How to do Sarvangasanaa and what are its Benefits

How to do Sarvangasanaa and what are its Benefits

How to do Sarvangasanaa and what are its Benefits

It has been called the king of rugs. It is ranked first among the most profitable rugs after the top posture.

Method: Lie on a blanket or mat lying on the ground. Mix the two legs together, spread the arms along the torso and place the palms on the floor. Now bend the legs on the abdomen and then spread it upwards in such a way that the legs form a right angle with the torso, as shown in the figure. Stay in this condition for five-seven seconds. In this stage, those who practice new exercises will feel some pain due to scratching on the muscles of thighs and calves.

2. After stabilizing in the first position, lift the torso as high as you can from the buttocks lightly. Bend the arms on the elbows and bring them to your hands, but your elbows remain on the ground. Your legs and torso should be so straight in a line that a right angle is formed with the neck. In this state, the weight of the body should fall on your shoulders.

3. The only work left in this is that you touch the chin with the chest. For this, the torso should be bent towards the chin, do not let the head turn. In this last posture, your shoulders, the back of your neck and the back of your head will continue to touch the floor.

Stay in this last state for thirty seconds to one minute. During this, the speed of breath should be kept slow and an essence. Gradually increase the posture duration to three minutes. Open the posture by gently lowering the legs, then loosen the arms and bring the torso to the floor, and while lying down, take two to four deep breaths to relieve tiredness of the posture. The first two stages in this asana are for new practitioners. When there is complete authority over the posture, then there is no need for these stages.

Special: Matsayasana should be done after Sarvangasana. It is the complementary posture of Sarvangasana.

1. With this asana, all the disorders of neck, stomach and chest are removed.
2. It is especially beneficial in throat diseases. The neck
3. Strong. Thyroid glands benefit.
4. Laryngeal diseases like tonsils are away.
5. There is flexibility in the spine. Special pressure on buttocks
6. Its defect is removed by falling.
7. There is rapid, force, increase of semen in the body.
8. All vaginal disorders are removed.
9. It purifies the blood. Digestive system strong and relieves constipation.
10. Bile complaints are eliminated. Headaches are also removed
11. The semen accelerates which protects the semen.
12. Income is increased by doing this asana regularly.
13. Pain, swelling, burning, etc. disorders of the soles of the feet are removed.
14. The brain, lungs, blood arteries and veins, heart etc. get strength.
15. Blood circulation, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system etc. start functioning actively.
16. This posture gives strength to all the organs of the body.
17. This asana is also very useful in bladder diseases.
18. Uterine diseases are cured by this asana.
19. Disorders of eye, ear, throat and heart are eliminated.
20. Brain disorders and thoughts become calm.

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