How to do Konasana and what are its Benefits

This asana is best in keeping the body healthy and disease free. Women can do this asana gradually for four or five months after conception; If the pregnancy is not painful. This posture should be done very slowly in the patients of Ardhang or Gridhrasi (sciatica pen). Anyway, doing this asana slowly only benefits. First of all, stand upright in it. Then spread both legs. In this position, keeping one foot straight and bending the other foot slightly, place one hand on the knee of the first bent leg. Keep the other hand on top of the head.

Only do this action at first. Stop for a while and then do the next action. With the hand that is placed on the knee of your bent leg, try to touch the thumb of the bent leg. Keep practicing until you are successful. The posture will start successfully in a few days. If you want to get quick and easy in this posture, first come to the position of Tadasana, keep the hands in right angles, and likewise keep the left hand with the hands in the right angle slowly down to the left foot. . In this way, this asana will be proved. Perform postures with both right and left hands alternately. In the initial state, it should be practiced only for two to four seconds. Then along with increasing the practice, increase the time also. Force should never be used for this. In a short time, this asana starts healing.

If this asana is practiced regularly daily, the muscles of the back, waist, arms, legs and petadis (due to stretch) become flawless. After good practice, this asana should be done for at least ten seconds for special benefits. In the condition of pain in the waist, back, etc., doing a little practice is also beneficial. Pain cannot arise there by doing it again and again. The special use of this asana is in the work of healing the adjacent nerves.

This asana can also be done by lying on the floor and applying the back to the floor. At this time, the back of the head, back, buttocks, feet to the heel and hands etc. touch the floor. It also gives the above benefits. In case of severe pain, while standing, posture cannot be done, then posture should be done by lying down. There is no loss, but only profit. Weak people of the heart (who seem to have difficulty standing and doing posture) should do posture by lying down. They will get full benefit of the posture. After a few days they will have the power to stand and do posture.

This asana can also be done well by lying in bed, wearing clothes, during winter, it helps a lot in defecation. This action is also suitable for the elderly. This asana is done successfully even by sitting in a chair; Thus new excitement arises. Also, relaxation is also away. If this asana is done by wearing clothes, then your clothes should be loose. If this posture is to be done by putting a post and sitting on the ground, half of the posture can be done upwards. At this time, the elbow of one hand should be placed on the ground and the other hand should be pulled upward.

Actually, the top half is the main in this posture and the lower part is secondary. The arm which is upward, with upward and backward bending and upward stretching, has a unique effect on the muscles of the back and abdomen respectively. Pregnant women should not use this type, otherwise they may have to suffer harm.

How to do Konasana and what are its Benefits
How to do Konasana and what are its Benefits

1. The weakness of the legs or the tilt of the legs are overcome by constant practice of posture.
2. The will power of the mind is strong.
3. It lightens the body.
4. It is helpful in increasing the length. Removes dormancy.
5. Eliminates the discomfort of walking upright, due to curvature in the body.
6. It makes the muscles of the body strong.
7. Relieves back and back pain.
8. It is a panacea in eliminating phlegm disorder.
9. Get rid of rib pain, weakness of lungs, abscess
10. Their elasticity increases due to stretch on spinal muscles and muscles.
11, Gridhasri Vayu benefits from this.
12. Diseases of buttocks and legs are not present.
13. Improves digestion.
14. Increases in appetite.
15. Constipation is cleared by ending constipation.
16. Abdominal obesity ends.
17. The air-disorder (gas) ceases.
18. A weak heart becomes strong.
19. Body becomes shapely.
20. It is also very useful for the health of women.

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