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Ms. Marvel: Disney+ Will Release Heroine Special Before Episode 1

Disney+ has two docuseries that show episodes before and after Marvel Studios releases. While Marvel legends serves to make a recap, bringing a summary of the previous appearances of some character, Marvel Studios Forward shows the process behind the scenes, with interviews and the Making Of of a new movie or series. In case of Ms. Marvelit looks like the approach is going to be a little different.

On June 1st, Disney+ will release a special short called A Fan’s Guide to Ms. marvel, still without an official title in Brazilian Portuguese. The special will include a look back at his comic book origins, as well as interviews showing how the studio brought the new Disney+ series to life.

Check out the official description:

“The Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel is a short documentary that gives an exclusive look behind the groundbreaking original series, Ms. Marvel, from its comic book origins to its development and production as Marvel Studios’ next hit series on Disney+. It features interviews with its award-winning team of filmmakers and the show’s captivating star, newcomer Iman Vellani.”

We still don’t know if this change will be reflected in future Marvel Studios productions or if the intention is just to reinforce the marketing campaign for Ms. Marvelwhich brings not only a new character in the MCU but also an actress who is not yet known.

Ms. Marvel debuts on Disney+ on June 8.

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