How to do Bhujangasana and what are its Benefits

It is also known as “Sarpasana” or “Fandharasana”. In this, the seeker’s shape is somewhat like a raised snake. This asana provides both qualitative and physical benefits. In terms of virtue, the practitioner is fearless, courageous and heroic. This makes the chest, physically, and makes the chest, shoulders, neck, mouth and head uniquely functional. Due to this activity, the upper part of the yoga practitioner’s body starts getting adapted, strength and nourished and always looks young. This posture is also very effective from the internal point of view. It mitigates many diseases of the stomach and provides strength, vigor and fertility, women get some special benefits from its constant practice as compared to men. Many types of menstrual problems are diagnosed with this asana.

Lay a thick sheet and lie on it on your stomach. Spread legs and keep it straight. The soles of your feet should be facing upwards and the paws would be in a touching position towards the ground. Now place the palms on the flat ground on both sides next to the body and rise slightly. Your hand elbows (see picture) will be twisted into a special shape (below we have shown this picture from another angle as well). Now raise your head up and straighten it. The pelvis, navel and legs will absolutely touch the ground. While raising the chest, it is very important to keep in mind that there is tension in the muscles of the back and due to that tension, the chest will rise up. If the chest will be lifted with emphasis on hands and elbows, the posture will not benefit at all. In the posture, the bones of the back, the pelvis and the part of the waist get up and come in full position and the hands have to stay in the same position, with the ground close to the ground. This is the state of posture. Initially it should be done only for five-six seconds.

In the event of ending the posture, first lower the head slowly and reduce the emphasis on the Bhrkuti. After that, gradually loosen all the bones of the spine from the bottom ie towards the waist and also bring the tension under it. Thus slowly come back to normal. It is not appropriate to end the posture altogether.

How to do Bhujangasana and what are its Benefits
How to do Bhujangasana and what are its Benefits

1. This asana prevents the dreaming of teenagers.
2. Many menstrual problems of women are diagnosed.
3. This asana helps in strengthening the uterus (uterus), ovaries and reproductive organs of women.
4. There is an increase in health, beauty and planned attachment. There is no difficulty or difficulty in delivery.
5. Male and female genitals are very strong. They also develop appropriately and both are capable of full enjoyment in rituals.
6. Constipation goes away.
7. Spine is strong and back pain goes on forever.
8. The muscles of the abdomen become strong.
9. Chest and back imperfections are removed and their growth is increased.
10. Migraine (headache) pain keeps on going.
11. Indigestion, sour belching and air disorders are destroyed.
12. Kapha-bile diseases get relief.
13. Heart becomes strong.
14. Youth and beauty increase and the whole body is energized.
15. The chest is wide. The neck, shoulder, mouth and head become functional.
16. Removes obesity.
17. Blood circulation is intensified and all diseases are diagnosed.

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