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Giovanna Grigio starts filming ‘Perdida’, a new film based on the book by Carina Rissi

Produced by Star Original Productions, lost will star Giovanna Grigio. The film, based on a book of the same name by Brazilian writer Carina Rissi, began to be filmed, and has the star of Rebelfrom Netflix, and at five, from Globoplay, heading its cast. The production is expected to hit theaters in 2023.

Announced by Grigio herself, lost tells the story of Sofia, a connected and independent girl who is terrified of the mere mention of the word “marriage”. However, when she buys a new cell phone, she is transported to a different world, one that resembles Jane Austen’s universe in the 19th century. Taken in by the Clarke family, she finds in Ian a companion to solve this mystery.

in your account at Instagramthe actress celebrated the beginning of work on the project.

Sofia, you came into my life like a hurricane. The most beautiful gift, making my dreams come true and making me lose myself, just to find myself again“, he wrote in the caption of a photo in which he holds a copy of the book. “Disney in Brazil (I can already consider myself a Disney princess, right?) will take to theaters the best seller ‘Perdida’, a Filmand production based on the work of Carina Rissi […]. I think I can consider myself the most anxious person in the world“.

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With more than 700,000 copies sold, the book that will serve as the inspiration for the film adaptation is the first in a series with 6 volumes. The film will be directed by Brazilian living in Australia, Katherine Chediak Putnam, in partnership with her husband, Dean Law. The duo also wrote the script alongside Karol Bueno and Luiza Shelling Tubaldini.

In addition to Grigio, the cast also includes Bruno Montaleone (back to 15, Workout – Your Place in the World), Nathália Falcão (soulless), Bia Arantes (Earth Orphans) and Luciana Paes (The More Life, the Better!). Production is a partnership between Filmland International and Star Originals, and distribution is by Star Distribution.

lost opens in Brazilian cinemas in 2023.

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