneed in the back by Johnny Depp. The lawyer asked the actress if she could see any marks on her back and she confirmed that she could not:

Amber-Heard-from-back Amber Heard tries to explain injury-free photos after alleged Johnny Depp assaults

Depp’s attorney asked about another Heard appearance in 2015 when she was on the show. The Late Late Show with James Corden a day after the episode described by the actress, in which Johnny would have assaulted her to the point that she had both black eyes, bruises on her temples and chin, a split lip, a head bleeding from tufts of hair pulled out and a broken nose.

Heard confirmed the date and injuries, even though photos and video shown in court did not show a visible sign of the injuries. According to her, the cut of her lip was covered with red lipstick. The video is available on YouTube:

Finally, Amber Heard confirmed that she also did not seek medical attention in Australia for the alleged sexual assault committed by Depp with a bottle to the point of making her bleed.

The video with all these questions by lawyer Camille Vasquez is available on YouTube:

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