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New Daredevil Series Confirmed for Disney+

Since last year, there have been several rumors about a new Daredevil series for Disney+. One of these reports came from Daniel Richtman, an insider famous for revealing a lot of information that makes Hollywood executives stand on end. Now the news comes from Varietywhich not only confirmed the development of the new series by Marvel Studios, but also provided other details.

According to the portal, Marvel Studios has hired Matt Corman and Chris Ord, the duo behind the action series. Confidential Mattersto write and produce a new Daredevil series for Disney+, with Charlie Cox returning in the role of Matt Murdock after his appearance in Spider-Man: No Return Home.

demolisher, the Marvel Television original series, ran for 3 seasons and was canceled when Disney decided to launch its own streaming service. The series was considered the best Marvel project among all that were made available on Netflix, achieving enormous popularity.

Like Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio has also been introduced to the MCU, appearing in Archer hawk. Clint Barton’s series finale ended on a cliffhanger, suggesting the death of the Kingpin, but without effectively showing the firing of Maya Lopez’s gun. So it is believed that the character will also return, either in echo or in this new Daredevil series.

It remains unclear whether this new project will have connections to the original series. Most of the initial rumors spoke of a reboot.

The new Daredevil series does not yet have a premiere date on Disney+.

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