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Aquaman 2: In testimony, DC President denies Amber Heard claims

Walter Hamada, head of the film division at DCs, was one of the witnesses heard today in the defamation suit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, in which the actor accuses his ex-wife of having ruined his career after she published an article for the The Washington Post in 2018 describing himself as a public figure representing domestic abuse.

Last week, Amber Heard said at the trial that his role in Aquaman 2 was drastically reduced and blamed statements made by Johnny Depp and his defense team. According to the actress, she had to fight hard to stay in the film and that Warner did not want her in the cast.

During his video testimony, the Warner Bros. clarified that one of the reasons the studio considered replacing the actress in the sequel is that Amber had no chemistry with Jason Mamoa, and not because of anything Johnny Depp or his team said about her.

Hamada also said that Amber was not released or fired from her employment contract. Aquaman 2, nor did he receive a pay raise for the sequel. Regarding the maintenance of the salary, Walter Hamada explained that it is a philosophy of the studio not to renegotiate all the contracts they had with the actors from one film to the next.

Amber Heard’s Role in Aquaman 2 was not reduced

The DC Films boss also indicated that Amber Heard’s role has not been reduced from the original script for Aquaman 2, contrary to what Amber Heard said. “The role she has in the film was determined early on in script development, which would have taken place in 2018, I would say… The character’s involvement in the story was more or less what it was from the beginning.“, he said.

When asked if Amber’s participation was affected by anything Depp’s rep told the press, such as his former attorney Adam Waldman, Hamada replied: “No“.

On a possible recast of the character Mera in the second Aquaman film, he reflected: “Would we be better off reframing, finding someone who has a more natural chemistry with Jason Momoa? What makes a movie star a movie star? You know when you see it, and the chemistry just wasn’t there.”

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