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Johnny Depp and his lawyer go viral with reaction to Amber Heard’s psychiatrist

Johnny Depp and his lawyer sketched a funny reaction to one of Amber Heard’s witnesses and it went viral once again. The lawsuit between the actor and his ex-wife is currently on trial, which is expected to be finalized by the end of this week. The lawsuit was opened in 2019 by the interpreter of Jack Sparrow, after a text published by the actress in the The Washington Postthe year before, for which she is accused of defamation.

At the start of the final week of the Depp v Heard trial, a new moment went viral on the internet. Since it began in early April, sessions held in Virginia and broadcast in detail to the public have spawned a number of popular memes and videos, especially on TikTok. The most recent is the reaction the star and his lawyer expressed in court when one of Heard’s witnesses took the stand.

It was Dr. David Spiegel, a psychiatrist at the American Psychiatric Association (APA). He was called upon to speak about the Goldwater Rule, which states that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give professional advice to personalities they have not personally examined and whose consent they have not obtained to discuss their mental health in public statements. Spiegel testified that Depp or his attorney denied his request for a psychiatric evaluation.

However, this was not the part that caught the public’s attention. The professional’s mannerisms seemed to startle Depp and his attorney, Wayne Dennison. A video of their reactions is circulating on the internet. Check out:

While the star’s reception was the most curious about the psychiatrist’s presence in court, he responded to Dennison’s mention of the Goldwater Rule’s ethical guideline. Spiegel said such an assessment would nullify the entire concept of expert witness testimony in court.

If you say that about an individual, any court would have to invalidate the testimony of an expert witness.“, he stated.

The trial is due to conclude next Friday, May 27th.

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