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Hollywood Pins Hopes on Avatar 2 for a 3D Movie Revival

Disney is hoping that James Cameron’s long-awaited Avatar follow up, The Method of Water, reignites audiences’ interest in the 3D movie format.

Disney is hoping that James Cameron’s Avatar: The Method of Water will renew audiences’ enjoyment for the 3D format, along with movie-entering basic.

“At a time when people are used to being at home watching content, anything that encourages them to go to theaters has to be a positive for us and the industry in general,” stated Disney’s chief of international movie circulation Tony Chambers throughout an interview with THR. “It’s all about the experience. If done right, people will come out again and again. The messaging won’t be to see Avatar 2 in 3D but to see it for the experience.”


“We believe 3D creates a more immersive experience in our narrative storytelling. We don’t play 3D as a world coming out of a window. We play it as a window into the world,” stated The Method of Water manufacturer Jon Landau. The manufacturer elaborates that the 3D experience accomplished with the 2nd Avatar movie will ideally suffice to press audiences back into theaters. “We need the exhibition community to be supportive of that and to understand that we are competing with different technologies than are in people’s homes,” stated Landau.

“I think what happened is some people got lost, and there’s a period of time where people felt that converting something to 3D made it a better movie; 3D does not change the movie, 3D exacerbates whatever the movie is,” Landau continued. The manufacturer goes on to describe that he believes studios started to execute 3D tech as “an afterthought” which didn’t always contribute to the last quality of a movie.

No movie exhibited the pledge of 3D more than 2009’s Avatar, which, with $8.45 billion in international ticket sales, stays the top-earning movie of perpetuity. Cameron’s initial venture to the alien world of Pandora might have come out practically 15 years earlier, however anticipation is constructing for the long-awaited Avatar follow up. 20th Century Studios has actually specified that it has no issues about how audiences will respond to the extensive space in between the initial movie and The Method of Water.

What has actually been exposed about the plot is sporadic, however Disney has actually validated that the Avatar follow up is set a number of years after the very first movie, and will concentrate on Jake Sully, his mate Neytiri and their household. When a returning hazard when again threatens their way of living, the Omaticaya clan is required to leave their land, starting an experience to discover a brand-new, ideal house.

Avatar: The Method of Water shows up in theaters Dec. 16, 2022.

Source: THR

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