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Black Panther 2: Letitia Wright talks about controversy during production

Letitia Wright spoke about the controversy she had on the set of black panther 2, last year. The film, which promises to be a great tribute to Chadwick Boseman, had a long production period during the pandemic period. Among the most notable, in addition to having to deal with the death of the lead actor of the first feature, it also went through some controversies with its cast.

During the pandemic, rumors that Wright was spreading an anti-vaccine rant on the set of black panther 2 took over the internet. However, while conversations about changes to the film’s plot were taking place as a result, the recordings had to be stopped because of an injury the actress suffered in one of the action scenes in the film. Tensions over its placement, however, appeared to have been resolved.

Now, the actress has commented on the issue. In an interview with the Varietywhen asked what she’s learned from the pandemic, as her name has been wrapped in headlines and frequently discussed on social media, Wright said she’s standing strong in what she believes in.

I learned that in life you just have to stay strong with what you believe in“, she said. “[Seja] in terms of his talent, in terms of his desire to impact the world with his art, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, and I’m so proud of myself and the movie that’s coming out this year. I’m so proud of it”.

In January of this year, filming has officially resumed after Shuri’s interpreter was injured. The 28-year-old Guyana-born actress suffered a critical fracture in her shoulder while filming an action scene in Boston in August 2021, although production continued without her until November, when it was finally suspended.

Despite all this, Wright remains a prime candidate to replace Boseman as Black Panther, as her Wakandan character Shuri is T’Challa’s sister and the woman behind much of the hero’s powerful technology.

black panther 2 It is scheduled to hit theaters on November 10th.

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