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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Mother Might Appear in ‘HIMYF’ According to Theory

a theory about How I Met Your Father suggests that the mother who owns HIMYM should appear in a cameo in the near future. The spin-off, which has already finished its first season on Star+, featured some easter eggs and appearances from old characters during its rookie year, including The Captain and robin. With the renewal guaranteed, the series still has room for many returns, but one of them may be the most awaited by fans and also the one that makes the most sense.

According to a theory of reddit, Tracy could appear in the spin-off through a connection with Sid’s wife Hannah. If the timeline shown in the original comedy is used in the current series, the show only has 2 years to make the character appear, as she dies in 2024. As it is not known exactly at what point she finds out about her illness, It makes sense to deduce that this happened in mid-2023.

HIMYF made Hannah’s profession as a doctor extremely significant to her story. The detail could have been an intentional way to bring Tracy into the plot within the spinoff comedy’s timeline. That way, if the original series’ titular mother appears in seasons 2 or 3, she can be Sid’s wife’s patient when she gets sick.

While this is an extremely sad solution to justify a cameo for Cristin Milioti’s character in the spin-off, it would have great nostalgic value, guaranteeing to provoke emotion in the audience. In addition, the stories of both productions never reveal which disease caused Tracy’s death, nor Hannah’s specialty within medicine, which also contributes to the theory of the meeting of the two.

For now, the only detail that prevents this configuration is the fact that the doctor still lives in Los Angeles. However, the burden this brings to her relationship with Sid is already being addressed in the series, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the character ends up moving to New York in the near future of the plot.

How I Met Your Father and How I Met Your Mother are available on Star+.

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