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Kaguya-sama’s Upcoming Culture Celebration Will Be a Game Changer

Preparations for the Culture Celebration took spotlight in Season 3, Episode 7 of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. As Ishigami Yu and Iino Miko prepped for the real putting-on of the celebration, the Mass Media Club talked to Shuchiin Academy’s clubs while Shirogane Miyuki – spoiler alert – discovered something else he’s totally awful at.

The Culture Celebration looks as though it’s going to be a game-changer for the series, as each of the characters has actually discovered a factor to invest themselves in its success — regardless of a threatening caution that it will be a disastrous catastrophe.

Miko Iino Can’t Love, Part One

Iino’s social stress and anxiety raised its unsightly head once again when Shirogane asked her and Ishigami to sign up with the Culture Celebration Committee to assist arrange whatever. Ishigami prospered by making use of one loophole after another in order to authorize everybody’s demands to impress Tsubame Koyasu, his crush. Regardless of her uneasiness, Iino was the only one taking the conference seriously enough to mention that “I woke up LOL For real? It makes no sense at all but it’s totally amazing LOL Why don’t we party like there’s no tomorrow at the Shuchiin Festival? This! A million times this! Never have I ever been a popular otaku. Gonna catch some z’s now. Good night!” was a dreadful concept for the Celebration’s motto.

Nevertheless, Iino came to life when an ask for a campfire read. Regardless of the many security standards and threats, she determinedly continued, informing her fellow committee members that a campfire referred trust, and they need to win that trust from the school and neighborhood.

Even Ishigami was impressed by Iino’s large force of will as she and another committee member went from door to door in the surrounding areas making sure homeowners that the Celebration would not be disruptive. Simply when it appeared that Iino had actually lastly discovered a factor to come out of her shell, Ishigami deduced that the campfire was her concept in the very first place, implying Iino hasn’t altered even she simply truly desires a campfire.

Fight Outcome: Iino Wins

Trainees Dream To Go Over The Culture Celebration

Mass Media Club members Kose Erika and Kino Karen passed through Shuchiin Academy speaking with crucial members of different clubs about their prepare for the Culture Celebration. As it ended up, they were “Kaguya Worshippers” who couldn’t keep their composure simply remaining in her existence as they grilled her about archery. They talked to the least troublesome trainee at the school, Tsubame Koyasu, about the gymnastics club’s theater production while their lives were slightly threatened by the Astronomy Club’s Ryuju Momo – whose moms and dads might or might not be members of the Yakuza.

The greatest bombshell of Episode 7 came when they asked Shirogane about his prepare for the Celebration, to which he cryptically responded “I’m going to get it done like a man.” This minute started a fourth-wall-breaking narrative from the women that Shirogane’s words were the trigger to the famous “major incident involving the entire school. A chain of betrayals as everyone loses sight of love. Kaguya Shinomiya has a gentle smile on her face.” The women ominously tease that this occurrence is to be continued in the next episode.

A significant occurrence prompted by Shirogane resonates throughout the whole school and provides Shinomiya a mild smile? It’s time to light the beacon and summon Kaguya-sama fans from every corner of the world since Shirogane seems on the brink of the remarkable confession that fans have actually been waiting on for 31 episodes and counting. It’s tough to picture what else the “major incident” might be, particularly now that Fujiwara Chika’s Game Club’s concept for a school-wide fight royal where trainees battle to the death was declined.

Fight Outcome: None

Miyuki Shirogane Wishes To Blow It Up

Another day, another fairly basic job that Shirogane couldn’t carry out to conserve his life. This time, he popped one balloon after another while attempting to assist make balloon art for the Celebration. Fujiwara was irritated when Kashiwagi merely informed Shirogane to quit and attempt something else. Rather, Fujiwara firmly insisted one need to never ever damage a kid’s capacity by informing them to quit and was tearfully prepping to assist Shirogane when he revealed he would figure it out on his own like he constantly has (despite the fact that he’s never ever done that).

Remarkably, Shinomiya was open with her love as she enhanced Shirogane on his determination as he despaired over the truth that he draws at whatever. She sent that needing to attempt so hard at whatever is what makes Shirogane who he is, so amusing and smart. Her words provided him the self-confidence to keep attempting — sadly, being offered fresh balloons by Fujiwara that wouldn’t pop so quickly didn’t assist in the smallest, requiring her to assist him out as soon as again.

Fight Outcome: Fujiwara Loses

Season 3 Scoreboard: Shinomiya 4-3 / Shirogane 2-5 / Ishigami 0-1 / Fujiwara 0-2 / Iino 2-2 / Osaragi 1-0 / Kashiwagi 1-0 / Shijo 2-0 / Hayasaka 1-0

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