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Devil Slayer: 15 Characters Who Are Really Stronger Than Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado is a swordsman with destructive water methods, however some anime characters have him beat.

Devil Slayer is a “monster hunter” franchise embeded in 1900s Japan, a time of considerable modification in the country. In this variation of history, nevertheless, satanic forces stalk the night and take advantage of unlucky people with their supernatural capabilities. It depends on the Tanjiro and the Devil Slayer Corps to wield nichirin blades and deal with these satanic forces.

Throughout 2 years, Tanjiro trains constantly to sign up with the Corps. He discovers how to master Water Breathing, then found out Flame Breathing. At this moment in the anime, Tanjiro is an excellent satanic force slayer. Nevertheless, numerous characters from other anime subdue him in numerous ways.

Upgraded on May 21st, 2022 by Sarah Martin: Considering that this list was released in 2020, we have actually upgraded it with a couple of more characters who are objectively more powerful than Tanjiro at this moment in the anime. As Devil Slayer heads for season 3, the audience has actually seen Tanjiro grow more powerful and accomplish many Hashira-level honors. Nevertheless, there are some characters from other anime series that beat Tanjiro at his own game. Swordsmen or not, these characters would offer the young satanic force slayer a run for his cash.


15 Madoka Kaname’s Arrows Are More Versatile Than Tanjiro’s Blade (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Although she’s from a wonderful woman series, Madoka Kaname is among the most effective anime characters of perpetuity. Madoka can produce arrows made from energy and attack her challengers with them. Madoka can even shoot numerous arrows at the same time to assault a big group. As she grows more powerful, her attacks just end up being more powerful.

Unlike Tanjiro’s sword, Madoka’s arrows offer her lots of flexibility throughout battle. Despite the fact that Tanjiro’s choreography while getting ready for an attack is outstanding, Madoka’s arrows would offer her the edge in fight given that she can battle from longer varieties and utilize them for numerous functions.

14 Mob Has Infinite Telekinetic Powers (Mob Psycho 100)

Although he does not appear like much, Mob is among the most subdued anime characters. His attacks are most powerful when he reaches 100% of his rage. Whoever upsets him much better beware.

Mob has limitless telekinetic powers. He can move structures, bend spoons, fly, and even modify matter at its basic levels. Plus, he can take in the energy of the surrounding environment to end up being more powerful. When Mob is at 100%, he’s strong. Nevertheless, ???% is a completely various state in which Mob ends up being unbreakable.

13 Gon Is Among The Strongest Nen Users (Hunter X Hunter)

While he may not utilize a sword or any other physical weapon, Gon’s strength depends on his raw power and his nen capabilities. Even prior to mastering Nen and ending up being an enhancer, Gon’s physical strength was quite frightening — particularly considering his age.

Gon is far more powerful than Tanjiro, and it would not be a stretch to state that Gon would beat the satanic force slayer with ease. Tanjiro might be a master of water and flame breathing, however Gon’s nen and raw physical powers genuinely load a punch.

12 Giorno Giovanna’s Stand Is Godlike (Jojo’s Strange Experience: Golden Wind)

Giorno Giovanna’s stand, Golden Experience, is currently strong to start with. It might produce life from an inanimate things, recover dismembered injuries, and even momentarily restore somebody. Nevertheless, after it reaches its Requiem state, it turns into one of the most subdued stand capabilities in the whole series. Its strength surpasses superhuman and can get rid of anybody from presence.

There are lots of characters Giorno Giovanna might quickly beat, and Tanjiro is no exception. If these 2 were to go head-to-head, Tanjiro would rapidly find out not to bring a nichirin blade to a stand fight.

11 Satoru Gojo Is The Greatest Jujutsu Sorcerer (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Gojo Satoru's Hollow Purple Attack from Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru was the very first individual to acquire both the 6 Eyes and Unlimited methods in centuries. Some curse users have actually even declared deep space’s balance was modified after Satoru was born. It’s no concern why he’s called the greatest jujutsu sorcerer in the world.

Even unique grade cursed spirits like Jogo or Hanami might hardly stand their ground versus Satoru. Plus, the King of Curses himself acknowledges this sorcerer’s strength. If Satoru wished to, he might erase whole populations immediately. If Tanjiro and Satoru were to ever take on, it’d be an immediate defeat for the satanic force slayer and a simple win for the sorcerer.

10 Giyu Tomioka Is The Water Hashira (Devil Slayer)

In his own franchise, Tanjiro is topped by most of the 9 Hashira since completion of season 1, consisting of Giyu Tomioka. It’s simple to compare Tanjiro’s strength to Giyu’s — given that they are both satanic force slayers — and they even utilize the very same component: water.

Giyu is the main water Hashira, and he quickly beat the “father” satanic force throughout the fight versus Rui’s spider clan.Giyu likewise dealt with Shinobu to conserve Tanjiro and the gang from Rui. Even the brutish Inosuke remained in overall wonder of Giyu’s strength.

9 Ichigo Kurosaki Is On An Entire Various Level (Bleach)

Comparing Tanjiro to other swordsmen is a reasonable and simple method to identify who is the more powerful warrior, and when again, Tanjiro falls short of his fellow swordsmen. Ichigo Kurosaki was born with extraordinary spiritual powers, and after he trained with Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi Shihoin, and his dad, Ichigo opened his real capacity.

While Tanjiro is extremely competent and has a strong sense of odor, Ichigo is on an entire various level. His bankai grants him impressive speed, and his Hollow mask improves his powerful speed, power, and endurance a lot more. Furthermore, Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensho method can blow away practically anybody who stands versus him.

8 Undertaking Isn’t A Swordsman, However His Hellflame Peculiarity Is Effective (My Hero Academic Community)

Although Undertaking the professional hero does not utilize a sword, it’s simple to see that he’s much more powerful than Tanjiro Kamado. He is Tanjiro’s essential opposite, having the Hellflame Peculiarity and a fondness for melee attacks instead of sword methods.

Undertaking is devastatingly effective either up close or at a range. He can either utilize flaming punches or blasts of fire to decrease his opponents to ash. Undertaking is the #1 ranked professional hero, showing his worth when he overcame a horrible brand-new Nomu in single battle.

7 Avatar Aang Beats Tanjiro In Sheer Power (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aang would get along fantastic with Tanjiro if they ever fulfilled given that they choose peace over the fight and wish to safeguard the innocent. They both believe people must get a 2nd possibility. Nevertheless, Aang definitely beats Tanjiro in large power.

Aang is a natural Airbender, and a nimble, crafty fighter who can turn his challenger’s strengths versus them. He can flex water, air, and earth as the avatar. As soon as Aang goes into the avatar state, he’s specific to squash anybody who made the error of crossing Aang.

6 It’s Difficult To Take on Escanor’s Sheer Strength (The 7 Lethal Sins)

The magnificent Escanor is among the 7 Lethal Sins, the finest of Holy Knights in the whole kingdom of Liones. He is the lion sin of pride, and he fasts to look down on other individuals as his inferiors given that they cannot match his large strength.

More than when, Escanor has actually shown why he’s so big-headed. When the sun increases, his strength climbs up with it, and by midday, he ends up being the world’s greatest man — borderline invincible. He will swing his fantastic ax Rhitta, and even the mightiest satanic forces will be butchered with impunity. Tanjiro wants he might do that.

5 Erza Scarlet Can Quickly Adapt To Her Challenger’s Fight Method (Fairy Tail)

Like numerous other shonen heroes, Erza Scarlet is a worthy swordfighter, and she can back it up with magic, too. Her capability is based upon spatial magic, suggesting Erza can reach into a parallel measurement to obtain any of her numerous matches of armor. Each fit has various homes.

This indicates Erza can quickly adapt to her challenger’s fight method or magic, and she can match her extraordinary endurance with her superhuman strength and her large grit. If need be, Erza can focus all her power on offense alone, slicing any challenger in half — consisting of Tanjiro.

4 Eren Yeager’s Real Strength Comes Out As The Attack Titan (Attack On Titan)

In the beginning glimpse, Eren Yeager does not appear like an almighty warrior; after all, he was just typical as a soldier, particularly when compared to Mikasa Ackerman. However his genuine strength depends on his power as the Attack Titan, which is a game-changer.

When Eren becomes this fantastic Titan, his attack power is through the roofing. He is both strong and active, able to outmaneuver Reiner Braun (the Armored Titan). This is even more power than Tanjiro might ever want to have.

3 Sasuke Uchiha Has Both The Sharingan & The Rinnegan (Naruto)

Sasuke Uchiha was a rogue ninja for a long period of time. He went rogue since the Hidden Leaf Town could not use him enough power to please his requirement for revenge. Sasuke was born with the Sharingan, and he later on opened the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan.

On top of that, Sasuke boasts some impressive speed, dexterity, and methods. Not just that, however Sasuke can likewise manage the electrical Chidori method. He has an effective Cursed mark to support his genjustsu, and even has actually an energized blade. Sasuke quickly subdues and beats Tanjiro in practically every classification.

2 Colonel Roy Mustang’s Alchemy Is Terrible (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Colonel Roy Mustang is the famous flame alchemist, having the ability to manage air and triggered stimulates with his alchemy and his special fabric gloves. As soon as he reorganizes the oxygen in the air, he can set all of it ablaze, and with destructive outcomes. Couple of, opponents can endure his searing attacks.

Doing this does not even tire Roy; he simply requires sufficient oxygen particles around to utilize this power. He has another method, too; he can snap his left hand’s fingers to boil water in a challenger’s eyes or tongue, debilitating them with discomfort and damaging their body parts one at a time.

1 Tatsumaki Is The Twister Of Fear (One-Punch Man)

Saitama himself is infamous for being unsurpassable in fight, however the side characters in One-Punch Man should not be ignored. Tatsumaki, likewise called Twister of Fear, is an exceptionally effective telekinetic hero who can consider her opponents with impunity.

Tatsumaki when captured all the cannon shots from an alien warship and tossed them back at the opponent vessel, blasting it apart with its own firepower. Tatsumaki can fly rapidly through the air with her power, and she can raise, crush, and toss around an opponent of any size with ease. Almost no opponent is a genuine difficulty for Tatsumaki.

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