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D&D: 8 Best Wizard Multiclass Combos

For gamers wanting to blend things up, multiclassing supplies a few of the best possibilities for discovering a unique mix of capabilities.

Dungeons and Dragons fifth Edition has actually brought out an abundance of subclass choices over the last a number of years. Within that structure, almost every class has a plethora of choices to tailor their character to their wanted play design.

Nevertheless, for gamers wanting to blend things up, multiclassing supplies a few of the best possibilities for discovering a unique mix of capabilities. When it pertains to the wizard class, there are a couple of alluring choices to select from.


8 Integrate Wizard And Fighter To Develop The Spellblade

Playing a character knowledgeable in both magic and martial fight is among the most popular designs of play in any roleplaying video game. It enables the gamer to feel straight associated with fight while still preserving an arcane mystique.

Including a couple of levels of fighter to a wizard character is an easy yet reliable method to accomplish this kind of construct. That method, the fighter’s low-level capabilities and efficiencies supply a strong increase to a potential wizard’s fight ability.

7 Wizard Rogues Mix Magic And Mischief

Playing a trickster character is an exceptionally enjoyable experience in any project that includes such shenanigans. While the rogue’s Arcane Trickster subclass does have a great deal of overlap with this multiclass, a wizard can still take advantage of taking levels because class if they want to focus more greatly on the spellcasting element.

The benefits of this multiclass originated from the rogue’s exceptional Proficiency and Shrewd Action capabilities, which can be acquired without needing to divert a lot of levels from the primary class. This enables the gamer to preserve a strong basis with magic while still having the ability to supply a few of the rogue’s energy.

6 Including A Couple Of Warlock Levels Can Be A Strolling Library

A warlock class can be contributed to practically any multiclass construct and still include something of usage, which holds true with the wizard/warlock mix too. While the warlock’s invocations have plenty to give the table, it’s their Pact of the Tome choice that develops the most intriguing possibilities.

Taking this Pact, together with the Routine Caster accomplishment, suggests the character will have 3 wonderful books in their ownership at all times, approving the character a huge quantity of cantrips from all various classes, lots of routine magic, and access to the wizard’s exceptional spell list.

5 Cleric Wizards Can End Up Being Typefaces Of Understanding

With 2 of the best spell lists in the games, integrating the cleric and wizard classes can give gamers access to a large and exceptionally helpful range of low to mid-level spells, not to discuss a range of helpful capabilities also.

The most natural mix would be to pick the Arcana Domain for the cleric subclass; nevertheless, this would indicate some unhelpful overlap that would not work in this construct. Rather, think about picking the Understanding Domain to develop a character who has a wealth of info at their fingertips.

4 Barbarian And Wizard Is An Odd However Good Combination

On the surface area, the barbarian and wizard classes could not be additional apart. One is concentrated on ruthless fight capabilities and the other consists of a more calculated wonderful technique; yet, this mix produces some intriguing possibilities.

With the barbarian’s high health and Rage capability, even a couple of levels because class integrated with some effective enthusiasts from the wizard’s spell list might produce a remarkably effective fight character. It would likewise feature some intriguing possibilities for a unique backstory.

3 Wizard Monks Master Magic And Martial Arts

Monk is a class that counts on its unbelievable movement to move in and out of fight, striking where required without remaining within the heat of melee fight. This can be well matched by the wizard class, which has access to some extremely helpful enthusiasts and varied spells.

Choosing Method of Grace or Method of the Long Death would be the best option for the monk subclass, which would integrate with the School of Abjuration to develop an outstanding character construct, consisting of one that would be hard to eliminate while supplying lots of assistance choices for their celebration.

2 Taking Artificer Levels Includes Lots Of Energy Options

Including levels of artificer to any construct isn’t always going to use a huge boost for a character’s fight capacity, however it can supply a remarkable quantity of energy, specifically when integrated with the wizard’s access to effective magic.

Taking the very first 3 levels of artificer is typically all that’s required. This grants the character access to the Wonderful Tinkering, Instill Product, and The Right Tool For The Task capabilities. Each of these are exceptionally helpful for energy and do not need a considerable diversion from the wizard class to accomplish.

1 A Wizard Druid Multiclass Is The Ultimate Reclusive Seer

While definitely not the most apparent or mechanically beneficial of multiclass choices, the druid/wizard combination results in some intriguing possibilities, specifically when integrating each class’s spell lists, which have the most range in 5e.

This construct would be more for taste than anything else; nevertheless, the druid’s Wildshape capability works even at lower levels, and having access to such a different quantity of spells would provide these characters lots of choices to develop the traditional ‘hermit’ or ‘seer’ type character.

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