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How Sexbomb Jopay inspired Mayonnaise to write a hit song

One of the surest signs you’ve made it in showbusiness is when you get a pop song written about you. That’s probably how Jopay Paguia feels.

The original member of the Sexbomb girl group is the inspiration behind the hit song “Jopay” by Mayonnaise.

“Ginawa ko talaga iyong kanta, specifically for Jopay of the Sexbomb dancers,” says Monty Macalino, the vocalist of Mayonnaise and the writer of the song.

But how exactly did the band write the song?

Why Jopay, when the Sexbomb girls have several other members?

And how did Jopay feel when she first heard the song?

These questions and more are answered in OG Presents: Mayonnaise and “Jopay,which premieres Friday, September 10, 2021. at 8 p.m. only on the OG YouTube Channel.

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