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Boruto: How to Counter Eida’s Powers!

The situation in Konoha is currently in a critical condition after Code and Eida managed to infiltrate Amado’s lab. In yesterday’s Boruto chapter, Shikamaru and Amado were in a disadvantageous situation where Eida and Code were in control of the situation. Delta herself cannot help after Eida’s mysterious power renders her immobile.

Shikamaru had offered a deal to Eida where he could meet his idol, Kawaki. The condition itself is that Eida must end all these plans and no longer be involved in Code’s big plans. In fact, Eida herself admitted in chapter 70 yesterday that Konoha had no plans to turn her into a criminal.

As geeks already know, Eida has a mysterious power that makes everyone fall in love with her. In chapter 69 yesterday, Amado also explained that he could not control Eida’s power. And that mysterious power will only disappear after Eida is killed. This had made fans curious about how to stop his power in Boruto.

Stopping Eida’s Ability in Boruto

According to Amado’s explanation, the mysterious power that exists within Eida is a kind of subconscious control. No matter what gender, nothing can escape Eida’s abilities. There are many symptoms that appear when Eida manages to control one’s subconscious.

According to Amado, the more someone tries to harm or kill Eida, the stronger Eida’s power becomes. In the chapter we saw how in the end Shikamaru was unable to do anything to stop Eida’s power. In fact, Shikamaru himself admitted that neither Sasuke nor Naruto would be able to withstand this power.

However, there is one interesting thing that appears in chapter 69. When Shikamaru tried to stop Eida’s steps with his shadow technique, Eida was surprised because she was able to “attack” her body. However, Eida herself later realized that the technique Shikamaru used had no intention of harming or killing him.

If geeks pay attention, Eida’s technique is the same as Daemon’s technique called Reflection. The difference is, if Reflection will return the attack to the person who did it, then Eida’s power will only prevent it. Those who try to harm Eida will be unable to move, and the more they are resisted the more they will damage the body of the one who did it.

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So, is there a way to stop Eida? The only way to be able to face or match Eida’s strength is to use Jutsu, which Jutsu was indeed used from the start without the intention of hurting Eida. Like Shikamaru’s shadow technique, the technique or Jutsu must have the only purpose of limiting or reducing Eida’s mobility.

Secret weapon

In addition to the technique that restricts Eida’s movement, perhaps various other Jutsu such as Genjutsu can also help to counter Eida’s secret technique until the true weakness is revealed. And speaking of true weakness, there is also another way that can match Eida’s strength, namely Kawaki.

In yesterday’s chapter 69, Eida finally admitted that she really liked Kawaki’s figure. In fact, what Eida is doing now with Code is solely for Kawaki’s sake. In chapter 70, Eida and Code finally run away after learning that Kawaki is heading to the room they are in. This means that Kawaki can also be a weapon to deal with Eida’s power.

Like Eida, Kawaki can manipulate Eida to stop what she is doing. Kawaki can “control” Eida at will. For example, Kawaki could have asked Eida to finish off Code. In other words, Kawaki could be a useful secret weapon to be able to stop Eida one day.

So, in conclusion, for now there is still no official information on how to stop Eida’s mysterious ability from influencing other people’s subconscious. However, by using an attack that wasn’t meant to kill or injure Eida, it was actually effective at stopping Eida’s movement. Besides the harmless Jutsu, Kawaki can be a secret weapon to stop Eida. Let’s just wait, geeks for more information from Boruto.

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