How to do Utkatasana and what are its Benefits

This asana provides health to the body. According to its law, the heels are lifted and sat on the claws. That means sit on the ground on your feet. Elevate the heel by spacing the toes of both feet. The heel should be raised well by emphasizing the thumbs of both feet. Then mix both the ankles together and keep the anus on it. After this, place the elbows of both hands on the knees. Toss the fingers of hands together and keep the part of the waist straight from the head. This is the first stage of this asana.

In the second stage of uttakasana, one is seated in this way, as in a chair. That means undertaking like sitting on a chair. Slowly lowering the body before standing and bringing the thighs in the direction of the knees is to reach the fullness of this asana. In this situation, both the toes of the feet are joined together with the ankles. Now the claws of both hands should also be placed on the hips. In this activity, the entire weight of the body falls on the feet and knees.

After the posture is made, in the next action, try to separate both the knees separately, but both the ankles are joined with each other, the right knee rotates to the right and the left knee to the left. When both knees will be on both sides in this manner, it should be understood that the posture has been made. It is inappropriate to have any recourse to create an asana. By practicing without support, the power of the foot increases. Those whose feet are weak get big benefit from this asana.

How to do Utkatasana and what are its Benefits
How to do Utkatasana and what are its Benefits

1. By doing asana, the pulse nets of the feet become strong. The weakness of the feet goes away and they get strength.
2. There is elation in the body through the practice of asanas.
3. There is so much strength in the feet that there is no difficulty in walking.
4. All stomach disorders, such as enlargement of the stomach, indigestion, anorexia, afara and constipation, etc. are cured. I feel very hungry. The eaten digests.
5. The brain gets freshness.
6. The spine gets strength.
7. Pain in the joints of feet and fingers, arthritis and all gout are destroyed.
8. The flow of semen is upward and helps in unbroken celibacy. Uterine disorders of women are destroyed.

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