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Dragon Ball: The Slaying Event of the Saiyans!

The story of Dragon Ball presents many important and historical moments. For example, the moment where the entire Saiyan race on planet Vegeta was massacred by troops from Frieza. As we know, the Saiyan race is the main race presented in the series. This race is the race of the main protagonist in Dragon Ball, Goku, and Vegeta.

In the story of Dragon Ball, the Saiyan Race is one of the races in this franchise, where they come from outside the earth. The Saiyan race comes from the planet Vegeta. Saiyans are known as a brutal race, love to fight, often conquer other planets, and various other amazing and scary things. Saiyan physical strength is also one of the factors they are feared. But the Saiyans seemed unable to face Frieza. What really happened at that time?

Beerus’ orders

Dragon Ball narrates briefly the slaughter of the Saiyan race. But this became a conflict of the most brutal and terrible. As the name implies, this terrible event made almost the entire Saiyan race disappear from Universe 7. There was a great war from Frieza in the destruction of the race. So, what happened in that event?

During one of Beerus’ visits to the planet Vegeta, he orders the planet’s leader, King Vegeta, to bring him the softest and most comfortable pillow in the universe. King Vegeta himself ultimately succeeded in fulfilling the request, despite the bloodshed that ensued. Although Berus seemed unconcerned about it, as long as his wish was granted.

However, it turns out that King Vegeta is not willing to give the pillow to Beerus and tries to keep it for himself. King Vegeta strives to give Beerus a number 2 quality pillow. Beerus also knew of King Vegeta’s plan. Beerus then punished King Vegeta for what he did. Little Vegeta had tried to protect his father, but the difference in strength levels made Vegeta unable to do much.

Even though Beerus was angry and hated the Saiyan race, he decided not to destroy the Saiyan race himself. He decides to give orders to his trusted agent of destruction, who is none other than Frieza, to destroy the entire planet Vegeta as well as the Saiyan race.

Frieza’s Plan

After hearing rumors about Super Saiyan as well as Super Saiyan God, Frieza decides to destroy the entire Saiyan race in order to avoid threats to his power. Frieza then made a big plan, he ordered all the Saiyans to leave and return to the planet Vegeta. When he returned to the planet Vegeta, Bardock was suspicious of it.

And that’s when Bardock learned that Frieza had a big plan to kill the entire Saiyan race. Bardock and his wife, Gine, then send their youngest child, Kakarot, to Earth to survive. Vegeta and Raditz actually know about Frieza’s big plan, but they decide to stay on the planet.

Big Failure

King Vegeta in the end has a plan of his own, in which he wants his son, Vegeta, to regain power from the planet Vegeta. That’s why he then decided to send Vegeta off the planet. King Vegeta then gathered the strongest Saiyans to go to Frieza’s plane. Vegeta finally managed to leave the planet after defeating several guards.

Unfortunately, Frieza then appears on his ship and kills King Vegeta as well as the strongest Saiyan on the planet. Frieza then informs his two commanders, Zarbon and Dondoria, to immediately prepare for the destruction of planet Vegeta. However, Frieza warns that other Saiyans may also take the fight in the future.

In the end, Frieza then completely destroyed the planet Vegeta and all the inhabitants on it. Even though one of Frieza’s advisors said that he would lose most of his strength if he slaughtered the Saiyan race, Frieza didn’t seem to care. With one finger, Frieza then creates a ball of energy similar to the sun and then throws it at the planet Vegeta.

Even though Bardock tried to stop Frieza’s attack, unfortunately, the power of Frieza’s energy ball was too great. Frieza who uses the technique instantly destroys Bardock and the other Saiyan races, and destroys the planet Vegeta. The planet was finally exploded and destroyed in an instant. Frieza only saw the moment from his throne.

Those who are safe

But Frieza didn’t seem to realize that there was also a Saiyan race who survived the event. One of them is Kakarot. Kakarot who is still a baby arrives on earth in a capsule. Then an old man named Gohan found Kakarot. Gohan then gave Kakarot his earth name, namely Goku. Decades later, it is known that it was not only Goku who survived.

Goku then meets other Saiyan races who also survived the terrible event, which are none other than Vegeta and Nappa. Goku then meets his brother, Raditz, who survived the incident.

Besides that, we still don’t know what will happen next for Frieza after the Tournament of Power arc. Will Frieza reappear? Let’s just wait, geeks!

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