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D&D: 10 Best Barbarian Multiclass Combos

Matching the Barbarian’s strengths, specific multiclass combinations that make the tribal warrior almost unstoppable.

In Dungeons & Dragons, Barbarians are tribal warriors who live beyond the bounds of civilization in the wild locations of their world. They enjoy the raw, primal power of their natural impulses. A barbarian’s life is severe, loaded with strong monsters and unflinching components. These difficulties create an effective fury within the barbarian which they can release as a relentless rage, making them almost unstoppable juggernauts in fight.

The harmful wildernesses barbarians occupy have actually provided an eager survival impulse and an opportunistic character. A canny barbarian gamer character may choose to check out other adventuring classes to get abilities and understanding that will provide an edge in their journeys.


10 Warlocks Ally With Ancient Entities To Open Power

In the course of a barbarian’s life they ultimately pick a Primal Course which specifies what powers their rage. The Course of the Totem Warrior forms a connection with a spirit animal that approves special powers such as the improved strength of a bear or the eager vision of an eagle. A gamer might ultimately choose their totem spirit is in fact a guise for a more ancient being.

Through the routines of a warlock, a barbarian PC can reach this eldritch entity, discovering spells and invocations from a primitive time. Conjuring Up the Fiendish Vitality capability provides momentary additional hit points, so they can continue battling even when dealt a mortal blow. With the Awakened Mind capability, they can speak telepathically to any being within 30 feet, permitting them to collaborate fight methods with their buddies or frighten opponents with rage-fueled ideas.

9 Druids Make Use Of The Magic Of The Land

As wanderers of wild locations, barbarians frequently experience druids and other protectors of nature. These specialized priests might even be shamans in the character’s own people. A barbarian PC might choose to end up being a trainee of the druid and find out to much better safeguard their pals and homeland.

By signing up with the Circle of the Land, a multiclassed barbarian discovers to take advantage of wonderful powers from the environment, boosting their fight capabilities. Making use of the powers of the forest, for instance, a barbarian can cast the spell Spider Climb up and go up vertical surface areas to amaze enemies from above. A berserker of the meadows can cast Daytime if they’re assaulted by opponents in the evening or in the depths of a dungeon.

8 Monks Battle With Accuracy

Although a barbarian makes use of their impulses and the fury of their primal side, they might want to temper these powers with the strenuous training and asceticism of a monk. Having actually experienced 2 really various ways of living, the hero acquires a much deeper insight into both way of lives and discovers how to integrate them into a more powerful whole.

By multiclassing as a monk, a barbarian PC can much better manage themselves in fight when they’re not actively infuriated. They can utilize Flurry of Blows to include an additional strike on their turn, or Dodge to prevent an attack. They can even find out to Deflect Rockets, an important ability versus opponents who assault from a range with bows or slings. At greater levels, the barbarian can find out to charge their unarmed punches with Ki energy, permitting them to harm animals unsusceptible to nonmagical attacks.

7 Bards Inspire Buddies And Intimidate Enemies


A Bard from Dungeons and Dragons playing a harp

A barbarian’s life is filled with impressive experiences, battling lethal opponents, and strong beasts. Such a life is the things of legends, and a barbarian with a deft tongue and great narrative voice can spin their celebration’s deeds into fascinating tales.

With levels in the bard class, a barbarian can utilize Bardic Motivation to strengthen their pals with stirring words, providing a reward to their dice rolls. After fight, the multiclassed hero can utilize a Tune of Rest to accelerate their buddy’s recovery. And by focusing on the bardic College of Tradition, they can utilize the power of Cutting Words to lower the number on an opponent’s die roll.

6 Clerics Recover Buddies And Repel Undead

Death and illness are ever-present in the barbarian’s world. If one isn’t eliminated in a raid or by ravenous monsters, a gangrenous injury may do them in. Then there are the undead who increase to scare the living. A PC making it through in this environment might rely on the gods of recovery and take levels in the cleric class to safeguard those they appreciate.

As soon as a multiclassed barbarian reaches their 2nd cleric level they can turn undead, a useful ability for checking out burial places and dungeons where ghosts, skeletons, zombies, and even worse monstrosities prowl. By taking the clerical Life Domain, they acquire improved recovery and ultimately the capability to raise the dead. A raving berserker in fight with a recovery touch in the after-effects would be a fantastic property to any adventuring celebration.

5 Fighters Vary In Fight

Despite the fact that a barbarian is a master of rage-fueled fight, often it’s more sensible to embrace other methods — such as when dealing with fast challengers who can quickly outmaneuver their attacks. Other times the battle merely doesn’t necessitate a physically-exhausting burst of rage when a couple of cleverly-applied methods might end things rapidly.

A barbarian multiclassed as a fighter can take the Fight Master archetype, giving them access to a swimming pool of additional supremacy dice they can utilize on unique maneuvers in fight — such as Deactivating Attack or a counterattacking Riposte. With these maneuvers, a barbarian beats challengers quicker and conserves their rage for larger opponents.

4 Paladins Battle Versus Evil

A barbarian’s rage is created through continuous resist an extreme world. In Dungeons & Dragons a lot of these difficulties are brought on by powers of wicked such as fiends or undead. A barbarian might choose to safeguard others from the cosmic forces of darkness by using up the function of paladin.

With paladin levels, a PC can identify the existence of fiends, celestials, and undead — a convenient capability to have as they check out dark temples, haunted dungeons, and other locations where wicked lurks. By taking the Oath of Commitment, they can amazingly protect their celebration from representatives of darkness.

3 Rangers Are Masters Of Monsters

A barbarian naturally establishes an eager awareness of the surrounding environment. Despite the fact that they focus mostly on the fury and improved senses of predatory monsters, they are likewise attuned to the subtler parts of their environment. With the ranger class, they can improve this connection to the wild.

With the ranger abilities of a Natural Explorer, the PC discovers to track, forage, and browse through the environment with ease. By taking the Monster Master archetype at 3rd level, they acquire an animal buddy who will follow their commands and battle at their side when they release their fight rage.

2 Rogues Are Sly Up Until They Required To Assault

A barbarian who has actually invested a long time in cities discovers that strength isn’t constantly the best survival technique. Often the subtle techniques utilized by rogues are much better for acquiring life’s requirements.

With levels in the rogue class, a barbarian discovers abilities like Quick Hands to deactivate traps and choose locks, Supreme Sneak to assist stealth checks, and Burglar’s Reflexes to combat back if captured in the act. When the circumstance does require force, a barbarian can let loose rage on opponents who will be stunned to find they’re not handling a simple burglar.

1 Sorcerers Can Personalize Spells

Natural impulses might not be the only force powering a barbarian. Some might be instilled with Wild Magic, giving them the powers of a sorcerer. With practice, they find out to control and manage this power much as they funnel their bestial prompts into fight rage.

With levels in the sorcerer class, a barbarian gains access to spells they can modify and fine-tune. They can accelerate casting time, extend a spell’s period, improve its effectiveness, and more. By taking the Wild Magic origin for their powers, a PC can let loose disorderly magic to control luck, providing themselves or a buddy a reward on their dice rolls or requiring a charge onto an enemy.

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