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My Hero Academia: This Character Has Two Quirks!

In the My Hero Academia story, most characters only have one super power, aka Quirk. However, Shoto Todoroki felt differently. Todoroki has two Quirks. This is one of the reasons why Shoto Todoroki later became a “mainstay” student by UA High School.

In the USJ arc, Shoto Todoroki was able to defeat several enemies at once in a matter of seconds. All because of his Quirk ability. Although it took a long time to master it, Shoto was finally able to maximize his Quirk. Then, what is the explanation of Shoto’s Quirk?

Able to Control Ice and Fire

Quirk Shoto Todoroki is included in the Emitter classification. This means that the user can control the surrounding objects. In the case of Shoto Todoroki, Todoroki is able to control certain elements specifically. To be able to do it, Shoto Todoroki must consciously do it, because it requires continuous full concentration.

Quirk Shoto allows him to generate both heat and cold. However, it depends on the side of the body. The left side of his body can produce fire, while the right side of his body can produce ice. Shoto Todoroki often trains himself with the Quirk by controlling the temperature of the water.

That way, Shoto Todoroki was finally able to control the two powers. Technically, based on the explanation above, Shoto Todoroki has two Quirks in his body which is very rare in the world of My Hero Academia. And based on his explanation, Shoto Todoroki could only create fire and ice from his body. Shoto couldn’t manipulate the fire and ice that came from outside his body.

Weakness and strength

Having two Quirks at once certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. Ice quirks can be used in various ways, such as freezing enemies or creating a shield to avoid enemy attacks. While the fire Quirk can be something very devastating, both for the enemy and the surroundings.

Shoto is also able to touch his target from a great distance. On the other hand, it is very difficult for the enemy to touch Shoto from a distance or at close range. Using the fire Quirk needs to be very careful, because producing too much fire can cause a headache for Shoto.

In addition, producing a fire that is too large is also at risk of burning itself. This also applies to the ice Quirk that Shoto has. Shoto is a very strong and powerful fighter thanks to the two Quirks, but Shoto should not be too dominant over one Quirk. Too much can make the Shoto overheat (overheat) or freeze (frostbite). Shoto must continue to be able to maintain his body temperature.

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Born with Two Elements

Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor deliberately entered into a marriage with someone who also has a Quirk, in this case Enji marries the figure of Rei Himura who is known to have an ice Quirk. Enji did this on purpose because he wanted his son to inherit their elemental powers.

And what Enji expected seemed to be going well, where Shoto was born by fusion or a combination of their two Quirks. This allows Shoto to cover up what his father’s weakness is. Shoto is able to prevent his body from burning or overheating by cooling his own body.

That’s why Shoto Todoroki is speculated to be able to surpass his father’s abilities. Currently, Shoto is fighting against his own brother, Dabi aka Toya Todoroki. Of course, it’s interesting to see Shoto’s Quirk ability in the fight against his brother. Will Shoto be able to surpass his brother’s strength? We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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