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Duolingo criticized for joke about Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp affair

Language learning app Duolingo came under fire after its social media team made a joke of Amber Heard in a viral TikTok video. Many moments from the Depp v. Heard have been popular on the app since the trial began in early April. The two face off in court over the lawsuit that the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean opened in 2019 following an article written by his ex-wife and published in the Washington Post the year before.

In the viral video, Heard hinted at being the target of an online hate campaign, saying: “You can look up any of us online and find out who is being abused.”. The excerpt was posted by NBC News, the network’s news outlet, and shows the actress being questioned in the defamation trial by Camille Vasquez, Depp’s attorney.

The official account of the language study app commented on the video with the phrase: “Do you think Amber watches TikTok?”. However, the joke was not well received by fans of the actress, who shared some criticism of the company on Twitter for evaluating a legal case that is quite sensitive. After that, the comment was deleted by Duolingo.

Amber-Heard-Duolingo Duolingo is criticized for joke about the case Amber Heard x Johnny Depp

The entire trial process has worked in favor of Depp’s popularity on the internet, with the actor’s notorious fandom being very present on social media. However, Amber’s followers argued that it is inappropriate for a large company to make jokes about a case involving domestic abuse.

On the other hand, the actor’s fans did not think that the comment was harmful. It is a fact that some companies may want to comment on the drama of the high-profile court event in an attempt to maintain relevance. Furthermore, it has been observed that the majority of the American population is more interested in the judgment than in other relevant issues at stake in world politics, for example.

The ongoing process is in its final phase as interviews take place with witnesses who testify for Amber Heard. Sessions must be completed on the 27th of May.

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