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Darth Vader’s Function in Obi-Wan Kenobi Wasn’t Constantly Ensured

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s showrunner states Darth Vader wasn’t constantly a lock to appear in the upcoming Star Wars series.

The return of Darth Vader has actually ended up being the most expected element of the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+, so it may appear tough to think the Dark Lord’s look wasn’t even initially under factor to consider for the program.

“There were definitely big conversations about [whether we should bring back Vader],” showrunner Deborah Chow informed SFX Publication, “Because it’s not something you do lightly. But from a story point of view, we started by looking at Obi-Wan and going, ‘What’s important to him in his life? Who are the poeple that have had the most profound effect on him?'”


Vader’s last live-action canonical look with Obi-Wan remained in 2005’s Star Wars: Vengeance of the Sith. Because movie, Obi-Wan and his previous apprentice Anakin Skywalker, played by Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen respectively, combated the eventful fight that would concern seal Anakin as the Sith Lord Darth Vader.

“Obviously, coming out of Revenge of the Sith, Anakin and Vader have played a humongous role in his life, and they continue to do so in [Star Wars]: A New Hope,” Chow stated. “That was the origin of it, just trying to tell a story that felt genuine to Obi-Wan as a person.”

Following their battle in Vengeance of the Sith, the next time the set took on in the Star Wars timeline was long thought to be in A Brand-new Hope, some twenty years later on in their histories. Nevertheless, with Obi-Wan Kenobi now being inserted into connection, the previous master and apprentice stand to have another encounter, approximately midway in between their fight in Vengeance of the Sith and rematch in A Brand-new Hope.

Vader initially noticed Obi-Wan’s existence in A Brand-new Hope prior to their subsequent battle on the Death Star. While Grand Moff Tarkin thought Kenobi was most likely dead, Vader wasn’t so specific. The pending occasions of Obi-Wan Kenobi possibly stand to verify whether Vader concerns think Obi-Wan is dead, so if the set do certainly take on once again, Vader simply may believe he has actually eliminated his previous master – a years prior to he in fact does so.

Vader has actually had canonical looks Star Wars: Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story considering that his origin, however did not experience his one-time master.

The very first 2 episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi premiere May 27 on Disney+.

Source: SFX Publication

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